First Years’ Tribute To Tuck Graduates

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by John A. Byrne on

Each year, the graduating class at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business gathers on the front steps of Tuck Hall, the B-school’s iconic building, for the taking of a formal class photograph. The picture then joins the many photos of all the graduating classes that line the walls of Tuck Hall.

Always a memorable event, it’s a cause for celebration. In a salute to the graduating class, first-year MBA students put on a music and dance extravaganza. These are goofy, entertaining tributes that provide a glimpse of the school’s close-knit, collaborative culture.

This year’s T13 class photo, taken on May 9, was no exception. Freeform dancing, raps and a heart-felt rendition of Bill Wither’s Lean on Me were highlights.

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    “Less Racist”? So you are saying that Tuck is somewhat racist? Neither Tuck nor Ross is racist at all. You are not a real Tuckie because no real Tuckie would ever say something like this.

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