Handicapping Your MBA Odds

An avid reader and blogger, she’s a rising senior at a second-tier private school. Although she has scored up to a 740 on a GMAT practice test, her grade point average is just 3.0. But her goal is to get into Harvard Business School’s 2+2 program.

Applying to Harvard and Stanford with a 690 GMAT and Ivy League degrees in engineering, he was dinged last year but wants to reapply. This 29-year-old venture capitalist  hopes the degree will help him achieve his goal to lead a technology startup in
Silicon Valley or New York.

She’s a consultant with Deloitte, working with health care and media clients. With a 710 GMAT and a 3.55 GPA, this 25-year-old wants an MBA to help her employer to grow its West Coast emerging markets practice.

Sandy Kreisberg, HBS Guru, in Harvard Square

What these MBA applicants share in common is the goal to get into one of the world’s best business schools. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in? Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm HBSGuru.com, is here again to analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

Back from vacation, Kreisberg handicaps each potential applicant’s odds of getting into a top-ranked business school. If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments, we’ll pick a few more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature. (Please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. Make sure you let us know your current job.)

Sandy’s tell-it-like-it-is assessment:

Ms. Average Undergrad

  • 700 to 740 GMAT (practice test)
  • 3.0 GPA
  • “I know it’s low but it got better as I matured – Starting with a 2.0 freshman year, 3.0
 sophomore year, and 4.0 junior year. I hope to get a 4.0 my senior year as well but this will not factor in before I apply”
  • Rising college senior in international business at a second- or third-tier private school
  • Work experience includes an internship at Stifel Nicolaus during school year
  • Extracurricular involvement as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, president and founder of the school’s marketing/admissions club with more than 40 members
  • Avid reader and blogger whose posts on such authors as Ayn Rand, James Joyce and John Milton showcase “my intellectual and also my fun side”
  • “I love the world of business and want to continue learning and leading”
  • Female born in the U.S. but also a citizen of Algeria

Odds of Success:

Harvard 2+2: -10%
Wharton: 10%
Yale: 10% to 20%

Sandy’s Analysis:  Lots to like in general but after the smoke clears, getting in to 2+2, or any deferred program,  is going to be real, real hard.  Despite the hoopla those programs want to see one thing, a high GPA.   Having an upward trend is commendable, and getting a 4.0 next year will help, and you should do that anyway, for later,  but it would take more than you are offering to overcome the bad start, you would need some adversity story combined with a knockout set of extras which have real impact on others.

Being president of the marketing club is not going to turn the tide, and marketing is often deemed, sub silento, a collecting place for literary types such as yourself, both at school and in real life. Although in real life, and increasingly so, marketing is becoming very quanty. And while I might enjoy your blog, as a rule, adcoms don’t read blogs, which on balance, is good for applicants, since the description of the blog is often more powerful than the actual thing.

Also, and I mean this in all seriousness, you say you are an “avid reader.”  Hmmmm,  being an avid reader, and not having any actual business experience, can be a raise issues. The bookworm/marketing club axis with no work experience can be misinterpreted as some Walter Mitty fantasy (you know who he is, but non avid book readers might go here).

Dee Leopold, the adcom head at HBS, is an avid reader, and if you got a 2+2 interview with her—preceded by  a 3.9 and two biomed or even IB summer gigs — well your avid reading might pay off in some marginal way, assuming you did OK on the more substantive parts of the interview (such as “What did you think of your biomed internship and what would you suggest in an exit interview to improve it?”).

Sorry if this is harsh, but you may need a wake-up call. You have a lot of energy, humor, and latent smarts. The best thing you can do, if you are really interested in a business career, is to get a marketing job after college, do really well, get a better job after that (more selective and at a better brand) and apply in three to four years. You will probably have a way better idea of what you want to do at that point anyway and you will be able to max out your two years at B- school.

  • Ms.Engineer


    I am a female engineer looking to make my way into business and management and eventually running my own company. I majored in computer science (BS) in the engineering department, and started a figure skating club as well as an engineering club in my 1st year, and I currently lead a different minority engineering club and the figure skating club. I received a handful of university awards including a leadership award and philanthropic awards, too. I go to a 2nd tier school. I have had 2 highly technical internship experiences but I feel that I prefer technical management, rather than specific technical jobs.

    My stats are as follows: 2.93 total gpa, gmat: 640. I would be fresh out of college upon starting my MBA, but am also getting unsolicited interviews by the highest tier technical companies right now.

    I would be applying to school such as Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, UChicago, UCSD, and NYU. I am interested in a MBA with emphasis in finance to be well rounded from my technical background, and have taken a number of economics courses and a handful of business courses.

    Does this leave me with any chance at those schools and would you recommend other schools to apply to?

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  • Jai


    Could you please let me know my chances of making it through
    a good school? Considering my not so good GMAT what universities could I target?

    Indian, did my engineering in Electronics from one of the best college in India (PEC Chandigarh) 64.04%

    10th: 80%

    12th: 78%

    Gmat: 680 (Quant 48, Verbal 34, AWA 5, IR 8) gave it after
    15 days of prep. Wish to give it again but short of time.

    Lost my father and the only breadwinner of the family when I was twelve 12.

    Assisted my mother with her startup (Facilities Management Company) and by the time I had completed my engineering I had invested 6+ years in the growth of the business. I was involved in almost all of the aspects and had to carefully divide time between my education and business. The team then stood at 150+ employees.

    I got a very unique chance to get some corporate experience. I worked with General Dynamics (One of the Biggest Defense Conglomerates in USA) as Manager sales for 3 and half years. Had a techno commercial profile. Involved in Account management and Sales as well as R&D and Prototyping. Supervised a team of 5 to 8 people including Germans, British and Americans. Successful in implementing many important projects for the Indian military.

    I quit the company and returned to the family business. Our team now stands at 200+ directly of indirectly reporting to me. By the time I would join college I would have had 5 years of experience.

    I have a failed startup to add to the list of experiences.

    I wish to do mba to gain knowledge further expand my line of business at a national level and beyond and also include in the portfolio, Technology Assisted Services.

    For my co-curriculars:

    State level medals in tennis and swimming.

    Various medals in Inter college athletics.

    Part time modeling for fashion websites.

    Been a part of NSS (National Service Scheme) and Rotaract
    for 3 years.

    Regular Blood donor

    Regularly contribute towards and organize langars at

  • Krish

    Hi Sandy! International student here, who has enjoyed reading your posts. When hurricane Sandy was covered in the media, I couldn’t but help think about you…unleashing your words of wisdom and constructive criticism across this website like how the hurricane lashed across the north east. Of course, I do not wish to make light of the devastation and loss of life there. I hope you and your family are safe.
    Best wishes,

  • MBA-Aspirant

    Hello Sandy,

    My situation is a bit unique and Deborah Knox (Insight admissions) who is also a poets and quants contributor advised I get your feedback.

    Bio :33 y/o Indian, Female, IT Project Manager with 7 yrs work experience both in India and U.S

    Short-term and Long-term goal:
    Transition from IT Management Consulting into IT Product management. Want to work for an e-commerce firm (Google/Amazon) towards launching and managing innovative web applications. Leverage this experience towards launching my own IT entrepreneurship venture targeting innovative solutions in the education domain for emerging markets.

    Schools targeted : Haas, Kellogg, Duke, Darden, UT Austin, Wharton (Super stretch!), Tepper, UCLA, UNC

    Education :
    B.Tech – Top 20 Indian School – non IIT !
    M.S (Comp Science – UT Arlington – 3.8/4.0 gpa)

    GMAT : 710 GMAT

    Total Work Experience : 7 Yrs.

    Work Experience Details:
    USA : 5.5 yrs total (1 Yr at tech start-up, Followed by 4 yrs at Deloitte Consulting). Moved to India after layoff at Deloitte.
    India: 1.5 years at a mid-sized Management consulting firm reputed in the Asia-pacific region. Served as project manager, solid work experience with recognition and awards for leadership.

    Extra-curriculars: IEEE Publication, lots of extra-curriculars / volunteering from undergrad and grad school – consistently in the area of education including Junior Achievement, Lions Club. Most significantly, after my move to India following Deloitte lay-off but before taking up work in India, I served as a life-skills tutor for 1.5 yrs at an education Non-profit in India. This experience has shaped my short-term and long-term goals. This org will be one of my references.

    Current status :
    Moved to US in Feb where spouse was based. Unable to work the last 10 months due to foreign national status and more importantly as my husband was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that he was diagnosed with and is now recovering from. It was chaotic and a major life event for us – but looks like we’ll make it !! We’ve returned to India and I’m headed back to work in Nov 2012 for a reputed American Consulting firm with operations in India. During this 10 month gap, I have used my time towards volunteering with Junior Achievement (SFO) , Toastmasters (SFO). Also completed important trainings and certifications relevant to my line of work (Certified Scrum Master, PMP). Since my return to India, I continue to volunteer significantly for the education non-profit in India mentioned above.

    Long story, I know. But would love to get your feedback.

  • Guest

    Hello Sandy,

    It would be great if you could help assess my


    Hi Sandy,

    I am 32 years old and an attorney licensed to practice in multiple jurisdictions, including Washington.

    590 to 650 GMAT (practice test)3.2 GPA (UGRAD – non-ivy); 3.3 (JD- non-ivy); 3.5(LLM mon-ivy)Work experience is a lawyer with government (2007-present) Extracurricular involvement – co-founded non-profit to promote business/free enterprise; volunteer with financial services corps; local community service. Looking for HBS, Wharton, Columbia, Duke, Yale, Chicago.

  • MsTechStartup

    I should also add that I am big on community. I am an active member of my college alumni club and organize/fundraise events such as walks for breast cancer.

  • MsTechStartup

    I should also add that I am an active member of the alumni club of my college through with I help organizing and fundraising events such as walks for breast cancer.

  • MsTechStartup

    Hi Sandy, super helpful posts. Thanks much for your time and effort.
    I kind of need some help figuring out what would be my profile’s success in:
    Ms. Tech Startup – 24 year old female
    690 GMAT, 3.3 Undergrad in a top liberal college
    Undegraduate in Spanish and Classical Civilizations. I was born in Asia and wanted to keep on expanding my cultural and international discoveries. I also studied abroad in Spain for a semester.
    Work experience: By the time I would get in, two years in an online payment solution tech startup. I have evolved in three jobs so far, from customer facing to coordinating sales and marketing (involving interacting with a lot of different people and profiles) to integrating accounts with banks. I took this last position at a vital time for the company. The previous person left within 3days and we needed someone to step up.
    My undergrad experience really gives me an edge in terms of getting the communication going between teams and putting together good request for proposals.
    Goals: I have an enormous appetite for cultural/international experiences. This is what’s driving me. So my long term goal is to start a technical business with an international perspective. My short term goal is to develop my leadership skills. I feel like I need that time to reflect and grow these critical skills away from work through sharing experiences.
    Applying to: Insead, Tuck, Berkely, Georgetown

  • DCpractictioner

    I just wanted to confirm for everyone that Deloitte Consulting’s grad school sponsorship program is a formal program that pays for your MBA in full. You have to apply to the program and make a business case as to why your MBA could add value to the firm. It’s a competitive program and not everyone makes the cut, especially from outside of their S&O practice where an MBA is required to reach senior consultant. After one year they pay for the first year of your MBA program, and you receive the rest at the end of your second year. Hope that helps!

  • John

    Hey Sandy, I appreciate any help. What do you think? Thanks.

    GMAT: 660 (was 570, not a good test taker, and do not know if I should retry–I may have peaked)

    GPA: Accumulative GPA of 3.64 with major GPA in economics of 3.85 from University of Dayton

    Experience: Marine Corps captain with more than 4 years experience in the infantry. Served two deployments with two separate platoons, a rifle platoon and a mortar platoon (mortar platoon is the most senior, independent platoon in infantry battalion with 75 men). Career highlights include one deployment in support of OEF in which I opened a school for 230 Afghan children and led a helicopter assault on Taliban stronghold. The other deployment in support of a Marine Expeditionary Unit in which I traveled to ten different countries aboard Navy ships and trained each country’s military. Combat decorated with outstanding military evaluations. Graduated from officer school with honors. (Certainly a lot of essay writing topics!)

    Currently Director of Operations and Productions at multi-million dollar military nonprofit based out of LA. Work revolves around serving the needs of active duty service members, veterans, and military families. I plan to work there for a year and attend graduate school.

    Extracurriculars: Founded fundraiser (a marathon) to raise money for my wounded Sailors and Marines and the families of my fallen (raised more than $16,000 to date), instructed a college course to my Marines while deployed, community church lector, was VP of college’s Society of St. Vincent DePaul (service group), was President of college’s economic’s honor society, and was DJ on campus radio.

    Goal: To make career change. I want to pursue a dual degree, a MBA/MPP from the same school. I am particularly eager to learn about finance and banking. I want to move back to the Midwest and work with a reputable financial institution focusing on domestic development (mostly education and healthcare); especially development in the form of micro-loans to individuals and small businesses.

    Schools: Chicago (Booth and Harris), Northwestern, HBS (and Kennedy), and Ohio State (Fisher and John Glenn)

  • Mr. SmallCompany

    26 year old white male

    Mr. Small Company Finance
    700+ GMAT (haven’t taken it yet but usually a very good test taker)
    3.85 GPA
    Undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics at the University of Georgia

    Work experience: 2.5 years in Valuation Advisory at Duff & Phelps (top tier valuation firm spun off from PwC), will have 2.5+ years at current company at matriculation. Company is a consumer services company with relationships with utilities and media and communications companies (AT&T, Comcast, DISH, etc.). I am one of three people in our FP&A group (the others are a VP and an analyst). Because the group and company is small (about $100M in revenue), I work closely with a lot of our senior leadership. Recently was recognized as one of the top 4 contributors in the corporate office (about 150 employees).

    Extracurriculars: involvement in local big brother/big sister program, executive officer in fraternity in college, team lead in $100,000 student managed portfolio in college

    Goals: Work in a strategy or decision management, probably need to refine this more

    Target schools: Harvard, Booth, Wharton, Kellogg, other suggestions?

    My concern is that I am currently getting really good experience and exposure that I would not get at a larger company but I am not sure if this will carry over in the admissions process.

  • Rotorhead

    I was wondering if you could handicap a Military Pilot, here are my stats:

    32 year-old (will be 34 by time I start MBA)
    Navy Helicopter Pilot (Heavy lift – Humanitarian Missions/Minesweeping)

    B.S. Computer Science, 3.51, United States Naval Academy
    M.S. Computer Science, 3.60, Johns Hopkins University

    750 GMAT / 5 in writing

    Began a PhD in Genetics at Virginia Tech, (on my shore tour) but decided it wasn’t for me. Too narrow a focus, unlikely to make a large impact. Left with a 3.94 GPA after 4 courses/research.

    I have another 1 year overseas staff (planning) billet before I’m complete with the Navy.

    I’m applying to Stanford, Kellogg, and Fuqua. Let me know if I have shot.

  • Guest

    Hi Sandy, I’d like your feedback on chances at HBS, Stanford, Wharton and MIT:
    GMAT: 730 (47 Math – 73% / 44 Verbal – 97%)GPA: 3.45 in engineering (Johns Hopkins/Duke/Northwestern)Work Experience: – Currently work in China Business Development for Big Pharma. Responsible for identifying and developing growth and partnership opportunities in the China health care market. – Previously 4 years in strategy consulting (Deloitte/Accenture/ZS), focused on healthcare/nonprofits, major projects include a 1.5 year international assignment in Asia and 6 mo non-profit work in Africa Extracurricular: Started Alumni Healthcare in China club, organize industry panel events and engage alumni. Some non-profit work from college, e.g., developed low-cost medical devices, tutor for underprivileged kidsLong Term Goal: Develop hybrid business models that can deliver better healthcare in China and emerging marketsDemographic: 27 y/o Chinese-American female, US citizen
    Also, should I retake the GMAT due to score imbalance (doesn’t meet a 80-80 percentile) and low-ish GPA? I am generally strong in math but this may mean pushing back to apply in round 2.

    Thank you!

  • Christine

    Hey Sandy,
    I know everyone has had it tough through the recession, but I’m coming from architecture. I’ve struggled with leadership experiences and activities because the past three years my company has downsized by 50% and I’ve struggled just to make ends meet (not sitting on the couch). Does this situation ruin my chances? I’d love to see an article addressing how to handle the recession in our essays.

    GPA: 3.54 State School in Architecture
    GMAT: 640 (first attempt, will be taking agian)
    Work Experience: 5 years including a few months in Europe
    Female, LEED AP
    I’m hoping to make the switch into Marketing and/or Supply Chain with a sustainablitiy minded company (Wholefoods, AmazonFresh, LYFE). Architecture has fueled that interest, but I’m also worried about making the logical connection between past and future careers.

    Target Schools: Kellogg, Berkeley, Darden, Duke, McCombs, UC SanDiego, JHU/MICA MBA/MA in Design Leadership, Other?

    Thank you!

  • Guest

    Hey Sandy,

    I know everyone has had it tough through the recession, but I’m coming from architecture. I’ve struggled with leadership experiences and activities because the past three years my company has downsized by 50% and I’ve struggled just to make ends meet (not sitting on the couch). Does this situation ruin my chances? I’d love to see an article addressing how to handle the recession in our essays.

    GPA: 3.54 State School in Architecture

    GMAT: 640 (first attempt, will be taking agian)

    Work Experience: 5 years including a few months in Europe

    Female, LEED AP

    I’m hoping to make the switch into Marketing and/or Supply Chain with a sustainablitiy minded company (Wholefoods, AmazonFresh, LYFE). Architecture has fueled that interest, but I’m also worried about making the logical connection between past and future careers.

    Target Schools: Kellogg, Berkeley, Darden, Duke, McCombs, UC SanDiego, JHU/MICA MBA/MA in Design Leadership, Other?

    Thank you!

  • Blanda

    Dear Sandy!

    Could you please give me an insight into my chances with
    HBS, Kellog, Wharton, Chicago or Columbia or any other top school?

    740 (Q50, V41) GMAT

    4.0 GPA

    109 TOEFL ibt

    Undergraduate degree from a no-name University
    in Siberia, worked half-time during study as chief accountant deputy. Major in

    Have good history of overcoming adversity.

    Work experience 1: 5.5 years in audit department
    of Big 4 Moscow with a focus on pharma companies. Was among top-5% employees
    during each year of employment. Left as an audit managers.

    Work experience 2: 1.5 years in Russian big
    metallurgical company, which is widely presented in US and Europe (at the level
    of Fortune 300, 3rd in the world in it’s indusrty) as Head of finance
    and economic analysis department. No one from Russian office of our company
    have an MBA. Head of our US division have MBA from Chicago Booth.

    Extras: coordinator for children educational
    organization (at University), lead accounting, resume and English workshop for
    disadvantaged youth, Big Sister. Volunteered in Africa for 1 month in local
    hospital. Volunteer for Sochi Olympic games 2014. Member of Toastmasters club.

    Have small pharma start-up with a colleague from

    28-year old Russian female (will be 29 in 2

    Career goals – management consulting or
    investment banking.

    Applied only to INSEAD, was dinged after

    Thank you in advance!

  • Chiquitita

    Hi Sandy

    I am an Indian female, 28 years old.

    1. CFA charterholder
    2. MBA in Finance from top Indian B-School. Equivalent GPA – 4.0
    3. Engineering undergrad from top engineering school in India. Honors with distinction. Equivalent GPA – 4.0

    Work Experience:
    1. Started out as Management Trainee in India’s
    largest private bank — in Investment Banking. Assisted in a large
    transaction in financial services. Worked at this job for 2 years.
    2. Currently working in a
    mid-market boutique investment bank – with lot of exposure to Private
    Equity & M&A transactions. Have executed 4 deals personally
    across, PE, Structured Finance and Cross-Border M&A.Have been in this job for 3 years.

    Got promoted last year to AVP.

    Total Work exp – 5years

    1. Worked as editor for Chemical Engineering society at Engineering College
    2. Organized technical events in Engineering College by soliciting sponsorships from large companies
    3. Worked as Placement Co-ordinator at B-School in both years

    Goal: To expand my experience in the investment industry,
    particularly private equity. To work in a buy-side organization with
    portfolio across various geographies.

    GMAT — Yet to appear. Please take a score of 720 or so.

    I would like to know my chances in H/S/W, Booth, Kellogg, INSEAD, Columbia etc

  • MBA Hopeful

    Hi Sandy,

    I would appreciate it if you could assess my chances, or if you could give me suggestions for how to improve my chances. Here is my profile:

    – 780 GMAT
    – 3.3 GPA (I flunked out of college as a junior – suffering some family issues – and was asked to take a leave of absence for a year due to my grades. I came back and received a 3.8 average for my remaining semesters)
    – Undergraduate degree in economics and sociology from Harvard
    – Work experience includes three years as a marketing analyst at a top CPG company (think P&G, Unilever, PepsiCo)
    – Goal: to either work in management consulting, which I never had the chance to with such a low GPA coming out of undergrad, or to become a brand manager at my CPG company, which is impossible without a MBA
    – Extracurriculars: I dabble in the start-up space and have started my own for-profit company and a social enterprise. I’ve received some press for both of them, but neither are that big.
    – 25 year old Asian female
    – Target schools: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Sloan, Fuqua, Booth, Kellogg, Ross, other suggestions welcome

    Thank you so much!

  • MsDesignMBA

    Hi Sandy, Design MBA programs are popping up left and right, but your super-informative, eye-opening series is lacking representation from my kind, so I was wondering if you could help a d-schooler like me figure out if I have a shot at my target schools, here are my stats:

    Ms. Design MBA
    720 GMAT, 3.9 Undergrad GPA, Valedictorian.
    Undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from a top private university in the Middle East/Arab region. (English Speaking).

    Work experience: 1 year teaching at Alma mater, 3 years at a top FMCG (P&G, Unilever) in a Marketing/Brand management role.

    ECs: Tutoring orphan schoolchildren in science and art projects, tutoring undergraduates at Alma mater in writing and several other courses, organizing a university TEDx event, chair of media committee in a human development NGO, Model United Nations, started a college-based design community promoting design as a tool for social impact locally, by holding seminars, organizing workshops and other collaborative projects involving the community.
    Launched two startup businesses, a design consultancy/social enterprise and a 3d printing service, International traveler/avid travel planner, Tech Geek, Cellist, Speaks five languages.

    Background Stories: raised in non native country, overcoming adversity, religious discrimination, worked part time/freelancing to be able to afford private school tuition, using design/marketing background for social impact through starting a design consultancy.
    Goal: to leverage design background by going into Brand Management/Design Management (think GE, Target, P&G) in the US.

    25-year-old Middle Eastern Female.

    Target Schools: Tuck, Kellogg, Darden, Fuqua, MIT, Cornell, Yale, other suggestions welcome.

    Thanks a lot for helping out MBA hopefuls everywhere!

  • Oh my gosh!!! People are eating this stuff up. I should start an admissions consulting business. Sheesh!!!

  • Greg

    26 year old white male
    770 GMAT (99 V, 85 Q)
    3.8 GPA from Vanderbilt; Double Major: Human and Org. Development, English & History
    Work experience: 3+ years in licensing/marketing/business development at the NFL Players Association, with some interesting, high-level involvement during the NFL lockout (on the commercial side, not labor side). Meaningful, diverse responsibilities on a number of other projects including overhaul of licensing business and launch of e-commerce site. Can count on strong executive-level rec even though I’m relatively junior.

    Extracurriculars are light — things like intramural sports and fraterntiy leadership position.

    Goal: To develop quant and leadership skills in order to pursue a senior-level strategy/general management position in sports. I want an MBA to give me the broad business understanding to — in combination with an appreciation for technology — bring a more progressive perspective to an industry that often lacks innovation.

    Chances at Kellogg, Stanford, Sloan, and Wharton?

  • A-train

    Hi Sandy, here is my profile:
    Age: 27
    GMAT: 680 (was 580)
    Education: Boston College, Management Degree with concentrations in Finance and Accounting
    GPA: 3.5
    *2 years at a major US defense contractor. Joined as a financial analyst in their rotational leadership development program.
    *Left the defense industry for a non-profit humanitarian career path in international public health (took a 12% pay cut to be a do-gooder). Hired at the non-profit company (current job) to do back-office financial management work. Later, was pulled for my background in business (99% of the company are doctors or MPH’s) to provide training to local NGO’s on business planning for their start-ups. Traveled to several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America to lead training’s in business planning, budgeting, and financial management.

    *Active advocate of bone marrow donation registry – Donated bone marrow myself last year
    *Weekly soup kitchen volunteer

    *Fundraising Officer for Volunteer club at BC
    *Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor
    *Habitat for Humanity

    *Get into management consulting (for-profits) to develop the skills necessary to come back to international public health. My desire is to lead the change in standardizing the model NGO, how it is run, how it manages foreign aid, and how it is monitoring its impact on its community.

    Other: Asian-American, Cornell certificate in product design (my specialty is designing tools for local NGO’s in financial management), 3+ years amateur kick boxer.

    Schools: Harvard, MIT, Goizueta, Kellogg, Kenan-Flagler, Ross

  • jazzman

    Here’s my profile:

    Age: 25

    GMAT: 720 – 49Q, 40V

    Education: Degree in Finance from a Big Ten University, 3.57
    cumulative GPA


    -20 months working in operations at a large, regional trust
    company in the Midwest

    -2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sub-Saharan Africa
    working in the Health Sector – specifically focused on HIV/AIDS & Malaria
    response and prevention (current position)

    -Prior to working as a Peace Corps volunteer, did some
    volunteer work in my hometown with Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club,
    and the local museum


    -Short term: work in entrepreneurial ventures stateside; as
    a back-up to that work in management consulting

    -Long term: transition back to work in developing countries
    in an entrepreneurial capacity, helping boost their economic capabilities with
    the goal of eventually decreasing their dependence on foreign aid
    Target Schools:
    -Booth, Kellogg, Ross, Wharton, Fuqua, Yale