Harvard MBAs Favor Obama Over Romney

President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

It may be a neck-and-neck race between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney among U.S. voters, but Obama is beating Romney by a landslide when it comes to MBA students at Harvard Business School.

Two surveys by The Harbus, the MBA student newspaper at Harvard, showed yesterday (Oct. 30), that Obama had the support of 65% of the students versus 32% for HBA alumnus Romney. The remaining students said they supported a third-party candidate, were still undecided, or did not plan to vote.

An earlier poll of second-year MBA students at Harvard had also found Obama winning by a landslide over Romney (see Why Harvard MBAs Favor Obama). That survey showed that 57% of the respondents to the survey favor Obama, with only 34% in support of Romney, who graduated from Harvard with both law and business degrees in 1975.

The Harbus said the two latest surveys were completed by 668 students, more than a third of the MBA candidates on campus. An initial Harbus poll asked students who they intended to vote for and whether their vote had changed in the last month, while an expanded second poll asked those two questions as well as sex, party affiliation, and the student’s year.

“There were broad consistencies between the data collected in the two polls, the former of which was completed by 494 students, the latter by 168. The President captured 63% of the first 494 votes and 68% of the remaining 168, leaving him with 65% of the total,” the newspaper reported.

“The convincing margin of victory is explained in part by two major demographic factors the President had in his favor against one that would, on a national level, trend in favor of his opponent,” wrote Bart Clareman, co-editor of The Harbus and a Class of 2013 student.

“First, more than twice as many students at HBS identified as Democrats than did those identifying as Republicans. Of respondents to the second poll, 34% of students identified as Democrats versus 15% who identified as Republicans. 26% identified themselves as independents, 24% as international students, and the remaining 1% preferred not to say.

“Second, the president enjoyed overwhelming support among HBS’ international student body. 83% of these responders chose Obama over Romney. Approximately 24% of all respondents to the second poll were international students. Among only eligible American voters, Obama held a 45%-26% advantage over Romney.”


  • Harvard = the BS yard. No, thank you.


    It astounds me the level of obfuscation involved in these kinds of remarks. Further amazing is the constant attacks back n forth from both sides labeling and accusing each other of the very things EACH sides does! The unfortunate part is the conversation doesn’t move forward on the basis of FACTUAL EVIDENCE and sound principal reasoning but rather immature ad hominem attacks.

    American politics and is other foreign political systems are filled with representative not from the class of those for whom one is “supposed” to represent and for whom one is “supposed” to have a VESTED interest (common ordinary working citizens). In fact politics is comprised largely of those representing the “minority in control” (wealthy citizens who traditionally are land owners or modern versions business owners or large scale investors). So for either side of the aisle to make wildly false claims of anti-Americanism, Christianityism, Libertayrism and every other cheap sound bite ism used is laughable at best when compared to the actual public accounts of said representatives.

    For every Democrat guilty of using language to knowingly to be false or at best misrepresent the actual truth or fact for the purpose of gaining electoral votes, edge or advantage… one can ALSO find same as a Republican. One only has to recall in recent history COUNTLESS examples of the public embarrassment and shame of BOTH sides when caught. So how could it possibly be that supporter of either sides ignore these simple factual truths about one’s OWN party and make claim against the other party? Absolutely bizarre and mind numbing in an attempt to make logical sense of it.

    The irony is all the while, this country and many countries are facing serious economic, environmental, cultural and societal issue that must be HONESTLY addressed in order to begin to find reasonable resolutions based on FACTS! In America…the poor is being crush….FACT. The middle class is deteriorating at job lose…wage/income reduction….health benefit elimination….sub-par education…FACT. Meanwhile, the wealthy and powerful are doing beyond well…their overall standard of means has been improving compared to the rest of the American citizens….FACT. Yet the very people who are directly and indirectly affected by the decisions, deals, choices, “compromises” made in legislators supposedly on the behalf of those for whom they represent…arguing that “the other side” is to blame…meanwhile “my side” is trying to get things done “correctly” is UNBELIEVABLE!

    So let’s take a look at just one issues facing this country…JOBS. Supposed conservatives…listen closely. I know you can’t face it to believe or understand that GOVERNMENT didn’t close or shutdown plants to ship them overseas to LOWER WAGE MARKETS! Business owners…largely REPUBLICAN…made a DECISION to NOT pay you X$ per hour when they could pay far less than X$ per hour to someone else overseas…another words…why should I pay you..Ohio, Indiana, Wva, Mich, Mn, Al, Ga, Sc, Nc, Cali, Ny, Pa…worker fair livable wages in American terms…when I can pay Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Southeast Asian, etc FAR LESS without the requirements of adequate and safe working conditions….health benefits….environmental standards and practices? Government had SQUAT to do with that! FACT…not conspiracy…FACT! By the way…this didn’t just begin happening…it had been happening since the early 70’s! This happens to coincide with Republican president sending government official to China and other places on behalf of “Business” to discuss “possible American business expansion into new markets”….again FACT! Those companies then and now…weren’t facing issuing of profitability….they were facing issues of MORE profits! Despite this EVIDENCE OF FACT…you continue to argue on their behalf, despite it being against your OWN best interest? I’m blown away at that kind of self denial.

    Liberals, I know you think you have done wonderful things in the advancement and causes of the same groups of Americans…but DEMOCRATS also have been guilty of the same thing! Let’s take a look at NAFTA….”Open trade in North American will SAVE US JOBS”! HUH? One just has to take a look at the regions all along the Mexican-US borders pre-NAFTA and post NAFTA to see the immediate impact that decision made. Whole towns of manufacturing propped up offering Mexicans jobs that used to be in American for CHEAPER LABOR COST! Republicans lobbied for it for over 3 yrs and DEMOCRATS supported it and signed into law by DEMOCRATIC president! Who cares about the behind the scene political games played to get it done…if your commitment is truly for the middle class working American….you DON’T MAKE THE DEAL!

    In conclusion…yes I realize I have condensed rather complex political issues into a simplistic discussion…its not a dissertation its a blog…but the points are factual valid. We ALL have more in common than we do in differences…we have allowed those who use politics and politicians to drive imaginary wedges between Americans. Who doesn’t want Americans back to work? Who doesn’t want American companies kicking ass around the world with superior products and services? Who doesn’t want to have to pay anymore than NECESSARY in fees and taxes to support this country? Who doesn’t want fair opportunities to compete? Who doesn’t want a job that pays a LIVABLE WAGE…or a FAIR market rate? Who doesn’t want an efficient government that still provides a superior service to its citizens? These and many more questions like these can be better solved if we collective join forces and hold BOTH side accountable for the mess BOTH sides have created over the past 40years! Fighting each other like school kids does not move us ALL forward to where we ALL reasonably agree America should and needs to be! My hope in responding is to generate REASONABLE, INTELLIGENT, FACTUAL, LOGICAL discussions about this. If you are incapable or unwilling to engage in meaningful discussions…so be it. Have it with yourself, but the problems still remain and “your guy/party” IS RESPONSIBLE for part of the mess!

  • You are quoting someone who lies about her own heritage to gain favorable access to schools, jobs and now politics? Get someone who is more credible. We all built the roads and we all use the roads. Nobody is arguing to eliminate taxes lefty! The wealthy already pays it’s “Fair Share” of taxes. And, the right gives more to charity much more than the left. Your ideal of compassion is to take from one to give to another. (As long as it’s not you that is being taken from)
    You want to pay it forward…Is it better unleash the American economy to create opportunity or regulate it so that nobody succeeds? Do you want to to pay it forward by allowing small businesses succeed so they can provide people with good jobs? Which by the way, adds to the tax base. Which by the way, compounds into more jobs and more success and MORE TAXES. Or had you rather “tax the rich” to the point that business owners consolidate and quits expanding and shrinks the available jobs consequently reduces the tax base. Do you think paying it forward is to foster opportunity to provide themselves the American dream? Or, do you think paying it forward is to merely hand out money so that they may simply exist? Do you think paying it forward is to balance the budget so that future generations aren’t saddled with federal debt? Or, had you rather spend spend so recklessly that today’s children will have to pay back $50,000 per person when they enter the workforce? The American left may not technically be socialists, but they are close. One only has to look at the quasi-socialistic policies of Greece,Spain or France to see how well that system works at “Paying it forward”.

  • I really love how the left gets so nasty when someone disagrees with them. The so called “tolerant” left is just a parody of itself.

  • Busdriver

    Didn’t Barry take over auto production and drastically reduce oil production on government land? Guess that fits your description. QED

  • Boy your ego is extremely fragile isn’t it? lol

  • PatriotsFan

    Both parties spent nearly 8 billion dollars on this election (counting down ballot races). Is that the best use of money? The two party monopoly has hurt the public and the amount of money spent is outrageous. There isn’t a big difference between them..either way there will be gridlock and nothing will get done. We have a broken system. I cast my ballot for Dr. Jill Stein, in part in protest over the way things have been handled. Obama isn’t even a liberal, he is more of a moderate republican. We don’t know what Romney really is. No one wins on Tuesday. We the people lose.

  • Cornelius

    “Among only eligible American voters, Obama held a 45%-26% advantage over Romney.”

    So 29% chose neither Obama nor Romney. This is a positive sign for the future of America. The population at large doesn’t come anywhere close 29% choosing a third party candidate or choosing none of the above.

  • JohnJ

    Thanks for your reply, Reggie. I want to say it is not only fear. I have a good friend that was raised in a conservative family, and then voted for McGovern against Nixon but somewhere along the line he decided to be conservative again. Following up that decision, he has ended up swallowing the whole bullshit. In my friend’s case it is not fear, but a pose that he will seemingly never abandon. Other than his politics, he is a fine and compassionate person.