Alphabetical List of Best Business School Profiles

by John A. Byrne on

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American University, Kogod School of Business
Washington, D.C.

Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business
Tempe, Arizona

Auburn University, College of Business
Auburn, Alabama

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  • Gautam Kumar

    Hey John…. I have got an admit from Manchester Business School. So less is available about the school on net and it does feature here. Is it possible to do a feature? Further, how would you advise for the school

  • Hema

    On what basis does a school become a featured school of poets and quants?

  • C

    Anyone have info on the Jack Welch Management Institute ?

  • JohnAByrne
  • helmut lampshade

    A “featured” school has most likely paid this site some kind of promotional fee. The site doesn’t make this clear, which is dodgy, but it’s probably advertising.

  • JohnAByrne

    It’s not dodgy at all. A featured school is one which has paid to have sponsored content on our site next to our own profile information on the school. That content is clearly marked and includes deeper information on the school and its relevant programs, a gallery of photos, video, updated calendar of events, publication of the school’s posts on Facebook and its tweets on Twitter, among other things. I see this as a real service to our readers and an important way for us to produce the quality content on our site and make it available to readers at no cost.

  • helmut lampshade

    Oh I agree that it’s good information, and this site provides very valuable services. But if users, like the one who commented above, don’t understand what a “featured” school is, maybe it’s not clear enough. A simple “this business school has paid a promotional fee to be featured on the website” would probably be useful.

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