Indian & Chinese MBA Applicants Face Much Higher Rejection Rates

School Total 2011 




Int’l Students 




Washington (Olin) 1,490 70% 35% -35
Emory (Goizueta) 968 58% 34% -24
Duke (Fuqua) 3,452 53% 30% -23
USC (Marshall) 1,826 44% 21% -23
Boston University 1,322 59% 36% -23
Michigan (Ross) 2,929 55% 33% -22
Purdue (Krannert) 679 78% 58% -20
Vanderbilt (Owen) 1,013 45% 25% -20
Texas-Austin (McCombs) 2,253 40% 24% -16
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 1,720 47% 32% -15
MIT (Sloan) 4,490 52% 38% -14
New York (Stern) 4,416 41% 28% -13
Northwestern (Kellogg) 4,490 45% 34% -11
UCLA (Anderson) 2,727 47% 36% -11
Univ. of Washington (Foster) 558 38% 27% -11

Source: Business schools reporting to Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Notes: Table shows the percentage of international students in the most recent applicant pool for each business school and the percentage of international students who enrolled in the latest entering class in the fall of 2011


  • Vsv

    Why do we Indians run behind all these Schools, If we did have real talent wont we be in India and achieve greateness for our own country??? Its just a shame.. running behind dollars, think BIG! and build rupees!!! wake up

  • anIndian

    Not dumb at all considering the context. I am interested in knowing too. It depends on how Americans view us, (separate or together). I am an Indian and in USA I definitely feel connected to a Pakistani or an Afghanian.

    Another point, here all the Indians are commenting agreeing/disagreeing. i didn’t see any single Chinese perspective. Is Poetsandquants banned in Chine?

  • Avinash Tyagi

    Its completely true, if I were Black or Latino every school would be fighting to get me to come to their program

  • Avinash Tyagi

    You assume that Indians do not have those skills

  • AnonymousIndian


  • Reality Check -really?

    Mate, reality check in order. There is no way of explaining the staggering number of Indian CEOs running America’s largest companies (the latest being ofcourse Microsoft). Indians have made it to the top INSPITE of it all being made so hard for them. Go and compete with the next indian you find. Thats all I can say.

  • AnIndianWhoAcedCATandGMAT

    And NM lives in a cardboard box on the streets of New Delhi, smoking weed and thinking how cool and anti-establishment he is! Kudos mate, you just made it large, didn’t you?!

  • FacePalm

    The joke is MBA admissions people try to sound objective when they really are not. They ask you write essays on leadership crap, achievements etc. Ultimately none of that matters when they select. What they want has been highlighted in the article above. And there are duffers in India who question the need for meritocracy etc. etc… and the joke is this… name a branch of management (finance, operations, consulting, marketing, economics blah) and it is all rife with probability and math… It is only for the uninitiated who think management is just fancy bs that goes inside these colleges… and when it comes to number crunching all the time I doubt if meritocracy doesn’t matter?!!

    Also if not for meritocracy are all the jobs that are done outside based on drama/politics/creativity? Yes right politics is important no doubt… but then what is the need for a bell curve based review system if meritocracy has no value in the so called western world?! All that goes in the name of MBA admissions is pure BS, a money spinning and brand build exercise for these colleges. They can and never be objective in their selection criteria for obvious reasons.

    And contributing to the community?? Do you know which country is highly individualistic? US or India? Pls go and check Hofstede ratings if you have any doubt. All the applicants that I have interacted with had beefed up their extracurricular work just for the sake of admissions and most of it was all questionable…

    If you can do some objective research on this and prove what I write here is wrong then I am ready to write an apology comment as a follow up.

  • Novobugger

    Scoretop had more people from the US involved bugger!

  • Tarun M

    Exactly, business schools sound hypocritical with this non-transparency. I’m surprised schools haven’t found a way to avoid legal trouble while providing 4 lines of personalised feedback via email. Is that too much to ask after paying $200+?