Kellogg School’s New Growth Mantra: The Transformation Behind Another New Tagline

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management wants to be known as the place where "brave leaders inspire growth in people, organizations and markets”

Victoria L. Brescoll, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management

What Guys Could & Should Do About Gender Bias

It's not just a woman's problem -- "Take a very small hit to your social reputation," suggests a Yale SOM professor

Harvard Business School students help answer podcaster Philip Blackett's question: "Is HBS a party school?" - Facebook photo

Good Morning, Harvard Business School!

Robin Williams, he isn't. But this new HBS student mixes business, pleasure, and public service in weekly podcasts

Aggressive marketing and recruiting has led to remarkable growth at Hult International Business School

How Hult Became The World’s Largest Graduate Business School

Hult International: The most aggressive marketing and recruiting machine in the business school world

Columbia teams with founders Casey Gerald (left) and Michael Baker (right).

MBAs Across America: Helping Entrepreneurs Make A Bigger Difference

Students Criss-Cross Country Advising Entrepreneurs, Learn About Whisky, Wine, and Using Popsicles to Bribe Shoppers


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Michigan’s Ross vs. Northwestern’s Kellogg

Michigan's Ross School of Business is ranked 13th among the best business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

A candid smack down featuring two great schools in two quintessential university towns: Ann Arbor and Evanston. The similarities between these two top schools will surprise you. So will the differences.

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Harvard Business School vs. Stanford GSB


How the two best B-schools in the world--Harvard Business School and Stanford's Graduate School of Business--compare with each other in full-time MBA programs.

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Teaching at Wharton

UPenn’s Wharton School vs. Columbia Business School

Philly or New York? Wharton and Columbia are giants in finance, but they're much more than that as we point out in this smack down between two of the best business schools in the world.

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Berkeley's Haas School of Business

MIT’s Sloan School vs. Berkeley’s Haas School

Berkeley and Cambridge are two of the world's great university towns. Though they are separated by 3,000 miles, the Sloan School and the Haas School of Business share many similarities.

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Real Deal MBA

Have An MBA Admissions Question? Ask Jon, Our Resident Expert

submitted by: Jon Fuller

3:02 pm, March, 10, 2014

Welcome Jon Fuller of Clear Admit, formerly on the adcom team of the Ross School of Business, who has agreed to help anxious MBA applicants with difficult admissions questions. No question is out of bounds. Just fire away.

Have A Question About MBA Career Strategy? Ask Ivan, Our Resident Expert

submitted by: Ivan Kerbel

2:20 pm, January, 29, 2014

Welcome Ivan Kerbel, the former MBA career director at Yale University's School of Management. He's here to help you with any and all MBA career questions--even before you apply for admission

Have A GMAT Prep Question? Ask Andrew, Our Latest Resident Expert

submitted by: Andrew Geller

11:59 pm, April, 23, 2014

Welcome Andrew Geller who has agreed to answer all your GMAT test prep questions -- he scored a 770 on the test and can help you achieve better results to help you get into a highly selective MBA program

Why I’m Adding Four More Schools To My Target List This Year

submitted by: Scott Duncan

5:47 pm, September, 12, 2014

Going from Harvard, Kellogg & MIT to those three and Tuck, Berkeley, UCLA and Wharton

Welcome to Poets&Quants

submitted by: John A. Byrne

10:11 pm, July, 09, 2010

Poets&Quants is the first of a dozen websites we're launching as part of my new company, C-Change Media. Our goal with P&Q is ambitious: it is to become an invaluable source of information and analysis on the world's best business schools. In time, we hope that it will become the place on the web for analysis, news, and features on global business education.

HBS Tops ‘Laughing Stock’ MBA Ranking

Princeton Review's silly entrepreneur ranking

Handicapping Your Business School Odds

Our highly popular handicapping series returns

Strong Pay & Job Stats In First 2014 Report

The early pay & placement tea leaves for MBAs

The Best Consulting Firms To Work For

Bain recaptures the top spot in Vault survey

FT Ranks MiM Degrees But Forgets The U.S.

List fails to include any of the 50 U.S. programs

IMD Buried $10K Fall In MBA Pay Last Year

Plans Oct. 8th webinar to address concerns

Back of the Envelope

The Cost of an MBA

School Total Cost Tuition
Columbia $168,307 $106,416
Wharton $168,000 $108,018
Stanford $166,812 $106,236
Chicago $165,190 $101,400
Tuck $162,750 $101,400
MIT $160,378 $100,706
Harvard $158,800 $97,200
Kellogg $156,990 $102,990
Haas $144,746 $95,274
Duke $105,944 $95,920

Source: Schools

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