Judgment Day Nears

So today was boss’ day. Who knew? I sure didn’t–at least not until I arrived at work this morning to the sight of a whole grain and berry mini cake from Whole Foods on my desk decorated “Happy Boss’ Day”.

I’d love to be able to tell you that I ate some and brought the rest home; but alas, I dusted the whole thing during the course of my very busy, emergency and meeting-filled day.

Oh well, I’m greedy like that; besides, I needed that glutinous release because I’m on edge.


Well, because the first flurry of Round 1 Judgement Days begin in just a few hours–the 4 schools that I’ve applied to thus far (Booth, Stanford, Wharton, HBS) will be sending out interview invites to the deserving few whom they have chosen.

Ad Nauseum

Sigh. This whole MBA admissions journey feels like stage fright that never ends at times. First you spend months on edge over the GMAT. Then you obsess over apps and essays for weeks or months following that. Then once the apps are in, you wait like a mummy to find out whether you’ll live to die again by being granted a buy for the next round of selection. It’s all a bit much; but its what I’ve signed up for, so I’m taking it chin up and trying not to flinch.

…Ok, I flinched. Sue me.

So here’s a general calendar of how the schools that I’ve applied to have announced that they will be granting or denying access to the next phase of this process, in chronological order:

HBS – Two shots at glory: Interview Invites will be sent out on 10/17 and 10/24 only. If I get one, then my interview prep starts pronto (as will be true with whichever invite I get first, provided I get any at all!); and if I don’t get one, I’m out.

Wharton – A window of anticipation: At any time between the dates of 10/23 and 11/9, I may be kissed by the interview fairy. If not? I get the trap door and a dungeon cell.

Chicago Booth – Trick or Treat? Interview Invites will be sent out on Halloween, 10/31. I’ll be in for another phase our out on that date.

Stanford – Indefinite Purgatory. The goat could chose to speak to me at any time between now and the December 12th decision date; and should she pass me over, I’ll know on December 13th.

Sloan App Due in 8 Days

One thing that has not really allowed me to become too emotionally drawn into the hunger pangs of the admissions waiting game is the fact that MIT Sloan’s due date is 3-4 weeks behind the others; thus, I’ve been pulling that app together while the other 4 groups of adcoms have been deciding whether they found me interesting enough to meet in person.

And BOY have I needed that quiet time for Sloan!

  • Matt

    Skeptical….exactly why I said what I did above. I believe this is bogus and wanted to show it when he couldn’t produce anything that was contained in the email. This is probably someone working at the service, but I doubt they got anyone an invite from HBS so they have to try shameless plugs like this instead.

  • Skeptical

    Trent might have well got the admit..but shamelessly plugging the consultancy service makes me question his claim in the first place. I might be wrong, but someone who just got a harvard invite would plug an essay service rather than wish others luck or talk a little bit about his own background?

  • I’ve heard that too.

  • Who knows; none of us should fret about it. None of us has any power over whether an invite has out name on it for any apps we’ve already submitted. Keep moving forward.

  • Congrats Trent.

  • Both the 17th and the 24th will be interview invites only. There will be no ding notices until sometime after those dates based on what HBS is saying on their blog.

  • Just invites. WL won’t go out until either the early release or final decision date.

  • Absolutely VBR; tell my fellow applicant I said hello. At the same time, I must applaud HBS’ adcom for being more transparent than most. They basically have taken what could easily be days or even months of anxiety while waiting for results within a given window and basically reduced that to two specific ~20 minute windows, one week a part. They even sent out a 48 hour reminder on their blog; and for that, I applaud them.

  • Thanks. That means a lot.