Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management

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Vanderbilt's Owen School of Management is ranked 28th among the best business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants

Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management is ranked 25th among the best business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

25. Vanderbilt University

Owen Graduate School of Management

401 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37202
Admissions: 615-322-6469
Apply Online:

Admission Deadlines for Class of 2017:
Round One: 10/28/14
Round Two: 1/13/15
Round Three: 3/3/15
Round Four: 5/5/15

Perhaps the single biggest surprise at Owen in 2011 was the 30-point rise in the median GMAT scores of its latest incoming class. How did the school manage to increase the median GMAT score of its latest class by a full 30 points to 700 from 670 last year? “Vanderbilt University as a whole has invested heavily in terms of financial resources into the Owen school,” says John Roeder, director of admissions. “That has led to a significant increase in the amount of scholarships we can offer applicants. Over 70% of students are on some scholarship. That is a huge increase from previous years.”

The average scholarship grant at Owen increased 44% this past year to $25,402 from $17,662 a year ago, according to the school.

Each April, Owen hosts a “Scholars’ Weekend” at which the school invites the year’s best applicants to campus to meet with alumni, students, and faculty. “We brought in 28 of our top candidates this past spring and 28 put down a deposit,” says Roeder. “It was the best record we ever had. I liken it to a sports analogy. It’s that one recruiting class you bring in that makes a difference to the team.”

The Vanderbilt MBA academic calendar is based on the “mod”—a unit in our modular system of short, intensive courses, each seven weeks in length. Two mods equal one semester.

Owen MBAs study on campus for two years for a minimum of 62 credit hours. During the first year students receive an intense immersion in the fundamentals of management through 11 required core courses. The majority of core courses are taken during the first two mods.

Students then have multiple options to customize their degree to their own career goals, choosing from a number of market-driven concentrations, specializations, and emphases as the foundation.

Full-time Vanderbilt MBA students also may take courses for credit at other Vanderbilt graduate schools with approval. Many students choose to take interdisciplinary classes at the Law School, Divinity School, and Peabody School of Education.

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  • vomhorizon

    I think what works for Owen is also the fact that many in the Healthcare industry consider their program among the top 5 healthcare mba’s program in the US.

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