Handicapping Your Elite B-School Chances

by John A. Byrne on

In the past four years, this 25-year-old female professional has zipped through three promotions at a national retailer where she runs a multi-million-dollar business. With a 710 GMAT and a 3.69 undergraduate grade point average, she hopes to get an MBA to broaden her skill set.

He landed a job in sales at a Silicon Valley start-up after graduating with a degree in political science from Stanford University two years ago. With a 720 GMAT and a 3.13 GPA, this 23-year-old male professional now hopes to get an MBA to assist with a desired career change into the government sector.

After working for a blue chip bank as a junior trader and then a salesperson, this 29-year-old woman fell on hard times. Unemployed in London for six months, she is hoping to get into a top business school to restart a stalled career.

Sandy Kreisberg, HBS Guru, in Harvard Square

Sandy Kreisberg, HBS Guru, in Harvard Square

What these MBA applicants share in common is the goal to get into one of the world’s best business schools. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in? Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm HBSGuru.com, is back again to analyze these and a few other profiles of actual MBA applicants who have shared their vital statistics with Poets&Quants.

As usual, Kreisberg handicaps each potential applicant’s odds of getting into a top-ranked business school. If you include your own stats and characteristics in the comments, we’ll pick a few more and have Kreisberg assess your chances in a follow-up feature. (Please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. Make sure you let us know your current job.) This feature typically appears weekly on Fridays.

Sandy’s candid analysis: 

Ms. Retail


  • 710 GMAT (Q42, V45) AWA 5.5
  • 3.69 GPA
  • Undergraduate degree in English and French from a Midwest private “Ivy”
  • Work experience includes three and one-half years with a national retailer based in New York, currently as a mid-level executive who manages a high profile, high volume business; promoted three times with experience in all aspects of the retail/supply chain world
  • Extracurricular involvement is limited, but it does include a few key experiences such as mentoring three company employees and volunteering once a week at the local public school; held sorority leadership positions and belonged to honor societies in college
  • Goal: To broaden my skill set outside
of the retail supply chain.
  • “Unlike many other applicants, I have actually 
run a multi-million dollar business within my organization, as opposed to
just invested in one. I would ultimately like to transition to 
strategy/brand management and focus on long-term planning, as well as 
gain international business experience”
  • 25-year-old white female

Odds of Success:

Harvard: 30% to 40%
Stanford: 20% to 30%
Northwestern: 50+%
New York: 60+%
Columbia: 50+%
Wharton: 40%
MIT: 40% to 50%

Sandy’s Analysis: Jeepers, it is all here except your goals. This is a tight and interlinked story, basically, liberal arts major comes to New York and is a hit in the rag business, the real business, not a designer or model: “currently a mid-level executive for . .  . national retailer, based in New York. I have been 
promoted three times in the last 3.5 years and have experience in all 
aspects of the retail/supply chain world. I currently manage a high-profile, high-volume business and have a proven track record of achieving plans and strategies.”

Why mess with that? It’s gold. Every business school needs someone like that, and your stats, a balanced 710 GMAT and a 3.69 at a near-Ivy are totally solid.  The only thing which I am unclear about is your goals. You say you want to “broaden my skill set outside of Retail/Supply Chain. Unlike many other applicants, I have actually run a multi-million dollar business within my organization, as opposed to just invested in one. [Touche!]  I would ultimately like to transition to strategy/brand management and focus on long-term planning, as well as gain international business experience.”

What does that mean? Why don’t you just say you want to be an impactful and innovative leader in the retail/apparel business like Ladies 1, 2 and 3 (find some role models) –“this is the first result for a search for “women leaders in retail” – and, as well, address such emerging apparel  issues as e-commerce, sweatshops, sustainable sourcing and practices. I’m making that up, but you get the idea. Just latch onto whatever the key hot-button issues you see in your space, and say you want to address them.  Consulting or international experience can be the stepping stones to reaching such goals but your long-term goals need to be as an impactful leader.

You got a great story, and with the right heavy breathing about your goals and female empowerment, and helping clean up the supply chain, the sky is the limit.  Like many people who have been stuck at a real job for three years, you need to think bigger.

You say: “Limited extracurriculars: I mentor three employees in my company. I volunteer once a week at the local public school.” That is enough, with the right spin. You could write an entire HBS essay about either of those experiences. For example, how you are a solid volunteer in New York City Public Schools, but could have done WAY more, like gotten your company interested, gotten more folks also to volunteer, been more innovative in programs you worked with.

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  • NanoITnerd

    Dear Sandy,

    Would love your insight:

    – 710 GMAT – 92% (66%Q, 92%V) (Puzzling over whether I should retake, though I mismanaged my time on the math section)

    – Grew up in small town in middle east, graduating class of 15 in middle school, went to Boarding School in Canada for highschool, Head prefect and Valedictorian.

    – Undergrad in pre-med at a top Canadian university (3.75 GPA), with 2 senior thesis projects. Top merit based entrance scholarship (Awarded to 40 out of 3000 entrants)

    – Master’s at University of Toronto in Biophysics and Nanotechnology (3.7)

    – Joined a Fortune 100 Financial Services multinational based in Europe as part of their management talent training program

    – Began in internal consulting group, working on board level strategy focusing on the IT organization (Consolidation of some areas, divestment of others)

    – Transitioning into project management, executing on the strategy initially worked on. This lead to managing an international team through the IT activities related to the divestment of many business units

    – Recruited to a middle-management role in the new corporate IT greenfield setup as a result of this project. Built up a service management organization serving 6 Business lines internationally, hired a team of 11, embedded IT processes across the datacenter and new IT organization. I report into a CIO and work directly with many others in the organization, including the Group CIO.

    – Limited extracurriculars due to workload and having to learn about enterprise IT by fire. Also because I want to travel across Europe in limited free time! Heavily involved in extracurriculars in university, including editor in chief of the medical journal, Residence/Dorm Adviser to ~30 1st years, United Way chair for university, part-time R&D consultant, started a short-lived educational startup.

    – Speaks 3 languages fluently (English, French, Arabic) and 2 others at basic level (Dutch, Spanish)

    – Would like a CIO or CEO position in lifesciences/pharma, high-tech or financial services, or advising/investing in companies through venture capitalism, focusing on IT and lifesciences.

    – Age 28, initially planning to apply for 2016 class, but decided to give round 3 a shot this year.

    – Target schools: HBS, Stanford, LBS

  • Manuel

    Mr. Kreisberg, judge my odds please! Here is my background:

    26 year-old Latino

    3.81 GPA from the University of Virginia (History Major/French Minor), Phi Beta Kappa, graduated with High Distinction.

    3.80 GPA from Stanford University (Masters in Latin American Studies)–Full Ride (US Govt Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship to learn Portuguese)

    GRE: 620 V; 580 M (will retake)

    Speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese fluently.

    Worked for a top-law firm in DC for two years after UVA (thought I wanted to go law school); worked for an int’l development consulting firm in DC after grad school and currently live in São Paulo working as a project manager for a int’l logistics firm, which focuses on Wind Energy (manage 8 employees) and exclusively for our client (GE Wind).

    Thank you!

  • Online in Minneapolis

    Hi Sandy,

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my profile:

    – 31 year old Male
    – 710 GMAT (69% Q, 97% V)
    – 3.3 GPA from Boston University: While there was Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff of the Student Union. Additionally I founded a large cross university group (30 Boston area colleges involved) to act as Political Action Committee representing students. Lastly I founded a group to run the Boston Marathon in support of a local women’s shelter
    – BA in Political Science and BS in Broadcast Journalism: Graduated 1 year early to work on the 2004 presidential campaign.
    – Worked for the last 8.5 years at a Fortune 250 Diversified Financial Services firm in a number of sales roles, including financial advisor, district manager (leading a team of 14 FA’s) and associate branch manager (leading a team of 28 FA’s). The last 2 years I’ve spent as Director of National Sales in our corporate office leading 3 separate teams.

    – EC: Volunteer at 2 different non-profits as well as a mentor through the the Everybody Wins Children’s Literacy charity

    Lastly, what makes me unique is I’m only considering distance learning or online MBA’s due to recently having a child and earning a very good income. I’m also in between a regular or EMBA based on my age and experience. I’m considering UVA, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, IE and the joint LBS/Columbia program.

    Any thoughts?

  • George

    Hello Sandy,

    Please do provide your opinion on my stats!


    GMAT: 780, Grade: First Class – 74.2%
    Degree: B.Sc (Hons) Accounting and Finance
    University: Warwick Business School

    Language Proficiencies: English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Arabic (Fluent), Hindi (Fluent), German (Fluent), Malyalam (Fluent)
    Work experience: Rothschild M&A analyst (2 years)

    Extra-curriculars: President of a 1500 member University Careers society, VP of a 300 member Ethnic society.

    MBA Goal: To achieve career advances, develop strong managerial skills and a wider perspective that will greatly aid me when I establish a hedge fund in my mid 30s.

    Ethnicity: 23 year old Indian Christian male. (High School in Dubai, UAE)

  • JW

    Hi Sandy, thank you for your continued insight in to the MBA admission process.

    I am fully sponsored by my company, a global boutique investment bank (H/S/W alumni), to pursue an MBA. I unfortunately have a low GPA (2.01).

    Generally, how does company sponsorship affect one’s odds of being admitted into a top MBA program?

  • Dreamgirl


    I am not sure if you are evaluating profiles anymore. If you are – here is an interesting one for you.
    I am a 27 Year old Female of Indian Origin. Coming from modest middle class family in India. Parents barely graduated from no name colleges in India. No one in my family has stepped outside the country for studying or for working before me or after me.
    I helped run the family business from the age of 14, after my father passed away, and Mother needed help, and finally left the country to pursue Undergraduate degree.
    I received my Undergraduate degree from Third Tier US state university in the midwest, on Full Scholarship (Chemistry and Plastics Engineering- dual major – gpa 3.6). I was the only International student in the entire class to have the Undergraduate Research Assistantship – which paid for the University and Living expenses.
    Worked several Jobs through the Undergraduate degree along with the research. Won intra college awards for undergraduate research.
    Masters Degree from an Ivy League (Think Columbia, Cornell, Yale) in Operations Research (3.1 gpa). Graduated in the recession job market of 2009 with a Consulting profile in a No Name small Consulting firm. However, through the same consulting firm, I am assigned to work at Large Fortune 100 Financial sector companies in NYC/ Wall Street, on long term IT implementation projects (think Wall Street investment banks and insurance companies). Currently on a long term consulting assignment in the world’s largest Insurance provider company, as a Lead Business Analyst/ Product manager to implement a financial IT product. No Direct report, but I am personally responsible for the successful delivery of the project, hence responsible for indirectly leading experienced Developers to build a successful product. I act as a Liaison to the Business side to provide vision to the product and ensure timely and successful delivery. I also lead the Testing efforts of the new product, and eventually the successful release to users.

    Extracurriculars are weak: Leadership roles in Ethnic and International student clubs in Undergraduate. Research and part time work during undergraduate.
    Nothing during Masters. Currently involved with one Ethnic group NGO, but no leadership role.
    Mentor 4 College students in India.
    Love travelling (unfortunately started travelling only after I started earning at the age of 24, hence a long way to go before I can become a world traveller)

    Gmat: Low score of 680, debating whether I should retake.

    Goal: I want to leverage my Technical and leadership skills to get into the Executive track of some Fortune 500 company IT firm, or IT Division of some Financial Services company and eventually head Technology.

    Applied last year to Harvard, Columbia, Wharton and got Dings before interviews.

    I am really interested in LBS, Kellogg, Stanford. And intend to re-apply to Harvard, Columbia Wharton. What would be my chances? and how can I leverage my story? Also, I know I am in the age range of an EMBA, but that is not what I want to do. Becaus of my Masters, and a Late start in Kindergarten, I only really have a total of 3.5 yrs of Work ex so far.

  • NotMyActualName

    3.85 GPA
    660 GMAT
    Graduated as a English major from a regionally known state school (not top 200).
    In college was the President of the English club, President of the Broadcasters Club, and volunteer for Students With Disabilities.
    Currently work for Teach For America as high school English teacher. Prior to this I was a district sales manager, manager of a restaurant, ran for political position in my city, and was an aide to a member of congress.
    I held a job all through college and am a first generation college student.
    Looking to apply to top 20 programs.

  • NotMyActualName

    Also, extensive volunteering with several national organizations.

  • CorpFin

    Hi Sandy,

    Hope you’re still doing this! Please help; I can’t find anything relating to the value MBAs place on my work experience area.

    -GMAT 750 (haven’t taken but fairly confident – always score 95th-98th percentile on first try – SAT/ACT, CFA Level 1 first try with 15% of the recommended studying, other graduate school tests taken as backup to placate parents when Wall St melted down)

    -GPA 3.47, call it 3.5. had 3.8 in upper-level, major Finance/Econ, Good Midwestern Private lib arts school. Went to this school because I received its best scholarship, but it has held me back constantly in finance by not being known in NYC, and I need to get a Brand name to advance

    -Work Exp – 2 years as of now, would be 3 at matriculation. Corporate Finance @ F100 company – this is what I’m curious about…it’s not banking, although I deal with Bankers every day. CorpFin actually has higher-level exposure than corresponding workers on my level at IBDs…for example MDs come in to pitch my company (no Analysts or even MBA Associates get to make the meeting) but I go to every pitch along w/my boss and a few of our higher ups. I analyze and recommend Debt issuances, stock buybacks and basically every other thing dealing with Financials or markets for my firm. For a company with 10s of thousands of employees, my team is very small, so I’m thinking this is a small field and that’s why you haven’t done any CorpFin people yet in this series. Also known as Treasury at some companies. So to summarize, it’s a less sexy banking/consulting, wherein I recommend financial/funding/capital strategy, but get paid a fraction of a Banking Analyst.

    -Extracurriculars – can’t compete with most MBAs but decent. Some volunteering through company, did more in undergrad. Outside of work I’m very musical (play a few instruments) and am a novice with a few years experience in combat (train in jiu jitsu and boxing)

    HWS, Booth, NYU, CBS. Outside of these schools and the few others in the top tier, I would honestly not bother matriculating. I understand MBA can help many through the teaching, but for me it mainly provides value in getting a recognizable prestigious name and meeting other intelligent driven people. StanfordGSB would uniquely help me think about entrepreneurship and might hasten my movement to that area, but generally coming from a HF direction (see below).

    Purpose – move to Hedge Fund. Overall, my longer-term and legacy goal is to focus on US competitiveness I’ve always wanted to bring some manufacturing back to my hometown, which has been decimated by offshoring. For now I would like to focus on getting a lucrative enough job that I can save up to fund this. I’ve learned quite a bit about investing and have a good analytical framework but CorpFin isn’t recruited to work at Hedge Funds and networking through the CFA (my goal in taking it) hasn’t yielded anything yet, so I’m looking at an MBA to rebrand and use Pre-and Summer-internships to move into this space.

    25yo white male

  • mephiston1

    Hey Sandy,

    I’m just trying to see where I should apply for MBA school for my best options. I already tried Stanford’s college senior program for a deferred entry for 2014, but didn’t make it. I can regroup for this years round of applications in October, but I’m trying to figure out what the best way to spend the next year is. My brother has a start-up company that just obtained VC funding, and it seems like that might be a good way to gain business experience quick. Or should I just focus on getting a job first and trying for the MBA in a few years? (After taking the GMAT)

    Mr. Rocket Scientist
    GRE: V:164, Q:168, A:5.0 (online GRE converter to GMAT yields 740 (670-800 range)
    3.79 GPA

    Just graduated
    Aerospace Engineering Degree Major with Minor in Communications from one of the top ranked aviation schools in the US.
    Work experience includes an internship with the Aviation Authorities, and 2 years in the military as part of the draft. Was selected for Special Forces, but washed out due to training injury.
    Extracurricular involvement included being elected as Editor-in-Chief of the college newspaper. Long list of improvements to the organization including cutting down printing costs, streamlining production processes, and restructuring for better responsibility distribution. Belonged to two honor societies in college and awarded “Who’s who amongst American Colleges and Universities”
    Goal: To obtain business skills to become a well-rounded individual well-positioned for management.
    Currently looking for jobs, but has an open option to attend Aerospace Engineering Graduate School and be funded for school.
    24-year-old non-American Asian male (2 years spent in the armed forces makes me older)

  • Sammy

    Hi Sandy,

    It’ll be great if you could evaluate my profile:

    GMAT: 720

    Undergrad: Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), GPA: 7.5/10.0

    Grad school: University of Alberta, Canada, GPA: 3.2/4.0 (published 2 papers including 1 on chemical engineering education)

    Work Experience: Business Analyst at Capital One, USA for 2.5 years; presently working on a family business in India (will have ~6 months of experience by the time I apply; this role entails general management of the company and business development); 3 month research internship in Africa during undergrad (United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) sponsored project)

    Extra curriculars: Elected Vice President of Academic Council while at Alberta; Volunteer at the Fringe Theater Festival, Alberta; Guidance & Counseling Unit Head during undergrad; Several student body positions while in undergrad.

    Aiming at: HBS, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Rotman (Toronto)/Other Canadian schools.

    Please let me know if I can expect to be admitted in any of these schools.

    Many thanks,


  • Utilities Guy

    Hi Sandy,

    It’ll be great if you could evaluate my profile and answer some
    questions …

    Profile summary

    – GMAT 710 (Q49, V36, AWA 5.0) First try 660
    – Undergrad: non IIT engineering college in India, well known though!
    2009 passout GPA: 3.74, B.Tech. Mechanical Engg
    – Scholarships-2007/08/09

    Work Experience:
    -Will be 4 years 10 months by the time of joining
    -in an Indian FMCG major

    -Operations and Maintenance Management
    #Leading a team of 3 engineers and 31 technicians to manage the entire operations and maintenance of utility systems and ancillary services for a manufacturing plant
    #Planned and managed engineering services budget of $1M and energy budget of $2.2M.

    -Energy Management
    #Co-ordinated the operation and maintenance of a total of 16 MW wind turbine generators.

    #Led a project for IGBC Green Factory Certification for the unit.

    -Project Management
    #Set up the maintenance systems of the Plant Utilities from scratch based of Integrated Facilities Management Principles
    #Identified Six Sigma and lean implementation/ improvement opportunities in engineering operations and ensured timely execution.

    -Cross functional exposure
    #Involved in a cross-factory, cross-functional job evaluation exercise along with senior management for evaluating job descriptions and roles/responsibilities for entire division’s technical managers.
    #Managed the HR activities for outsourced utility team: compliances with labour laws, training and development, ramp up/ramp down and attrition management.

    Extra Curriculars……….

    #at current workplace: Secretary of Canteen Management Committee; Member of Central Safety and Energy Conservation committees.
    #College: Member of Youth Red Cross Society; Fine Arts Club and Drama Club; Hostel mess management, took arts/drawing classes for underprivileged students in a local village school.


    1) What schools do I have a chance of getting into…..targeting MIT LGO, Duke, UCLA, Darden, UNC, Cornell, Tepper

    2) What should be my post MBA goals….was interested in consulting: energy/ renewables/clean-technology….the specifics and long term goals are hazy as yet…

  • y7214

    Hi ! I was hoping you could review my profile.I looking at a 2yr program from US.

    GMAT 710 (Q49,V35)
    Personal stats:Indian, Male,28yrs
    undergrad GPA-8.2/10 from well known engineering college (non-IIT though)
    postgrad GPA-7.6/10 from IIT

    -Working as a Operations and Maintenance manager in a renowned Public sector transport company
    -Leading a team of 12 engineers and 28 technicians to manage the Telecommunication and revenue services
    -Working in a 24×7 environment and handling passenger traffic > 30 million p.a.
    and revenues> $100 mil p.a.
    -Conduct in-house&external training and involved in the mentoring program
    -Previously worked in sales (6 months) for global bluechip company before leaving for higher education.
    -Work experience in current role- 3.5 yrs


    -Nothing extraordinary post college
    -Active member of NGO working towards promotion of equality among youth
    -I volunteer to tutor kids for undergrad competitive exams on weekends
    -Founder of robotics club in college-helped and guided on multiple award winning projects
    -Volleyball captain in college
    -Represented college in national level volleyball and football competitions

    Post MBA- Short term:I want to get into Tech consulting
    Long term: Entrepreneurship- working on outsourcing projects in tech management

  • Nick

    Hi Sandy – Would you mind evaluating my chances? Thanks.

    -26 year old, white, male

    -750 GMAT (44 V, 49 Q)
    -3.49 GPA from nationally recognized state school; Major – Accounting (minors in economics and international business)
    -Work experience: 1 year as an investment advisor and 3 yrs as an analyst at one of the top endowment/investment consulting firms in the world (promoted 3 times and potential for a leadership position before applying.
    -Extracurriculars: Currently on the Program Board of a charity focused on educating unemployed and underemployed people with skills to succeed in today’s job market (i.e. Resume writing, cover letter writing, MS Office tutoring, etc.)
    Goal: Private Equity Associate
    Schools: Wharton, Columbia, LBS, Darden, Tuck, Northwestern

  • ZROtag

    If anyone is willing, would greatly appreciate any feedback as I am a bit non-traditional. I plan to apply in a year or two:

    -GRE: 650V, 770Q, 5.0AW (open to taking GMAT if necessary)
    -3.93 GPA
    -24yo white male
    -Dual-degrees: Economics and International Relations; minors in German and Dispute Resolution
    -Undergraduate degree from a private, West Coast, top-50 nationally ranked University.
    -Work experience: operations at a top think-tank (Brookings), and currently process consulting for microenterprises in Ethiopia for a large multi-national development NGO.
    -Average extracurricular involvement – worked part time through out college, was a resident adviser, and was editor of our foreign affairs journal.
    -Why an MBA? To further equip me in process management. Would like to gain private-sector consulting experience in this area following an MBA, and would then like to focus on process improvement in the non-profit/international development sector.

  • SWOtivator

    Sandy, this series is awesome, so thanks for taking the time to write it. My profile is below. I have kind of an interesting story, and I would appreciate your thoughts!

    720 GMAT, Q47 (73rd %) V42 (96th %), AWA 6.0

    GPA: 3.4 from an average state school (think University of Cincinnati)

    Undergrad Major: Economics (3.6 major GPA)

    This is where my profile gets a little tricky (ugly). After high school I attended a near-Ivy (think Duke or Vanderbilt), and to make a long story short, fell flat on my face. Serious issues with maturity, lack of direction, ect led me to eventually fail out after attending on and off for approx 2 years. I can tell that story pretty well, and have (many times, trust me), but for the sake of brevity I’ll forego the explanation here. Anyway, it is what it is at this point. After some time spent working full-time in a Macy’s warehouse operating a mail sorter (low point), I went back to school and earned the degree and associated GPA mentioned above in 3 years. The 3.4 GPA does not weigh my transcripts from my first school. Final side note: I’m currently building an alternative transcript, taking Calculus, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, and Math for Managers (online, billed as pre-MBA math course). Hope to earn all A’s, of course.

    Work Experience: Naval Surface Warfare Officer (2009 – present)

    After graduating I applied for and was accepted as a candidate at Officer Candidate School during a time in which applications for Officer programs had increased exponentially (my recruiter told me he could fill his yearly quota in one month), from which I graduated with distinction (military readers may scoff at the “distinction”, but I was!) and commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy in 2009. I’ve been promoted twice (currently a Lieutenant), and served onboard a guided-missile destroyer as a division officer managing several divisions of 20+ sailors, as well as on the staff of the Commodore of a Destoyer Squadron as the Assistant Operations Officer. Through my first two tours I’ve completed two deployments (one to Southeast Asia, one to the Middle East/Arabian Gulf), During the latter of the two deployments I served as one of 5 Staff Tactical Action Officers (STAO) for the Sea Combat Comander, meaning that while on watch I acted as the Commodore’s direct representative to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet and was in charge of the coordination and employment of the entire combined US task force for surface and anti-subsurface operations in that region. I was the only junior officer to become qualified for that position. I have been consistently ranked above my peers in performance evaluations (Fitness reports), was an honor graduate from the Navy’s finishing schools for Surface Warfare Officers, and have been the recipient of several awards, including the Navy Achievement Medal and Navy Comendation Medal. I am currently preparing to tranfer to a position as Officer In Charge of a branch of a major east coast naval facility. Through my military record I can demonstrate significant, meaningful experience in personnel and material management, staff-level logisitical and operational planning, and decision making under stress while in positions of great authority.

    Extracurriculars: In college (second one) I applied to and was awarded a spot on a business-centric summer study-abroad program in China (only student from the college of arts and sciences accepted into the program). Spent ~6 weeks in China split between Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu interacting with local college students, attending private tours/receptions at an array of companies and organizations (P&G, NewEgg, Zhu Jiang Beer Group, FedEX, US Chamber of Commerce), and attending business lectures at host universities.

    The Navy has made it difficult to volunteer my time consistently, however I have taken every opportunity to participate in command-sponsored Community Relations (COMREL) activities while deployed overseas. These have included a habitat-for-humanity type rehab project in Thailand, and visiting orphanages in both Cambodia and South Korea to deliver gifits and play with the kids. I also volunteered as a tutor for sailors seeking to earn college degrees through distance learning, and while ashore I’m an active member of the Surface Navy Association.

    Professional Goals:

    I am seeking to transition out of the active service and into a career in management consulting or corporate strategy, with the ultimate goal being running my own startup. I know that I need to do more research into my professional goals and craft a more well-developed story, and I’m working on that currently.

    I am a 29 year-old white male, seeking enrollment in a full-time program starting fall of 2014. My target schools are:

    Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Sloan, Fuqua, Anderson, and Fisher (Ohio State)

    Thanks for your time Sandy!

  • Globetrotter

    GMAT: 710 (Strongly skewed towards verbal.)

    GPA: 3.3 w/ 3.6 in major

    Age: 27

    Education: BS in Chemical Engineering from a Small (highly regarded) State School in the Midwest

    Demographic: White Male

    Work Experience: 4 years at a midwest based Oil Company/Refining company. Company is well known in the industry. Vast work experience in Asia, including China (~2 years at various locations). Time in Europe, Russia, and South America as well. Functional Mandarin language skills. Work entails managing the start-up of complex customer projects, ensuring both my employer and customer are satisfied with the service provided by our company. The work requires strong analytical, communication, and organizational skills. Work often requires working in a country where I don’t know the language. Largely a consulting role, but some physical demands as well. I have spent the majority (~95%) of the last 3 years outside of the USA.

    Goal: A management or finance role in the energy/oil sector

  • GlobalAmbition

    Hi Sandy,

    If you can look over my stats I would greatly appreciate it!

    3.6 GPA from good US undergraduate business school majoring in economics and sustainability
    710+ GMAT
    International applicant from Middle East
    Work experience 2 years in PE New York 2 in sovereign wealth fund in Middle East.
    Speaks 2 languages
    Volunteer exp includes microfinance in Bangladesh
    25 year old male

    Applying to Tuck, Harvard, Stanford, Fuqua, Sloan, Kellogg, Wharton, Georgetown, Cornell
    Thanks Sandy!

  • KelleyUG11


    I’m a 25 year old white male
    650 GMAT (taking another exam in July)
    3.24 GPA
    B.S. Finance from a top 15 undergrad business school located in the Midwest
    1.5 years as an analyst at a cement company (>$25B in annual revenue) in business development. I was primarily focused on turn-around strategy for our Gulf coast and Caribbean assets, including extensive international travel. I was responsible for typical m&a activities such as due diligence, financial modeling, swap assessments, etc.
    1.5 years as an analyst at a mining/metals company >$20B in annual revenue) in internal strategy consulting. I have conducted financial modeling for $400M in portfolio restructuring in a BRIC country, developed decision process methodology for >$1B in annual capital allocation, and conducted external benchmarking among various other activities.

    Please gauge my probability of being accepted to my following target schools:

    Carnegie Mellon

  • Linda

    Hi John and Sandy,

    Thanks for this series of admission analysis, very informative! Can you please take a look at mine as well?

    – Mother of two young daughters under age of 3 (not sure if this counts as pro or con). Currently 29; will be 30 when matriculating.
    – Born and raised in China, family immigrated to Canada when I was 15.
    – GMAT: 750 first attempt

    – GPA: 3.71 at University of Toronto; majoring in Biological Science (Pathobiology) and minoring in economics
    – I lost interest in pursuing medicine, and decided to switch to Business
    – Worked in TD bank as Investment Rep for 2 years, good sales record, won lots of competitions on the floor.
    – Studied CFA and passed all 3 levels consecutively (to substitute for my lack of formal business training in school)
    – Studied FRM (financial risk manager) because I believe risk manager is essential for ALL types of businesses.
    – Went on maternity leave, during when I got a Risk Analyst job at TD securities.
    – So my current title is this risk analyst. I had good performance there. Worked for 1.5 years before going on Maternity Leave.
    – Currently on Maternity Leave.

    – Extracurricular: Started a website for Chinese parents in Toronto, with parenting information (like local doctors, Ontario immunization, etc). I’m the sole person working on this and it’s not complete yet (but already online). Volunteered at two hospital throughout my college years. Worked at my family convenient store for over 10 years. Worked as consultant for a number of small businesses (knew them through family business) to improve on their revenue. Organized events for Chinese students during college. Tutored high school students during college. Teach elementary level piano for kids.

    – Career Goal: I want to switch to consulting, mainly to get exposure to how big companies operate. And I need MBA to supplement my lack of business knowledge (I only learned basic economics in college, then CFA, which was finance, on my own). Eventually I want to start my own consulting company focusing on small business, and I really hope to leverage experiences with big companies to revolutionalize small businesses, to help them grow.

    Although I’m Chinese, I know I don’t count as minority, but I AM international+female. Would school appreciate that I am an ambitious mother? So I only have 4 years of working experience but I’m 29 now, because 1) I have two kids and 2) I started college 2 years later than most (kids start grade 1 at 7 years old in china, and ontario had grade 13 in high school before).

    Target schools: HBS, Stanford, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Haas, USC (Any other school you think is a good fit for me?)


  • Hopeful Admit

    Hi Sandy, appreciate your advice.

    – 26 year-old white male working in Chicago

    – Attended unimpressive state school (arkansas, kansas, iowa) and did the 5-year masters in accounting program (undergrad: 4.0, grad: 4.0)

    – GMAT: Have not taken (targeting competitive score (700+))

    – Interned at Big 4 audit.

    – Worked at Big 4 transaction advisory services for a year (promoted after 1 year, which is a year early; however, spent no time as actual senior associate as I transferred jobs)

    – Currently have been working 2 years as an analyst in the asset management arm of a large insurance company doing private debt and equity investing (other analysts I know from the program have attended Northwestern, Columbia, Haas, McCombs).

    – Certifications: CPA and CFA Level III Candidate (awaiting results)

    – ECs since college: Have been our offices community services coordinator for the past 18 months, coordinating office volunteer drives/community service projects. I also volunteer at a local school during lunch twice a month. Active in multiple sports teams.

    – ECs during college: heavily involved within fraternity and held multiple leadership positions (VP, secretary, intramural sports coordinators), big brother mentor, leader on multiple case study challenges/entrepreneurial competitions that won school-wide competition

    – Goal: I know it is broad, but I would like to one day become a CFO of a large multinational corporation. I have not finalized what job I would target directly out of school.

    Any thoughts on top schools such as:

    Other suggestions?

  • Approaching 35

    Hi Sandy

    Could you please comment on my profile? From the
    comments at various links on this website I understand that age and
    “pool” are factors against me but still want to see if it makes sense to

    34 Yrs Indian Male.

    1) Green Card holder.(not sure if this matters since Im in the overrepresented “pool” of Indian Engineers)

    2) 720 GMAT

    3) Undergrad in Comp Sc and Engg from India.(6th in class of 60)

    12 yrs work exp in Consulting. Worked for Oracle USA for 6 years as
    principal, for Accenture as a Manager. Run my own firm now providing
    Supply Chain consulting to AT&T. Currently involved in designing new
    processes for refurbished equipment supply chain.

    5) Captain of
    Bhangra Dance during college team(balle balle!), coached Univ of dallas
    masters folks for their dance competition(2009). Mentor kids at
    religious organization.

    6) Reason for doing MBA- I see a gap in
    standard supply chain software in the market and currently working on
    developing a software to plug those gaps. Want to grow the company I
    started last year within US first by leveraging previous Forbes 100

  • Razak Gambit

    Hi Sandy,

    Would appreciate if you can review my odds for Stanford GSB, HBS, Wharton, MIT, Columbia and Chicago Booth.

    Nationality: Malaysian, currently working and living in Malaysia

    GMAT: 720

    Undergrad GPA: 3.62 from BIG-10 Uni in the US
    B.S in Actuarial Science and Finance

    Male, 30

    Work experience:

    Has been with Accenture Mgmt Consulting for 6+ years since college, now specialised in FInancial Services sector – banking, customer strategy, wealth management and microfinance.

    Has been consulting clients from around the region – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam

    Other activities:

    Also played significant role in expanding family property business, venturing into hospitality industry – key achievement is acquiring and turning around an old property into a leading 3-star, 175 room hotel.

    Charity, non profit contribution – sporadic participation/ volunteering for charity event, teaching for underprivilege kids, but no signicant role as a leader or founding member.

    MBA Goal:
    – Medium term – To boost my career and enhance my credential to become an industry leader/expert in Financial Services, or strategy consulting in general.
    – Long term – I am expected to expand family business in the long term. MBA will help boost my entrepreneurial confidence, expand my network and allow me to meet some of the best mind with best ideas.

  • Derek

    Thank you for doing this column, very helpful.

    My profile is all over the place and I would really appreciate feedback for putting it all together into a cohesive story, as well as get your thoughts on my chances of getting in at top MBA programs.

    – 760 GMAT (hope this proves that I am hardworking and willing to put in effort, something that my GPA doesn’t show)
    – 3.04 GPA from UCLA undergrad Economics major (I really screwed around and didn’t try very much)
    – Leadership roles in undergrad for hiphop teams and student organizations, and really in all organizations that I’ve been involved in
    – Professional growth and upward movement in all corporations I’ve been with

    Worked 1 year in business to business telecom/tech sales, spent 1 year doing a start up business in organizational communication (think Yammer but for smaller organizations) as an analyst/consultant, and 1.5 years in an advertising agency as an analyst.

    I want to leverage the network and skills I could gain at a top business school to change the way people look at advertising. I want to lead large agencies and recognizable brands to become early adopters of technologies and innovations that could change the world.

    My choices for schools include:

    Please let me know what you think my chances are and how I can best position my experiences and mitigate the low GPA from my foolish college years. Thank you very much

  • CPA from NZ

    Hi Sandy and John,

    I would appreciate if you could shed some light on my odds. One of my biggest concerns when applying is my GPA score and my lack of extras.

    -720 GMAT – Not taken yet, but consistently scoring around the 740 mark in practice tests.
    -2.53 Undergrad GPA in accounting and commercial Law from a reputed university in New Zealand.

    -Qualified CPA (Australia)

    Work Experience:

    -5 years in management accounting roles at Alcatel-Lucent NZ (Telecommunications)

    (1 yr Assistant Accountant, 4 years project financial controller). I was responsible for the financials of certain projects the company was involved in NZ. Reason for moving was that I was retrenched during a massive global restructuring exercise.

    -2 Years (at matriculation) in a financial accounting/treasury role – In the finance team of the university I studied at.

    Extra-Curricular Activities:
    -Participating in Indian cultural festivals during my final under grad year.
    -Involved in managing an Indian cultural event along with others this year.
    -Play Tennis, squash though not at any state level.
    -Travelled overseas every year since 2011. I have my sister in Atlanta which is also a reason why I’m applying for US MBA programs.
    -No volunteer work per se as a year after graduation, I started preparing for the CPA qualification which takes 3 years, hence I couldn’t focus my energies on that side of things. Also, I lost my mother in India in 2010, so my immediate efforts were focussed on overcoming personal adversity while remaining on track to completing my CPA.

    I moved to NZ from India at age 18 to pursue my undergrad degree. I worked hospitality jobs for 20-40 hours/week to pay for my living expenses whilst studying, as my parents could only pay for my tuition fees. In my application, I will try to rationalize my low scores during my first year since I was in a new country, with a new culture and having to sustain myself having never worked before (as is common in India) while also being young and inexperienced. To extrapolate the effects, my parents divorcing when I was in my second year and still overseas had an impact. My GPA in my final year was around the 3.2 mark. I realise it’s a long sob story to rationalise a low GPA, but I feel I have to take a shot at explaining it.

    Personal details:-
    Nationality – New Zealander.
    Ethnicity – Indian
    Age – 29 at matriculation

    Target Schools:

    – Kellogg, Columbia, Sloan, Yale, Ross, Stern, Duke and Emory.

    Post-MBA Goal:

    -Short Term: Transition to consulting in a Green tech/CSR specialist firm. I have realised that I don’t intend to be a CPA all my life so I’m looking for a career change to something I’m passionate about.
    -Long Term: Start my own firm focusing on green tech consulting/CSR

    I know with my stats, specially the low GPA and lack of extras, the top schools would be wishful thinking but I’ve been following this site for a while and I would really appreciate your expert opinion.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • Mr Europe

    Hi Sandy,

    I would like you to review my odd for HBS, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, Insead.

    Nationality: French

    25, white male (will be 26 by matriculation)

    Undergraduate: 3.4 from a top-engineering school in France (Equivalent of a MSc in Electrical Engineering)

    Postgraduate: 3.7 from Oxbridge (MSc in Biomedical engineering).

    GMAT: 730 (Q47 V44).

    Work Experience:
    3 years at GE Healtcare (in the UK) as project engineer (one year) then project manager (two years). Worked on some multi-million dollar projects aimed at designing innovative medical imaging devices.
    Used to work in a multicultural work environment (working with people from up to 6 different countries).
    Had internships while in college in Spain and China.

    In college, president of the most important student film festival in Europe and created an other in the UK.
    Volunteering for an association that organize an important film festival and other events.
    A one-month trip to Africa to do some community work with the GE community.
    Involved in welfare and community events to help poor and unprivileged with health related issues.
    Active alumni for my two former institutions.

    Fluent in 3 languages (French, English, Spanish) and conversant in two other ones (Mandarin Chinese and German).

    Short term goal:
    Working in consulting to help me gain a solid background.
    Long term goal:
    Running a company in healthcare which would focus the poorest areas of the world.

    Thank you in advance for your insights.

  • Rachel B

    Hi Sandy,

    Would appreciate your review- been working hard but not sure where to put my emphasis applying.

    GMAT- Scoring about 720 in practice tests
    3.83 GPA Undergrad
    Double major (BA) in International Affairs/African Studies at mid-ranked public school
    3.87 GPA Graduate
    Master of the Arts in African Studies from the “Ivy” in California

    two years working in fundraising and external relations for a grassroots NGO in DC focused on local human rights activists
    one year working for a large, international NGO in sub-saharan africa
    internships at USAID and the American Red Cross, as well as teaching/volunteering across Africa as an undergrad. wrote business plans for a children’s center in Tanzania.
    volunteer to teach life skills to refugees in the DC area
    neither parent graduated from college; 100% scholarship student for undergrad, 30% for grad

    want to get an MBA, focused on social enterprise and private-public partnerships, to help bridge the gap between NGOs and the private sector and to leverage MBA management skills to consult local NGOs in Africa on operations, fundraising and management, as well as build local capacity in African business schools.

    Thank you!

  • FR

    Hi Sandy,

    i’d really like your opinion on my chances and what I need to improve: my biggest concerns regard my employment history

    – Personal details: 29-years-old Italian male (always lived and worked in Italy)

    – Bachelor in Business Management al biggest (but not most prestigious) university in the country earned while working full time. not sure regarding gpa, but best 10% of my class (104/110)
    – Master’s degree in Marketing Management from same university. GPA 4.0 (winner of a prize as best student of the class)

    – GMAT: 740

    – Early work experience: one year as event organizer, one year as IT trainer for young unemployed in public lybraries, 6 months internship with P&G
    – Main work esperience: 4 years in strategic marketing at Enel (most important italian utility, ranking top 100 in Forbes global), with a track of promotions ahead of time and responsibilities
    – I left Enel for a M/B/B, but it went south after six months and i’m currently unemployed

    – Extracurricular include being cofounder and organizer of a series of not-for-profit associations, mainly recreational but also regarding “scientific method awareness for children”. Also Mensa member, very active in school politics during highschool, where i also was editor of the newspaper and trainer in an it class

    – MBA goal: to pursue a career in marketing/strategy in a different industry from where i worked before (tech, consumer goods, media…) and in the long term to create my own marketing consultancy company back in europe

    – Goal schools: i know my profile is not golden, but i hope i have a chance to get in at Kellog, Tuck, Virginia, Duke or Johnson (but i’m completely open to suggestion)

    do you think a couple months current unemployment is a serious issues? should i wait second round and apply after finding a new job? (i’m currently also looking at chances of volunteering for an ONG in order to live abroad for some months. do you think it could help?)

    Thanks a lot for your consideration!

  • space nerd

    GRE: 170 V 162 Q
    GPA: 3.7, Political Science, Magna Cum Laude
    Awarded “Outstanding Political Science Graduate”
    Undergrad: Private top 15 national university (ivy-ish)
    College Extra Curriculars: President of political magazine (50 staff), awarded Political Science research fellowship
    Work: 3 years at a boutique management consulting firm (government sector focused). Promoted twice and am now project manager. Work includes developing business strategy plans, analyzing government policy implications for business, and M&A due diligence. Have briefed CEO-level clients for billion dollar corporations and senior government agency leadership semi-regularly for past 1.5 years (space/satellite industry). Other people from this ~100 employee firm have gone to top-five business schools, but it’s not a brand name.
    Volunteering: Tutor underprivledged children in reading for 3 years
    Hobbies: Ran first marathon this past May
    MBA Goal: To transition away from consulting to leadership position in a space-focused company or government agency

    I’m especially interested in dual degree programs such as MIT Sloan / Harvard Kennedy and HBS/HKS due to interest in both business and government.

  • Mr. Disney

    Hi Sandy,

    I would really appreciate your advice given my situation. Thanks in advance!

    Goal: HBS, Booth, Wharton, Yale, MIT

    710-740 GMAT expected

    3.45 GPA

    Undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from
    mid-ranked public school

    Work experience includes three years at current role as a
    Financial Analyst for Disney, two years buy side corporate bond analysis at
    large money manager

    CFA Charterholder

    27-year old white male

    Expect strong recommendation from VP who is HBS Alum

    Extracurricular involvement: “Fairly limited. Active in
    church community service projects and volunteer as math tutor at local schools.
    I was head analyst in student managed investment fund and also leader in
    student leadership council. Very active in community support for midwest floods
    of 2008. Organized large scale sandbagging efforts and providing food/water to
    other workers.”

    Goal: To broaden business skill set and apply skills to make
    an impact on our economy through small business consulting, PE or VC; have a
    real passion for seeing the potential and building long-term value in

    Other: GPA is weighted down due to first year in college. Lifelong home and hometown was completely
    demolished in midwest floods of 2008. Mother was diagnosed with cancer in the
    same year, translating into a rough transition to college. I have a real
    passion for learning. Currently taking free Wharton MOOCs to keep up to date on
    academics. Also have FRM and CAIA designations.

    Reach: HBS, Booth, Wharton, Yale, MIT

    2nd hope: Dartmouth, Michigan, Duke,

  • Justin


    I would appreciate your call on my odds for MIT, Wharton,
    HBS, Booth, and Stanford. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Demo: white male, 29 years old

    GMAT: 710 (plan to retake to try for another 10-20 points)

    Undergrad GPA: 3.3 (upward trending) B.S. Aerospace
    Engineering (solid leadership extracurriculars)

    Graduate GPA: 3.8 M.S. Aerospace Engineering (various
    publications, thesis, extracurriculars)

    Work experience:

    Currently work at NASA for the CFO doing agency strategy for
    her and the rest of the executive staff. Primary focus is developing options
    for budget execution given short, medium and long term agency goals; also
    manage agency portfolio analysis (~$17B). Previously a technologist and project
    manager developing game changing technology with small businesses (e.g. developing
    satellite technology that is 1/1000th the cost and 1/100th the size of
    state-of-the-art). Prior to that I was a Lead Engineer supporting the Space Shuttle
    Program and its descendant program; managed multiple teams of engineers and

    Other activities:

    Mentor underprivileged high school students interested in STEM

    MBA Goal:

    – Medium term: switch to the private sector doing management and/or product strategy

    – Long term: bring revolutionary products to the market as a CEO

  • Justin

    just to add, on GMAT: 710, Q48 (78%), V39 (88%)

  • Hilo

    Asian American
    First generation college student
    UC Berkeley, 3.8, Industrial Engineering & Media Studies
    710: 39 V, 48 Q

    – (2 years) Teach For America, superior results, amazing recommendation
    – (less than a year) private industrial supplies company in a management role, slightly above average results
    – (less than a year) education startup in Africa in a curriculum role
    – (less than 6 months) tech/marketing startup in Africa in a managerial role
    Each transition was by choice (re: I no longer felt passionate or that I was professionally developing in the roles. In my last role, I had to leave abruptly due to an accident)

    How will admissions view my profile? What is the best way to position my story?

  • GoingGolfing

    710 GMAT (Q45,V41)
    3.64 GPA from private Midwest Liberal Arts, Economics (regionally respected, nationally unknown)
    4 Years finance leadership development program @ F500 CPG
    3 roles (2 promotions, top of class) focused on marketing/brand management
    Current role in New Business Development/ Internal Startup Group working on products w/ alternative business models. Bulk of experience as financial member of cross functional teams launching products, setting prices, defending marketshare, executing ad campaigns.
    Extra Curriculars: Business Dev/Strategy for African CPG startups & Executive Committe member of mentoring program
    Goals: Brand/Product Management or Corp Strat for Sports Company (Nike, Addidas), harboring desires to get a VC/PE job but don’t think it’s wise to publish that low odds goal.
    School: Only interested in M7, need to open recruiting doors not available in UG. Stanford & MIT are longshots given my low Q so aiming at HBS, Columbia, Wharton + chicago schools.
    Comments: i’ve read through almost all of these and haven’t seen any specific FLDP profiles so wondering what you think. I’ve seen your comments elsewhere that these programs are respected; I’m not at GE and I’m a white male. My firm sends 3-5 M7 people a year and recruits 15 to marketing but the HBS kids are rarely (never?) white males….would a 740 with better Q make a difference? that’s about all i can impact right now other than the essay.

  • Vincent

    I would really appreciate your help evaluating and quantifying my options.

    750 GMAT
    3.6 with a BS in Finance and a BS in Accounting from a Big10 mid-western state school. Four-year full academic scholarship.
    CFA Charterholder
    Nationality: White Male

    I am considering MIT, Wharton, Booth, Columbia, Tuck, and HBS as a long shot.

    I have spent the last four years since graduation at the same firm. I work as a fixed income derivatives trader specializing in US debt. I have both screen and floor trading experience with rapid advancement. I work for a privately owned small group with 10 professionals.

    Extras: Spent the last three years as an assistant/QB coach at a local public high school where i graduated from. Serve on an alumni board for my scholarship. I actively volunteer at an inner city children’s hospital.

    I am in a declining industry and want to re-brand myself through business school. My goal is to work on institutional fixed income trading at bulge bracket desk.

    Any advice or direction helps.

    All the best.


  • Mr. Nescac

    Hi Sandy,

    Love this piece, it’s been really helpful so far! I was hoping you could take a look at my stats/experiences and assess my profile. A little bit about me:

    28 year old Male
    710 GMAT (49Q, 37V, 6.0W)
    3.3 GPA from Little Ivy (think Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan) in Economics (lots of math and stats), 3.5 last 3 years
    Played two sports in college (baseball and golf)

    After college I did TFA for two years, my students did quite well. I currently sit on an alumi board for TFA, conduct interviews, was spotlighted in their alumni newsletter and have been on 3 panels for prospective students. I’ve also presented on Google Apps to local TFA corps members.

    After TFA I worked for about 6 months at an IT consulting firm implementing Epic software at hospitals. I’m still certified in their top packages.

    For the last 2.5 years I’ve been working at Google in AdWords. I am the reporting and data analysis lead for my team and have taken the initiative to interface with team members across the globe to help identify opportunities that have generated significant uplift in team productivity and revenue. The last two people I know from my org to apply went to UT-Austin and MIT (both also did TFA).

    Career Goals are to land a job in management consulting to learn bit more about how businesses work from the inside, and also apply my passion for data analysis to add value to organizations. Long term I’d like to transition to a Fortune 100 company where I can sit at the intersection of consumer psychology and data analysis and guide brand strategy.

    My top schools are Michigan, Northwestern, UChicago (legacy, not a big donor) and MIT.

    Any feedback you could offer on odds/ideas of how to position my experiences ect. would be much appreciated!


    Mr. NESCAC

  • Cameron Glass

    Hoping you could review my credentials for Northwestern, Columbia, Wharton, McCombs, Darden, NYU, MIT
    GMAT: 700

    GPA: 3.5 in Finance w/ minor in Economics at Texas A&M

    President and Coach for 2 years for Texas A&M Club Water Polo Team (received Texas A&M Club Sports Outstanding officer award)

    Treasurer of Men’s Service and Leadership Organization

    Financial Leadership and Development Program for Raytheon (2 years with 1 year being on the Corporate Strategy Team). Financial Analyst for Raytheon after finishing FLDP

    Member of Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (Volunteer work and professional development activities)
    White male, age 25

    I want to switch out of a stagnant/declining defense industry into strategy consulting

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