Handicapping Your MBA Odds

A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, she’s one of only 18 women to be among the first in history to break into one of the last male-only fields in the country—submarine duty. This 25-year-old Naval officer now wants an MBA to transition to a leadership job in children’s education.

He’s a pop star in Japan, signed to a major label with singles charting in the top 50. A graduate of Yale, he wants to get his MBA degree to make the transition to a top management role at a major music company.

She’s a 27-year-old woman who designs, scouts and puts together luxury chartered travel experiences, including customized safaris and expeditions to Borneo. She hopes to use her MBA degree to further develop her career with her current company but also to some day run the family hotel business.

Sandy Kreisberg, HBS Guru, in Harvard Square

What these MBA applicants share in common is the goal to get into one of the world’s best business schools. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get an invite? Or are they likely to end up in a reject pile?

Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm HBSGuru.com, is back again to analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

After a two-week holiday break, Kreisberg is back again to handicap each potential applicant’s odds of getting into a top-ranked business school. If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments (please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience), we’ll pick a few more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature.

Sandy’s assessment:

Ms. Submariner

  • 680 GMAT
  • 3.2 GPA
  • Undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval Academy with a double major in economics and political science
  • Work experience as a U.S. Navy officer, a graduate of the Navy’s Officer Nuclear Power program and one of only 18 women to be the first in the history of the Navy to break into one of the last male-only fields in the country: submarining
  • Extracurricular involvement includes two years on the varsity crew team; as a novice moved up to the 2V varsity boat and was part of the team that won the Patriot League Championships
  • “I plan either starting or becoming involved in a charity organization focusing on improving children’s education in the U.S. prior to applying. I also will likely have my real estate license prior to applying.”
  • 25-year-old female, first generation college graduate

Odds of Success:

Harvard: 30+% (if you get a 700 GMAT)
Stanford: 20% to 30%
Wharton: 40%
INSEAD: 60% to 70%

Sandy’s Analysis: Yikes, there are not that many women service academy grads at Harvard, Stanford or Wharton, period, not to mention submariners. This guy, a military officer who runs the useful blog Military To Business, notes that by his chummy reckoning (he seems to know lots of current military at HBS), the HBS class of 2011 has 31 U.S. military members– all officers and ALL MALE (not sure how many are ROTC, or, ahem, battlefield promotions).  Female service academy graduates have attended HBS in the past, but they are few and far between.

The submariner twist is a super added plus. Any Wharton or Stanford readers who know the military gender breakouts there, please check in.

All that said, I’d plan on taking the GMAT until you got a 700+, which is a useful marker at HBS.  Dee Leopold, the HBS adcom head, has been overheard (and this was reported to me, so it is semi-reliable, semi-gossip intel) as saying anything beyond 700 does not move the needle much, but you know Dee. Or maybe you don’t. That means if they otherwise like you, they won’t blink at a 700. If you have a score below 700, well, they still may take you, but they will have to like you even more.

As I have noted many times about military applicants, GPA is one of the better predictors of admissions success, since the war stories all seem to bleach out, although recommendations are also important, given that powerful ones can cite where you stand in your officer peer group, which I understand the military does on some formalized basis, more formalized than, let’s say, your bonus bucket at Ye Olde Generic Private Equity Shoppe. Your GPA of 3.2 is on the low side, so that is why I am suggesting a 700+ GMAT. Did you get ‘grades’ in the Nuclear Power Submarine Program? If they were better, it might be worth noting. That program, I am given to understand by grads, is a lot harder than regular Naval Academy fare, so that might also be worth noting.

As to what else you can do, starting/leading the charity you note focused on children’s education would be a plus, as would any other non-military leadership gig. You note obtaining a real estate license?  I mean, sure get one, but that is not any kind of plus to your application, and could be an odd downer.

So much else about your app will be fresh and unique, and the idea of being one of the buzzing bees of the real estate agent hive just seems to “normalize” you in a possibly disappointing way. Being a residential real estate agent, or even a commercial one, is not a gateway job to a Top 6 business school. Successful real estate agents can be very successful indeed, but there is no need for them to get an MBA. I strongly suggest, by the way, that you apply while still in the service. If somehow you thought getting out and selling real estate for two years would make your story stronger, well, it DEEPLY WILL NOT.

  • JohnAByrne

    Congrats Ms. Family Biz. You’re going to love Darden. It’s a great school with the absolute best teaching faculty in the world.

  • Ms. Family Biz

    Hi Sandy, Ms. Family Biz here, just thought you might want to know how this all ended up.

    I took your advice on emphasizing something more aspirational in my essays – developing luxury voluntourism – but I did not retake the GMAT (mistake).

    I ended up applying to Stanford, Harvard, Kellogg and Darden. Got immediately denied from Harvard about two weeks after sending in my application.

    Had interviews with Kellogg, Stanford, and Darden. Stanford only interviewed about 14% of applicants this year, so that was a good sign.

    Ended up not getting in to Stanford or Kellogg, but was offered a place in Darden’s class of 2015. Excited to be headed to Virginia and happy to see Darden high in the rankings, especially for student satisfaction!

    Some advice for those applying to B school – apply first round to more than 4 schools. The turn around for second round is too tight after you hear from the first round to realistically get much done, and it was really nerve racking getting three rejection letters before I got in to the last school I applied to.

    Thanks again for featuring my profile. I’m looking forward to seeing where an MBA at Darden takes me.

  • Markmery93

    Here’s my profile.

    Age: 27 Hispanic Male
    GMAT: 750 (expected)
    GPA: 3.65
    B.A. Biology w/ minor in math from small liberal arts college in Texas.

    – 1 year at family company
    – 2 year internship with four different dentists (When I thought Dental school was my path in life)
    – 8 months at Princeton Review as a SAT instructor
    – 10 Months working for a Medical Device startup (work extensively with the CEO on a day to day basis)
    – Started a small math company and working on jumpstarting a prep company 

    -Avid Boxer ( Going to fight in the golden gloves tournament this year)
    -Played basketball in college for a church
    -Did community service every summer for two months through a church ( When I was in college )
    -Lots of pro bono tutoring through my math company
    -Feed the poor once a week

    Want to pursue my prep company idea on a higher level. Also interested in Venture Capital or climbing the ladder in Medical Sales and assuming a Regional Managers position. 

    Target Schools:
    Notre Dame

    Other: My family owns six different companies as well as a global plastics company. I have a very good idea of what it takes to succeed in a startup and think that I would enjoy Venture Capital.

    Would very much appreciate a profile assessment.

  • I really appreciate your analysis!! Will get to work on that GMAT… thanks again.

  • Mr. Healthcare Actuary

    Thank you for all your work so far! I would greatly appreciate a profile assessment!

    Age: 26 White Male
    GMAT: 740 49Q 44V
    GPA: 3.91
    B.S. Actuarial Science, B.S. Statistics, B.A. Economics from a good (but somewhat unknown) private school in the Midwest.

    -4 years working for Deloitte Consulting as a healthcare actuary
    -Have gained special recognition for numerous projects for major clients
    -Built a first-of-its kind forecasting tool that is now used widely throughout the health insurance industry
    -Leading member of actuarial recruiting staff

    -Co-founder of an college-prep nonprofit for minority youths in my city
    -Extensive work with local nonprofit focusing on business education for minority youth, including past participation on the board, and work during their weeklong summer camp
    -Community service council-member at work
    -Give several talks every year to local high school students to encourage them to consider the actuarial profession

    Work for an innovative, startup healthcare firm as a step-stone to eventual entrepreneurial endeavors

    Target Schools:

  • Nuclear2mba

    Sandy and John I’ve enjoyed reading this series. Here’s my profile.

    Age: 25 White Male
    GMAT: 740 49Q 44V
    GPA: 3.47
    B.S. Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina (With honors from the Honors College)

    -1 year co-op at Koch Industries owned Nylon manufacturing plant
    -3 years at world leader in nuclear power (design and field engineering, supervised 6-8 engineers designing emergency core cooling systems)
    -Competitively selected for 3yr corporate leadership development program (Selected During first year of employment)
    -My latest performance evaluation rated me in the top 1% of performers

    -Helped start cleanenergyinsight.org a pro clean energy blog
    -Co-founded a chapter of North American Young Generation in Nuclear

    -Emergency Department and Operating Room volunteer for 10hrs/wk at local hospital for 2 yrs in college
    -Captain of several intramural sports teams
    -Community Volunteering through North American Young Generation in Nuclear

    Continue working at the intersection of energy, environment, efficiency, and economic growth. Move into a consulting role focused on energy sector. Eventually transitioning into an executive leadership role at a company that deploys innovative energy solutions.

    Target Schools:

    Does graduating from the honors college earn me any points with the adcoms at Harvad or Wharton? I would appreciate any feedback you can give me!

  • Mr. Fightin Irish

    Hi Sandy and John,

    Love the website and weekly column. Thanks for all the insight! Trying again!

    – 740 GMAT (Q 50, V 39)
    – 3.85 GPA
    – Undergraduate degree in engineering from University of Notre Dame
    – Work experience 2+ years in IT consulting at Deloitte/Accenture/Booz
    – Worked as product management for key functionality on a $100 M/year project
    – Work directly with client Directors/VPs on a daily basis
    – Considering switching to management consulting with current employer or, ideally, McKinsey/Bain/BCG
    – Extracurricular: involved with local alumni club, led a fundraiser through work function that raised over $1500 for local charity, leadership in academic societies in college
    – Goals: grow my leadership skills/network and get into turnaround consulting with MBB where I can use extensive problem solving skills developed in my engineering and IT background
    – 24 year old white male

    Targets: HBS, Wharton, MIT, Dartmouth, Chicago, Northwestern, Michigan

    Would a career switch to management consulting or a more elite consulting firm significantly enhance my chances?

  • Mr. Confused

    Trying my luck again :)..would love to hear your analysis since I already have an MBA and would like to know my chances of getting an admit before applying!!

    A brief background:

    Age: 25; Nationality: Indian

    GMAT: 740 (Q: 51, V: 39); AWA: 6.0

    MBA (2010): Top 5 B-schools in India; high GPA and ranked among top 5 in the batch (dean’s merit list)

    Engineering (2008): GPA of 9.4/10; ranked 2nd in my dept. and 4th. overall

    Certifications: CFA Level 3 Candidate

    Work Ex: Around 1 yr and 9 months. I hope to have around 3 years of work-
    ex. by the time I enroll. Currently working as a strategy consultant with a Big 4 firm in India (9 months) – with some international exposure in emerging markets. 1 year of exp. at a domestic brokerage firm as a product manager prior to this. Internships at a global FMCG major and a global conglomerate.

    Extra currics: Placement co-ordinator during my MBA, student’s union
    during engg., represented my MBA univ. in 4 sports, awarded the governor’s medal in boy scouts during school (plus quite a few activities to show leadership and initiatives).

    Reason for MBA: I did not utilize my first MBA to the fullest (lack of work exp.
    – fresh out of college). Work-ex. (consulting engagements) have helped me realize what I want to do – start my own investment banking and management consulting firm (that would also provide professional and technical training), focusing on small businesses (fair bit of exposure to justify this claim). I intend to take courses on negotiations, entrepreneurship, private equity etc.

    Post MBA: work for VC/ PE in emerging markets, gain sufficient exposure on
    aspects like fund raising, business planning etc. and then return to India to start my venture.

    Schools: Wharton, Harvard, Booth, Stanford, Stern; also considering Yale
    and Kellogg

    Thanks for your help!

  • VCinChina

    BS Engineering at a small private school 3.0 GPA
    MS Biotechnology at a small private school 3.0 GPA

    (Listed in chronological order)
    1 year as a consultant (no name firm)
    1 year programmer at a Silicon Valley biotech startup
    1 year programmer at a different Silicon Valley biotech startup
    1 year programmer/team lead at yet another Silicon Valley biotech startup
    1 year investment manager at a VC fund in China: raised the funds, sourced the companies, made investment decisions

    29 year old
    American (but living in China)

    GMAT: 740

    Return to VC investment in Greater China, taking on greater responsibility, raise a new fund

    English & Mandarin

    Schools: Columbia, MIT, NYU, Yale, Cornell

  • Finance fanatic

    – 710 GMAT
    – 3.5 Grade Point Average
    – Undergraduate and masters degree from a leading university of delhi college, CFA charterholder
    – Have managed full time work and studies for 4 years due to family needs
    – 8 years of work experience at American Express (private wealth management), McKinsey & Co. (Corporate Finance consultant), Ernst & Young management consultancy (Senior Corporate Finance consultant)
    – Extra work: Co-developed revenue generating service line for McKinsey

    Please advice whether @ 30 years I still hold a chance to get into a top US business school. As of now I am focused on LBS and INSEAD.

  • kram

    Hi Sandy/John,

    Below are my credentials for a profile evaluation. Thanks for your help.

    GPA: 3.63 overall, 3.91 major (finance)
    College: NYU Stern
    GMAT: 710; V 83%ile, Q 88%ile
    Other education: Passed all levels of the CFA and FRM exams
    Work experience: Since the past two years, I have been working at a well-known investment management company that runs hedge funds and mutual funds. I focus on determining the right levels of leverage and financing across all funds and strategies. I have also spent one year each doing sales (2008-09) and consulting (2009-10) at other, well-known financial service firms.
    Extracurricular: Help raise financing since the past three years for an education foundation focused on educating underprivileged children in rural India. Also helping the foundation restructure its teaching model.
    Age: 25 year-old Indian male, US citizen. Lived in India till age 13 before moving to the US.
    Goal: To gain a deeper understanding of marketing, management, and business development in order to become either 1. A successful COO/CFO of a global investment management firm (or) 2. Launch a consulting practice that provides CFO/COO services to investment management firms.
    Schools (all Round 1 applications): H/S/W, Kellogg, Booth, Columbia, MIT, Tuck

  • Francisco

    I really appreciate this column, so I’m sharing my info. in hopes my chances are evaluated:

    – 33 year old male, International applicant from Central America

    Test score:
    – 730 GMAT

    – 2.7 Bachelor’s GPA from a Southern Ivy, majored in mechanical engineering and minored in math (I tried to complete the double major but was overwhelmed with course load, GPA suffered as a consequence. Also, had problems with culture shock during my first year)
    – 3.45 Master’s GPA in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from a top 10 program in industrial engineering at a mid-west public ivy
    – 3.51 part-time Master’s GPA in Finance from a Private Honduran University
    – 3.7 GPA from alternative transcript consisting of accounting and math courses (calculus sequence and linear algebra) taken online from UC-Berkeley extension and UT-Austin

    Professional History:
    – 1 year as a mechanical engineer at one of six national sugar factories
    – 1.5 years as mid-level manager at top industrial gas producer
    – 2.5 years working as project engineer in construction family business, construction industry collapsed due to international financial crisis, transferred to finance after completing my master’s in finance
    – 2 years as corporate credit analyst at a top 3 bank in Honduras (where I’m currently employed)
    – Board member at two different investment firms

    – Italian Language courses
    – Weekend Volunteer at local public hospital, mostly fund-raising

    – Family is heavily invested in bank where I’m currently employed. Bank suffers from poor organizational strategy, insufficient investment in technology, and aggressive competitors. It also needs to modernize risk management processes. I’m poised for high management position in near future if I prepare myself. Would love to be part of the team that modernizes the bank, makes it more competitive.

    – Wharton
    – Chicago
    – Northwestern
    – MIT
    – Dartmouth
    – London Business School

  • Jules

    Hi Sandy, Hi John,

    Am sending my profile in again. Hopefully third time is the charm:

    Undergraduate degree majoring in accounting and finance from a top British university. Graduated with an upper second.

    Work experience:
    Have 4 years of working experience. Worked for about one year in KPMG (consulting side). Completed a one year management trainee program in a local boutique investment bank. Am currently working in an investment company handling the real estate portfolio.

    Held leadership roles in various volunteering projects in university. Managed to turnaround an ailing volunteering project whereby I raised all funds to cover the debt owed and operating expenses, recruited all volunteers and promoted the projects in various events.
    Currently spearheading a fundraising initiative for a human right NGO.

    Additional points:
    Asian female (not from china and india)
    International exposure: Studied in Japan to pursue the language. Volunteered in wild life hospital in Australia. Studied in the UK. Love to travel.
    Fluent in 5 languages.
    Currently learning french

    To work in a PE / investment management firm focusing in real estate investment

    Target schools:

    Am trying to emphasise on the international and volunteering angle for my application. Appreciate if you could advise if this is wise. Thanks!

  • Buildings

    Hi Sandy,

    Would love your thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance!

    -First generation college graduate (and first to ever leave home state)
    -Hispanic Male
    -B.A. from Ivy League (3.4 GPA, 3.8 GPA in Major- Architecture with Distinction)
    -3 yr. Professional Masters degree in Architecture from Ivy League school
    -Licensed and Registered Architect
    -710 GMAT
    -2 yrs work experience at global architecture firm headquartered in NYC, working on large-scale mixed-use commercial developments throughout Asia
    -2 yrs work experience at boutique architecture/development firm in NYC, working on medium-scale condo developments in Manhattan
    -Held four different Teaching Fellowships while a graduate student, including for a graduate-level ‘Introduction into Real Estate Development’ course
    -Currently in the process of starting a real estate development LLC, with hopes of having a small project underway by Fall ’12 when I plan on applying 1st-round
    -29 years old

    A transition into commercial real estate acquisition and development in emerging markets. I have a fantastic education in the physical/architectural half of building and development, and now want exposure to the economic/financial half, while receiving a larger, well-rounded management education. After graduation, would hope to work at a REIT or PE real estate fund.

    1) HBS
    2) GSB
    3) Wharton
    4) Tuck

    Have only applied to two schools in my life(admitted early for undergrad; applied to alma mater and another Ivy for grad school), and have never received a rejection, so hence the limited list of desired schools above. Not sure if I’m aiming too high this time around, since I’m not a traditional MBA candidate, but am confident I’ll be able to put together a good application. Might add UCLA as a fall-back (I like LA) or McCombs (native Texan).

    Thanks again, and happy 2012!

  • hoodrich

    Dear Sandy, I would very much appreciate your analysis.

    Here are my stats:
    German, male, 25
    GPA: 3.7 from a German university
    Major: combination of econ/business/finance
    semester abroad at an ivy league (gpa there: 3.8)
    GMAT: 730
    interned at a small hedge fund, bulge bracket investment bank in equity sales and at a consulting company; now work for global top 5 consulting company (in germany).
    extra curriculars: member of a student organization, children’s ministry at a church and spent a year in the US doing community service.
    goals post MBA: move to the US and either work in consulting or for a start up/found my own start up
    later: work in non profit

    schools i would target: H/W/S, columbia, kellogg, booth, haas, sloan

    thanks again

  • Keristase

    Trying again 🙂

    Education: Little Ivy (Williams/Amherst/Swat) with a 3.7 overall GPA and a 3.9 GPA in my major (Econ). Graduated with Latin and Departmental Honors.

    Scores: GMAT: 720 (94% or something like that)

    Professional History: Spent two years at Bain Consulting before transitioning into a small equity hedge fund (~$250M when I started in 2008) which is now a mid sized hedge fund ($1B or so) for about 3.5 years (outperformed the market by 10%+ without leverage). Was the third man on the investment team and now have an idea generation role along with recruiting and training of new analysts.

    President and founder of a number of clubs, sat on a number of advisory boards to college executive leadership (diversity boards, career services boards, lecture committees). Managed a budget of roughly $10K for a student org in college. Also had a hand in developing alumni relationships for the career services (I developed and ran a program to bring back alums in financial services, consulting, and corporate work to my alma mater to give speeches, run informal recruiting and interview prep)

    Outside of college, sat for the level 1 of the CFA (and that studying is continuing), plus manage the Linkedin presence for my alma mater.

    Ethnicity: Chinese (born in the US), currently 26 years old.

    Goal: Starting a full service investment management boutique. I think I have the investing bones to do it, but the problem is that investment management doesn’t teach you anything about how to manage and understand people.

    From my perspective, too many investment firms fail due to a lack of basic management blocking and tackling (things like compensating folks effectively with both tangible and intangible rewards, things like effective knowledge management and diffusion, things like having set succession paths and leadership development avenues). B-school would fill those gaps.

    Targets: Harvard/Stanford (very interested in this one)/Wharton. would also be curious about Columbia/Sloan

    Mostly wondering if I’m already too experienced to make a run at the MBA.

  • The Israeli

    Dear Sandy,

    Thought it would be a good thing to give it another try;
    Would highly appreciate your opinion on my profile, since it could influence a career change in the next few months.

    Age: 25 White Male
    GMAT: 720 Q49 V38
    Toefl: 110
    GPA: 3.72 (We have a different scaling method than the one used in the States. My GPA is 93 (on a scale of 100), which translated to the aforementioned).
    Studied accounting and economics at Tel aviv university, which has the highest admissions requirements for those subjects among other higher education institutions in Israel. Nominated several times on the dean’s list, and received scholarships. Graduated both accounting and economics as magna cum laude (probably somewhere around the top 3%).

    At the age of 18 took one year to participate in a year of community service. I was a “Comunar” – which is like being a tribe leader in the scouts. During that year I was responsible for 100 children of various ages.

    Served in the Israeli defense force for 3 years as an analyst at the intelligence corps. After being discharged, started my BA.

    During my second year in school worked for 9 months as a Psychometric instructor, which is Israeli equivalent to the SAT, following a 2% mark in that test.

    While in school, volunteered as a team leader in Junior Achievement Israel – a non-profit organization which aims at increasing entrepreneur spirit among children, and was the Tel Aviv University debating club president (ranked as one of the best clubs in Europe).

    Since graduation (Aug 2011) works at one of the big four (Accounting) in Israel, in the audit department focusing on SEC regulated companies. I was chosen to participate in the office’s excellence program in which prospect interns get an early training in order to broaden their perspective on various business issues. Would have 2 years of work experience in that office upon starting the MBA.

    Extras including practicing sports – squash, ski, gym, beach volleyball.

    Wants an MBA in order to get into IB in the states. Applying next year for the class of 2015.
    Target Schools:

    About that career change: I read your former posts (highly informative by the way) and realized that while considered a selective position in the Israeli job market, working in one of the big-4-audit department will not drive me into top schools. Consequently, wanted do get your opinion about moving to the advisory services department – would that make any difference with my acceptance chances?
    Considering that I would only have about a year and four months of work experience in the advisory services department (and 8 months in the audit department) in comparison to a full 2 years in the audit department.


  • Dan

    One of these things is not like the other… Tuck (which is my personal favorite) is an entirely different program than the others, which are quant schools and big classes. How on earth did Tuck find its way onto that list.

  • Paul

    Hi Sandy, thanks for your analysis. Here’s my profile:

    – 31 years at matriculation
    – Indian citizen, been in US for last 8 years studying/working
    – Bachelor’s GPA 3.2 (Computer Science major) from India (non-IIT)
    – Masters GPA 3.8 (Computer Science major) from lesser known US university
    – 770 GMAT

    – 6 years as software engineer at blue chip firms (Sun, Oracle)

    – Active member of IEEE,Toastmasters, and non-profit mentoring high school students to become entrepreneurs

    -Short term: product manager at high-tech firms (Google, Microsoft etc.)
    -Long term: Technology entrepreneur. Start a company developing products for education sector in US

    Applying to H/S/W, MIT, Kellogg

  • Furious Styles

    Sorry forgot to add schools targeted:

    1. Stanford
    2. HBS
    3. Wharton
    4. Columbia
    5. Yale
    6. Tuck
    7. Berkeley
    8. MIT

  • Furious Styles

    Hi John and Sandy,

    Happy new year! I love this series and will like to get my profile evaluated:

    – 25 yo Hispanic male
    – From South Central Los Angeles
    – 3.2 GPA from Ivy league school (Economics)
    – First-generation college student, immigrated from Central America when I was 9 year old
    – 720 GMAT

    – 2 years at bulge bracket investment bank (Lazard / Credit Suisse / JP Morgan); worked in Latin America M&A team
    – 2 years (three by time I start b-school) in corporate development (internal M&A) team of a large west coast consumer / retail company (Levy’s / Nike / Starbucks).

    – Minority business programs (MLT and SEO)
    – Engagement lead for a non-profit consulting organization. Lead team of five or more students in consulting project for organizations in the economic development arena
    – Alumni interviewer for undergrad
    – Highly involved in the local alumni chapter (co-organized holiday party and happy hours, involved in management)
    – Alumni fundraiser for Management Leadership for Tomorrow minority business program
    – Worked in low-income recruitment program for undergrad. Goal is to get more students from inner city Los Angeles to apply to top schools
    – Lots of extracurricular in undergrad but not sure if they still matter

    – Consumer / retail focused private equity fund

    Thank you

  • Mr. Filipino Banker

    Hey Sandy,

    Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to resubmit my info again. I havent seen any profiles from my part of the world so I wanted to get your thoughts. Also FYI, got dinged by HBS with no interview. Targeting Wharton, Stanford, Chicago.

    – 24 yo Filipino male
    – 3.85 GPA from a top Philippine University (most H/S/W alumni from the Philippines come from this university), top1% of class
    – Business ad/economics major
    – 710 GMAT V40 Q47 AWA6.0
    – Mensa member

    – 3 years (on matriculation) at the “startup” investment bank subsidiary of a large local universal bank. Not known internationally.
    – Works directly with CEO and senior executives of my firm bec of small headcount of firm. Great experience across a variety of DCM and loan deals in the Philippines.
    – Simultaneously worked as risk management officer, spearheaded recruitment and training/mentoring effort for analysts

    – Headed a catholic formation organization that holds retreats for students.
    – Headed a 100+ person carpool group for university students.
    – Lifelong artist in various media (painting, sketching, digital/multimedia)

    – To put up private equity fund focused on emerging markets, looking at an MBA to be able to transition into a PE role to learn the ropes.
    – Takeoff from developmental impact of deals ive done in current job