Consulting Hiring Record At Kellogg

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But there was also a grad who won a private equity job in New York that started at $220,000, and another MBA who got a $200,000 starting salary at a manufacturing company in Asia. “This was also a case where the person had a ton of previous work experience so he could go into a more senior role,” added Malone.

After consulting, the most popular industry destinations were financial services, including investment banking, private equity and venture capital, and technology manufacturing and services. Finance attracted 19% of the Kellogg’s Class of 2012, while tech manufacturing and services got 12%. Consumer and packaged goods was next, capturing 9% of the class.

Beyond the latest stats, Malone said that a greater percentage of students were feeling more confident about the job market. “We are seeing more people taking risks,” he told Poets&Quants. “I see an increased number of students being interested in the traditional things, like consulting, investment banking and consumer product goods. But I also see a number of them pursuing these opportunities in smaller firms and in start-ups.  I’m certainly seeing this now with the 2013s who really want to look at a full range of opportunities. That’s an exciting trend.”

Source: Kellogg 2012 Employment Report


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  • Cmoney

    When I interviewed at Kellogg I noticed that a lot of 1 year MBA’s were being sponsored by consulting firms to attend the program. I am wondering if Kellogg is counting these 1 year grads as part of the pool of MBAs that are “hired”, even though the job was in the bag before they step foot on campus, as consultants after graduation.

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