Where Tuck MBAs Work & What They Do

Where do Tuck MBAs work and in what industries?

With its wealth of membership data, LinkedIn is now providing a glimpse into this answer. Of course, not all Tuck MBAs are registered with the professional networking site so it’s an obviously incomplete list. Even so, the data provides an interesting window into the most likely employers of Tuckies as well as the most likely industries that attract its graduates.

Source: LinkedIn membership data

The three biggest employers of Tuck grads, according to LinkedIn membership data, are consultants: McKinsey, Bain and Boston Consulting Group. Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs round out the top five places that employ Tuckies who are members of LinkedIn.

Consultants such as The Parthenon Group and Cambridge Associates, which fail to make the top lists of most elite business schools, also figure prominently as employers of Tuck grads.

As is typical with all elite business schools, finance is the industry that claims the most Tuck MBAs, with 961 LinkedIn members. It is followed by consulting (613), business development (513), and marketing (481).

Dartmouth Tuck; Where They Work & What They Do

Company LinkedIn Members Industry LinkedIn Members
McKinsey & Co. 85 Finance 961
Bain & Co. 58 Consulting 613
Boston Consulting Group 51 Business Development 513
Fidelity Investments 48 Marketing 481
Goldman Sachs 43 Entrepreneur 347
IBM 41 Administrative 315
Citicorp 39 Sales 298
Deloitte 38 Operations 242
Morgan Stanley 35 Product 189
J.P. Morgan 34 Information Technology 141
Amazon 31 Creative 107
The Parthenon Group 31 Public Relations 100
Microsoft 29 Engineering 93
Merrill Lynch 29 Human Resources 86
Cambridge Associates 29 Accounting 57
Dartmouth College 29 Support 57
American Express 28 Legal 46
Colgate Palmolive 26 Medical 39
Accenture 24 Buyer 31
Hewlett-Packard 23 Real Estate 13
UBS Investment Bank 23
Credit Suisse 23

Source: December 2012 LinkedIn membership data

  • RV

    Thanks John! You are absolutely right about the contrast. It’s not just jobs but quality jobs at top firms. Thanks a lot for all your hard work – P&Q is an excellent website. I look forward to the rest of your analysis.

  • JohnAByrne


    I’ll try to do a few more, including the three you mention. As to Ephraim’s comment below, the value is in getting a chance to see where most MBAs work and how one school’s MBAs compare with another on this dimension. I would bet that as you go further down the list of top schools, the contrasts become more obvious and distinct, and therefore, more valuable.

  • Crisps

    Very few at HBS?

  • Dreamer

    I am actually surprised to see how many people are employed by the school itself for all of the schools.

  • Ephraim

    I would like to see them as well, but how useful do you think all this is? Linkedln can be misleading because of all the different types of MBAs out there — executive..weekend..night! I don’t see much value in this to be honest. McKinsey dominates! what’s new?

  • RV

    What about some of the other schools such as Hass, Stern and Fuqua? I see the top 8 programs — H/S/W/Booth/Kellogg/MIT/Tuck/Columbia.