Dipak Jain Resigns Deanship At INSEAD

Dipak Jain has resigned his deanship at INSEAD

After taking a medical leave last year due to being “tired and unfocused,” INSEAD Dean Dipak Jain has apparently resigned his job effective March 1. He will have served exactly two years as dean of INSEAD.

The highly popular former dean of Northwestern’s Kellogg School, Jain has led one of Europe’s best business schools since March of 2011. An exceptionally gifted professor who was widely liked and admired by students and faculty alike, Jain had been dean of Kellogg from 2001 to 2009.

Though Jain is leaving the deanship, he will remain at INSEAD as a marketing professor, according to The Financial Times, which reported the resignation.

According to the newspaper, INSEAD’s board on Jan. 21 named two of the school’s three deputy deans, Ilian Mihov and Peter Zemsky, as interim deans until a permanent appointment is made.

Dipak Jain, dean of INSEAD for little more than a year, has been placed on medical leave to undergo tests after he complained of exhaustion in recent weeks.

Jain, 55, went on medical leave in May of last year until August, when “a further assessment will be made by the INSEAD Board and Deputy Deans,” according to a memo sent to INSEAD faculty at the time. Peter Zemsky deputy dean of degree programs and curriculum, had then been named acting dean of the school.

The Wall Street Journal had earlier reported that a school spokesperson said Jain, a vegetarian with no prior health problems, had been tired and unfocused for the past few weeks. “A battery of tests conducted in Paris in early May proved inconclusive, and Mr. Jain has returned to his former hometown, Chicago, for further examination,” according to the newspaper.


  • mayank

    johndoe is stupid…

  • mba_aficionado

    “Jain has led one of Europe’s best business schools since March of 2011″… always think its funny when people try to categorize schools like insead and LBS as “european”. They are the amongst the best in the world, not just europe… amazing how US-centric the world still is sometimes.

  • lara

    I read the article. I don’t know how did you conclude that insead is failing?!!! The article is dated in July 2011, The article talks about executive education!, the article said clearly that ” of course, the majority of graduates enjoy a very successful career”! the article picked single cases of graduate who accepted a modest job! said 15 % didn’t find job ! the article is worrying about the large number of students per year! I think this proves that insead is really an exceptional and very top school. they manage to turn out 1000 students into a very successful business people where others struggle to find just a job for few hundreds… Insead is the only school in this world that called international, and it stands by its own, it is not backed by a 3 billion endowment yet, it compete with such profile on the first spot. just imagine if insead has only half of the endowment of a top american school has, ?!

  • johndoe

    INSEAD is failing, those who can read french know that already http://www.capital.fr/enquetes/derapages/sale-note-pour-l-insead-la-star-des-business-schools-615915

    In a nutshell: they are losing a lot of money and go as far as asking their alumni to write INSEAD on their testament…

  • fabian

    in fact, thats good news for students, now he has the time to teach and they will be able to learn from him.

  • Simone

    leading INSEAD is just like leading a global consulting firm, traveling most of time to three campuses in different and distant continents , the school is really demanding..thats why it rules the business education.