Assessing Your Odds Of Getting In

She’s an award-winning teacher of literature at a top-tier university, but this 30-year-old professor wants to change careers. She’s hoping an MBA will help her transition into marketing for a non-profit organization.

She played the violin for her university’s symphony orchestra and was team captain of the varsity track and field team in her senior year. After a little more than three years working for a blue chip asset management company, this 25-year-old woman wants an MBA to help her become a portfolio manager.

This 26-year-old woman is a financial analyst for a large oil and gas equipment maker in Houston. With a 740 GMAT and a 3.59 grade point average, she’s expecting the MBA degree will position her for a strategy job at a Fortune 100 corporation.

Sandy Kreisberg, HBS Guru, in Harvard Square

What these MBA candidates share in common is the goal to get into one of the world’s best business schools. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in? Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm, is back again to analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

As usual, Kreisberg handicaps each potential applicant’s odds of getting into a top-ranked business school. And for the very first time, all five MBA applicants profiled are women. Ranging in age from 24 to 30, they include an investment banker in Hong Kong, a manager for a non-profit, and as noted above, a financial analyst for an oil and gas equipment maker in Houston, a literature professor, and an investment analyst for a well-known asset management firm.

If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments, we’ll pick a few more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature.

(Please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. Make sure you let us know your current job.)

Sandy’s candid assessment:

Ms. Literary Professor

  • 700 GMAT
  • 3.9 GPA
  • Undergraduate degree in English and Hispanic Studies from a top-tier university (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Ph.D. in English from an elite research program
  • Work experience as an award-winning teacher of literature and writing at a top-tier university for the past four years; winner of several highly competitive research fellowships, extensive publishing record, extensive experience in public speaking
, Extracurricular activity includes a long record of volunteer work with nonprofit organizations
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Goal: Looking to change careers and go into marketing for non-profits
  • 30-year-old female

Odds of Success:

Harvard: 25% to 35%
Stanford: 10% to 30%
Wharton: 30% to 40%
Northwestern: 40% to 50%
Columbia: 30% to 40%
Dartmouth: 30% to 40%
Yale: 40% to 50%

Sandy’s Analysis: Jeepers, try getting tenure someplace and then you can do whatever you want, including marketing for non-profits.  That would be my call, although my guess is, despite all the awards above, you are not on tenure track, which these days, in English, can be nearly non-existent.

I don’t think Harvard, Stanford of Wharton is going to buy this profile, with open arms, although if you have, as you say, “a long record of volunteer work with nonprofit orgs” that could help and that should be the basis of your application. (No news, but just saying).

A lot will depend on which organizations you work for and what roles you have played, and how serious you can leverage that into reasons for a career switch. You would really need to convince them that this is thought out, serious, and something you could do.

I might shift away from your goal of “marketing for non-profits,” to actually running a non-profit. Marketing sounds girly-girl for one, and is actually more technical and boring than you might think, e.g. figuring out mailings, arranging robo-calls (I get them all the time) and joint-campaigns with companies, not to mention search optimization, mobile strategy, and analytics of all kinds– and not what you may have been dreaming of, writing speeches for the CEO of the non-profit to give at the U.N. You also might be in charge of a Facebook page and Twitter campaign, which is not so exciting and has a good deal of technical, social media mojo aspects to it.

OK, if you know all that, and that is what you want to do, try to get that in your application as well, just to beat back the obvious picture we get here of some prof who is tired of teaching John Donne to idiots, or reading what the idiots say about him:  “I too believe, with John Donne,  that “no man is an Island,” even though I live on Manhattan, which IS an island (it does have bridges and tunnels to other places, however) and on Manhattan  everyone is connected, especially on Twitter and Facebook.  Donne could not have known about those devices and platforms since he lived and wrote before they were invented,  but still, what he said is true.  And let me add, if John Donne ever did have a Twitter account, I would love to join.  I think “Good Friday, 1613, Riding Westward” is a great tweet. (And you are thinking,  professor, ‘if only my kids were that smart, or knew the second poem.’)

Based on your obvious brains and talents and awards, and probably “Humanist” likeability, you might be able to sell some version of this to Kellogg, Columbia (less so), Tuck or Yale. Also try Booth: they got a soft spot for artistic types, despite the finance rep.

Those schools will also give you more room to expand on your motives than HBS in its current Two-Pic application, although  Dee Leopold (at HBS) is a real book and lit fan, but that may not  turn the trick for you, I fear. When she sits in her deciding chair, well, it ain’t all business, but it is a lot of business, and she’s only got 1000 spots to give away, or more likely, 20 spots to off-beat types like you.  Someone actually working full-time for a non-profit may beat you out.  On the other hand, you do seem like a smart, firecracker type, so you may get in as a wild card.  Age could be an issue there, but who knows.  A good word from someone at your “top tier” university could get you on her radar screen and your energy and brains might do the rest.

  • Pop

    Hello Sandy,
    I would greatly appreciate if you can help evaluate my profile-
    Background – 23 yrs Asian, Male
    Education – Undergrad in Economics 3.1 GPA, California State University, originally transferred with a 2.6 from little known distant learning college while attempting to take courses from overseas
    Professional experience – About 4 years of experience in Military, US Military special operations.
    GMAT – 680
    Extra curricular – Avid Volunteer, Runner, Econ tutor, Linguist for Govt.
    -Combat Operations as reasoning for low GPA.
    Schools –
    Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Wharton, Yale, UCLA, Georgetown
    Goal – To manage a top fortune 500 company or public service in foreign service.

  • Frenchie

    23 yo Caucasian Female from France
    730 GMAT
    3.76 GPA – Summa Cum Laude from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (2010)
    Double major in Finance/International Business

    Born and raised in France, moved to the US on a NATO scholarship for college

    Work experience, all US based:
    – Internships at Merrill Lynch in wealth management and at a local Import/Export consulting firm
    – Currently Financial Advisor at a local independent Wealth management firm (started as an intern in college and got offered a full time position at graduation) since 2010

    – Habitat for Humanity regular volunteer
    – Avid runner (anything from 5k to mudrunners to semi-marathon)

    SHORT TERM –> Seeking a consulting job in import/export or business development strategy in the top 5 of the industry. I’ve hit a wall in my career path because without an MBA from a top-ranked institution, I’ve just another costly foreign individual in need of a visa sponsorship.
    LONG TERM –> Want to be a top manager running the business development department of a multinational corporation (French preferably!… Nestle, LVMH, Total…)

    YALE is my dream school, but also considering Darden, Haas, Sloan.
    Got offered consequent scholarships at Rochester and Notre Dame…so I’m trying to see if I should go for those or if I have any chance with a top 10 school.

  • Mr Snickers

    Hi Sandy, I would really appreciate your advice on my
    chances at Stanford, INSEAD, Wharton, HBS, Kellogg, MIT, and Booth.

    Undergraduate: 3.0 GPA in Management and International Business (top 50
    University globally, located in the Asia-Pacific). Was awarded a Sporting
    scholarship by the Prime Minister to attend university.

    Post-graduate: Masters in Management at the same
    University (3.9 GPA); graduated first in class and published an academic paper
    in conjunction with a Professor.

    GMAT score:

    Experience: Before university: Professional cyclist for 2 years
    (2 silver medals at the USA National Championships, 8th
    in the World as a junior). Was a member of the USA National Cycling team for 1
    year and the Australian National Cycling team for 4 years (dual citizenship);
    Competed at World Cup and World Championship level.

    After post-graduate study: 10 months at Deloitte
    Consulting as a Business Analyst. Since then, 4 years at Mars Inc (producers of
    Snickers, M&M’s, Whiskas, Uncle Ben’s rice etc): 3 years in Mars graduate
    leadership development program – 1 year in Market Insights, 1 year in Field
    Sales, 1 year in Business Development; Currently a Brand Manager for Chocolate.

    Extra-curricular: VP of membership for the country’s
    top Toastmasters club. National running relay champion and team member. Educational
    e-book author.

    31 year old white male

    Reason for MBA: Want to move into a larger Consumer
    Goods company (e.g. P&G, Unilever, Pepsi-co) in the US where MBAs are expected..

    Thanks for your time.

  • Ann

    Hello Sandy,

    Thank you for looking at my profile. I really appreciate your time and patience spent on a stranger like me who is thinking of her chance to get into Stanford.

    Aspiration: The reason why I am applying MBA is that I need the business foundation and great school labeling to signal to investors that I am capable to create a profit-making social enterprise which helps talents to be optimized—-though those talents maybe stigmatized as “disabled” or “mentally ill” or “retarded”.


    GMAT (predicted from mock GMAT result)

    undergraduate GPA

    in journalism; double minor in Sociology and French from the
    University of Hong Kong

    GPA because I needed to study and worked at the same time to support
    my school fees

    Work experience in undergraduate period included:

    Wall Street Journal
    -Local top-tier English newspaper and
    broadcasting media
    -The Government

    by CNN Beijing for China coverage

    TV show about entrepreneurship for the local media

    Current job:
    -Working as the youngest product manager in an international social media company, my responsibility is to create new entertainment products which now have users accumulated more than 1 million. 
    -Users concentrate in Facebook and China’s largest social networking site—Tencent. 
    -Earned Tencent’s Best Product Innovation Award
    -Leading a large team of designers, editors and engineers on project basis
    -Promoted within 12 months
    -Working in this company because technology is the foundation of impact nowadays. I would like to stretch my ability in coping with ever-changing problems. I love learning in this company, especially since it makes me reflect on why the e-business I started before had failed within 4 months.

    -Spent a semester in the University of Queensland,
    On Dean List, ranked 1st
    in French

    -Received accredited mediator training to help those in need
    -University’s official magazine reporter
    -Counselling hotline volunteer
    -Tutoring for underprivileged children
    -Good playing of Erhu music

    Other characteristics:

    4 languages well: English, Putonghua, Cantonese, French

    -traumatic childhood

    -Asian female

    years old

    Thank you very much again for your help! Support poets and quants 🙂

  • Bravo


    I noticed that this round of ladies has brought forth the idea of MS degrees is business fields such as finance. (I did also catch the ‘Rise of Specialty Masters’ article on the site).  Do you think it would help both pre-MBA and/or post-MBA to possibly do an MS in Finance or MS in Supply Chain.  I would like to maybe do one of the distance learning MS degrees for intellectual satisfaction (Kelley School/Embry Riddle (Aero background even though it may not be the best school.)) May even possibly do a BSc from the Univeristy of London (take tests from LSE at a variety locations)

    I figured I would play the lottery with the handicap as well….

    -740 GMAT (took five times/not a quitter/most painful 1250$ ever spent/hate when people put expected GMAT here)
    -3.55 Cum GPA from a school that is currently under ethical scrutiny (I am not one of those die hards by any means)
    -BS in Aerospace Engineering
    -BS in Economics
    -Minor in Entrepreneurship
    -Work Experience includes a 3 mo. internship in Dalian, China at Steam plant
    -3 month internship at NASA KSC working on a feasibility study (published results in 2010 in AIAA)
    -3 month internship at Accenture working at a Chemicals company (Management Consulting)
    – CURRENTLY: Full time Accenture working at a Steel client (Systems Integration)(only 1.5 years)
    -Was president of Aerospace Honor Society at uni/held leadership roles in a few clubs/volunteer regulary through Accenture/lead of analyst program
    -Worries: Systems Integration Accneture is probably not the traditional route to MBA and no star dust as you would say/How long should I wait( I was hoping only one more year but the trend seems to be more 4 to 5 years now/definitely would like to use an MBA consultant/ 25 YO white male(at end of Aug)
    – I would like to move into strategy consulting (PLEASE INSERT STARDUST HERE)

    Sorry for all of parenthesis and forward slashes.  If you do choose me; I am most excited about what title you give me… Mr….  (You already had a Mr. Accenture)

    Thanks for your time.

  • Tom

    Hi Sandy, I enjoy your write-ups and hope you could take a look at my profile:
    34y/o white male
    Iraq War Veteran (2 combat tours, USMC Infantry)
    710 GMAT (Q38, V48)
    3.4 GPA B.S. in Physics from Southern CT State University
    3.9 GPA M.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Connecticut

    6 years USMC (3 years active-duty/3 years reserves) As a corporal I was an infantry team leader and eventually a squad leader, I was responsible for the supervision and training of teams of 3 to 12 Marines, including the planning and leading of combat missions. As a sergeant, I became a platoon sergeant and was responsible for a platoon of Marines (about 40 Marine). Prior to leaving the Marines, I earned a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for my accomplishments as platoon sergeant.

    2 years as a junior bridge engineer for a large international engineering firm. My company works on large projects (think Big Dig and NYC Subway) as well as small, local projects. My role as a junior engineer is well-defined and fairly limited, however my age and military experience has allowed me to assume a great deal of responsibility and autonomy in our bridge inspection program.

    Extra curricular:
    I am on the executive board for the Younger Members Committee of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers (the CT branch of ASCE). We organize fundraisers, social events and school outreach programs.
    I am the Green Team lead for my office. I organize an environmental newsletter, helped introduce single-stream recycling to our building, organize office participation in environmental activities (bike-to-work week, earth day celebration, walk-to-lunch day, Source to Sea CT River Cleanup).
    I am on our corporate Professional Development committee for young employees. I have co-written a professional development guide for young employees (less than 10 years experience) and I am working to introduce a corporate book club/reading list for employees of all ages and pay grades.
    MBA goal:
    Business and the Environment. I want to transition to the sustainability side of business and engineering. I want to work to bring sustainable technical innovations to market. I think that my academic/professional background in physics and engineering will allow me to understand new technologies (and their limitations).
    Schools: NYU, Yale, Columbia 

  • Ashutosh

    Hi Sandy,

    Please provide a assessment of my profile for a top-10 program. I’m wondering if i should even bother with an application for a top program like Harvard or INSEAD due to my nationality & low grades.

    •740 GMAT (Q 44(84 percentile), V 44(97 percentile)) •2.5 GPA for a BBA from a second-tier Indian University. Low GPA explained by the fact that i have been the sole earner for my family since i was 15 and stopped school at that time. I restarted school at 20, completed High School at 22 & my Bachelors at 26 while working full-time in high responsibility roles(Managing People, Operations, Clients)• Corporate work experience of 9 years: 5 years in one of the world’s largest BPOs, starting off as a Customer Service Rep & promoted as a Reporting Analyst, Quality Executive, Team Leader, Assistant Operations Manager. Moved to a US Mortgage Back Office process as a Risk Analyst for the next 2 years where I led a 5 member team for a sub-process I designed myself.(Excellent recommendations from my Manager). Moved to Amazon as a Operations Manager for Pricing systems over a year ago and have excellent recommendations from my manager here as well. l have managed teams ranging from 5 to 50 in size over the last 5 years • Extracurricular involvement of playing centerback for my local soccer team & volunteering at the local ISKCON center •Goal: To move into an Operations consultant role• Targets are Harvard, INSEAD or Berkeley.”• 28-year-old Indian male.


  • chemba

    Hey Sandy, I love your write-ups and was hoping you could take a look at my profile:

    27y/o white male (28 at matriculation) 
    760 GMAT (Q47, V47)
    3.5 GPA B.S. in Chemistry from University of Oregon

    4 years in chemical industry.  3 years (current job) as a R&D chemist at a fine chemicals manufacturer.  The company is small, but we do lots of work for Big pharma.  I supervise/train over 25 full time plant operators.  Recently promoted to hybrid business development/R&D role.  Now do lots of travel for business development, and procurement (China).  

    Extra curricular:
    In college worked as an undergraduate research fellow in an academic research lab (research published), was president of the ACS chemistry club, and played drums in a  band (many house parties rocked!)

    post college I volunteer for Childrens Cancer Society in their chemo pal program, working on publishing another research paper, and still play in the band.  

    MBA goal:
    Work in big pharma or biotech and help companies become/remain efficient and profitable.  Marketing, international business, and supply chain management are all possible areas of focus.  I’m interested in gaining a strong background in business to go with my technical experience that will allow me access to the world of pharma/biotech business.

    Berkeley (top choice)


  • Lkj

     “not HYP but not, say, Cornell” ….lol, so true. Cornell for insecure ivy wannabes. Interesting to note how many non-ivies colleges send kids to top schools than does Cornell.

  • HF2424

    Hey Sandy, was hoping you could tell me if I have a realistic shot at any of my target schools, thanks!
    -730 GMAT (V97%, Q76%)

    -3.24 GPA

    -Management degree from 25-30 ranked
    liberal arts college

    -Have spent last 2 ½ years at a rapidly
    growing pharma/biotech startup working in accounting with other things thrown
    in – budgeting, systems integration (more from a functional standpoint than
    IT), government reporting

    -Before that worked as a sales
    rep/photographer for a big name tech company, though was contracted out for the
    work through a different firm

    -Extracurriculars: Percussionist; member of
    my university’s symphony orchestra and jazz ensemble

    -Founding member and leader of school’s
    only student jazz quintet; played at numerous events and charities around
    campus and in town

    -Have tutored underprivileged elementary
    school students for the past two years

    To get into brand/product management (out of the back office), and
    eventually to start my own marketing consultancy

    -26-year-old white male

    -I’m hoping I can explain-away my low GPA
    by citing a lack of maturity, overloading myself first two years (the truth)

    -Schools – Michigan, NYU, Columbia, UCLA,
    Georgetown, USC, Kellogg, Cornell

  • IY

    Hi Sandy,
    – GMAT: 710
    – Undergrad GPA: 3.0 (Economics)
    – Demos: 26 y/o female, born in former Soviet republic
    – Work experience: 6 years in strategy/corp dev role at top asset manager
    – Extracurriculars: Heavily involved with mentoring underprivileged youth, immigrant community outreach, and recruiting
    – Goal: Looking to change careers and enter media/entertainment field (i.e., become the female Harvey Weinstein)
    – Target schools: Columbia, NYU, HBS, Stanford


  • Kerry Vaughan

    – 700+ GMAT (expected)

    – 3.33 undergraduate GPA

    – Degree in Philosophy and Psychology from a small but well
    ranked Liberal Arts College

    – 3.82 graduate GPA

    – PhD in Philosophy with a focus on ethics from a top 15

    – Work experience includes 4 years at a nonprofit foundation
    with $1B in assets culminating in director of Technology and Innovation. My job
    involves serving as the product manager on two technology-related philanthropic
    investments with a combined budget of $12 million. I am also responsible for
    scouting for new projects that the Foundation could invest in. I was promoted
    three times in my first year and under my leadership, the department received
    national media attention for its highly innovative approach to philanthropy.

    – No real extras due to working and going to school full
    time for the last 4 years.

    – 28 year old white male

    – Goal: To transition into a leadership role in an
    on-the-ground nonprofit or into social entrepreneurship.

    – Target schools: H/W/S, MIT, Yale, Booth, UT

  • CheMBA

    Hey Sandy, I really enjoy your write ups and I’d love to hear what you think of my profile,

    27 y/o white male (28 at matriculation in fall 2013)
    760 GMAT (Q47,V47)
    3.5 GPA Bachelor’s of science in Chemistry with departmental honors from University of Oregon

    Work Experience:
    Over 6 years working as a synthetic organic chemist in research and development.  
    2 years in an academic research laboratory while in college.  4 years of work experience in industry since graduation, 3 of which have been as a process R&D chemist for a fine chemicals manufacturer (current job).  The company I work for is small, but we do projects for most of the major pharma companies in the US.  Recently (past three months), I’ve been transitioned into a hybrid R&D chemist/business development role.  I have begun to travel quite a bit to develop business strategy with our customers (big pharma), secure new projects, and even source raw materials (china).  I plan on getting more exposure to the business side of the chemical/pharma industry over the next year before my enrollment date.

    Extra Curricular: 
    College – Worked in an academic research lab for 2 years and had my research published 
    in a peer reviewed scientific journal. 
    President and treasurer of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (Chemistry club).  
    Lots of playing music with my band (drummer). Many parties were rocked.  

    Post College – Volunteer for the Children’s Cancer Society in the Chemo pal program.  
    Publishing another research paper with co-worker.
    Still rocking with the band.  

    Reason for MBA:
    I initially pursed chemistry because I felt working in R&D for pharma/biotech was the best way to make a positive impact in people’s lives.  And, although I love research, I feel my talents are better suited for business.  I enjoy working with people, technical and non-technical, in developing strategy, crafting alliances and securing projects.  My goal is to work in big pharma/biotech to help companies become more efficient and profitable, in a high risk/high reward environment.  Marketing, international business and supply chain management are all potential areas of focus, but overall I’m hoping that an MBA education coupled with my technical expertise will allow me access to a variety of business careers within pharma and biotech.

    Programs of Interest (Full time MBA)

    Berkeley Haas (top choice)
    Open to others

    Thanks for your time, keep up the great work!

  • Anna

    Hi Sandy
    27-year-old female from China680 GMAT (may retake in Sept for a better score)Bachelor degree in Engineering from China/ GPA: 3Master degree in labor and human resources from Ohio State/ GPA: 3.55Work Experience: 1 1/2 years HR intern and 3 years marketing analyst in a manufacturing company. Involved in company oversea facility start-up.Extracurricular: undergraduate- president of public speaking club, president of school debate team; graduate- student mentor for international student, lecturer for chinese programGoal: back to marketing field or start my own business after finish MBA Dream school: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago

  • HBSorNothing

    26 y/o Asian male, born abroad to poor family and moved to the states for high school
    720 GMAT (50Q 38V)Undergrad GPA 3.5 in engineering from an IvyMaster’s GPA 3.6 from a different Ivy2 years of work experience (3 by matriculation) at a BB in more or less a support role
    ECs include Alumni interviewer, New York cares
    Fluent in Chinese
    Schools (all round 1): HBS
    Wharton Lauder
    CBS (ED) 
    Thanks Sandy.

  • Sammylee831

    26 yr old Asian American male

  • Mr. Silver-plus

    Forgot to add my goals: Pursue corporate strategy for a large retail chain

  • Mr. Silver-plus

    Hey Sandy, I feel like I have quite a bit of “almost-gold” silver. What do you think of my chances here?

    25 y/o Asian male, born in a poor SE Asian country and moved to CA as a child
    3.5 GPA from mid-tier Ivy (not HYP but not, say, Cornell). First in my home town to go to an Ivy.
    780 GMAT (50 Q, 50 V, 6.0 AWA)
    2 years in portfolio management consulting from no-name company, then 2 years of management consulting from a top non-MBB (think Monitor, Oliver Wyman, Booz, LEK level)

    EC’s include teaching reading to an African immigrant, as well as career counseling and mentoring to highly educated immigrants and refugees.

    Target schools

  • Mr. Actuary

    27 y/o White Male
    750 GMAT
    3.9 GPA
    Undergrad degree in Actuarial Science, Economics, and Statistics from a good but lesser known liberal arts school (Magna Cum Laude)

    Work Experience:
    Five years working as an actuary in a rotational development program for a F500 property/casualty insurer.  
    Rotations include an R&D role, a role pricing business insurance for F500 companies, and a rotation in Brazil to implement actuarial systems for recently acquired company.
    Serve as company’s actuarial recruiting director and have passed all exams to be named an actuarial fellow.

    Extra Curricular:
    College – President of actuarial club, founder of a TED-affiliated club, leader in a regional community service organization
    Post College – Camp counselor at a summer business camp for underprivileged teen, president of regional chapter of American Atheists, board member of a STEM education-related nonprofit.

    Reason for MBA:
    To transition into an analytical marketing career within the tech industry where I can utilize my talent for analytics.  Also have eventual entrepreneurial aspirations.

    Target Schools (in order of preference):

  • Sammylee831

    Hi Sandy,

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to evaluate my profile.

    UC Berkeley, Media Studies B.A., 3.2 GPA

    GMAT: 740

    Planning to take Calculus and Statistics in CC and getting A’s in them

    Work Experience:

    Marketing Associate at Safeway 1 year

    • Research white space topics to define health and generational opportunities.

    • Manage the production of private label products to get them from concept to the shelf.

    • Conduct category analyses and provide recommendations for product flavors based on sales and trends.

    • Create new item proposals and help build forecasting for future products.

    Product Marketing Associate at Intuit- 2 Years

    4 Rotations:

    1 in Product Management- led cross functional team to develop a key product to a $10 Million business

    1 in Social Media Marketing- developed the social media strategy for a new customer base

    1 in Product Marketing- managed the marketing from concept to execution for a new business

    1 in Bus Dev- worked w/ different business to create new business opportunities

    Associate Product Marketing Manager at Intuit- 1 Year

    Currently managing a key function in a new product that’s currently in development

    Possibility of being promoted to Marketing Manager next year if I do a good job this year


    Coaching Corps (part of Americorps)- 3 years

    I coach a 6-8 year old team throughout the year for under-privileged areas in the Bay Area

    Church- Worship Team

    Play the bass every week on Sundays for my church

    Basketball Camp-

    Take a week every summer to help coach youths in the Bay Area for a basketball camp

    Reason I want to go to B-School:

    I’ve wanted to always combine my sports passion, religion, and work skills, and I believe this is a way to do it. The reason I had this revelation is because an experience w/ my volunteer work w/ Coaching Corps. Long story short, one of the youths on my Coaching Corps team has a lot of potential for basketball, but his family can’t afford to pay his basketball development. I ended up paying out of my pocket for him to attend. Because of this, I want to go to B-School to create a national nonprofit sports/basketball camp for the underprivileged, so that everyone can have a chance to get better at a sport.

    Targeted Schools:

    I want to be in an urban area because I want to be in the heart of a basketball mecca. I do not want to attend a Sports MBA program because I want to learn from the best general MBA programs. In addition, I might apply next year or this coming year, not sure. Is it possible to give me a breakdown for next year, assuming I get promoted as well?

    -Columbia (Social Enterprise)

    -Kellogg (SEEK)

    -Haas PT- so I can continue what I’ve been doing locally

    -HBS (non-urban)- Sports Club

    -Wharton- Sports Club

    -USC- School of Sports Management

    -UCLA- LA Area

    Thank you!