“What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


  • ZKarmali

    First and foremost, what makes you think a Harvard MBA should only be used for making millions. When you have a degree from Harvard, you have the possibility to do good and make some positive changes. What is wrong with these people wanting to that. I believe in these people. Even if two of them come through, I am sure the world will be a better place. The more people that make a positive impact, the better for all of us, especially those who need it.

    I think it is terrible for people to just think a Harvard MBA should only getting into accounting and consulting. If I had the same possibility as they do, I would use my power to help those that are voiceless in my country. Not everyone is after a million dollar salary!

  • Is cynicism a bacterium or a virus?


    This is a collection of mission statements by people who are not necessarily MBA hopefuls/MBA students. Embrace your inner poet a little and let some boys and girls dream a little before we leave the rat race for the rot race.

  • Knight Raymaker

    Could not agree more. This is a charade of empty statements like the classic “…and world peace” line in Miss Congeniality. These folks do not have vision beyong two inches in front of their nose, believe passion is a subsitute for knowledge, and most likely have no capability to execute at an enterprise scale. Sigh.

  • Peter H

    This is all nice rosy stuff, but has Harvard stopped admitting capitalists? Greed is good, people. Rocking that baby to sleep sounds great, but the payoff on your time is one-to-one. Why not take your Harvard MBA and find a pursuit that multiplies your efforts by a million to one. Rock a million babies to sleep. (And why not make some money for your efforts). I don’t think any of these people have the slightest idea what an MBA is for.