Video: Handicapping Your MBA Odds — Mr. Global

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Yet another video analysis of an applicant who wants to do his MBA at a leading business school. This week’s candidate has killer stats: a 730 GMAT, a 3.88 grade point average from an Ivy League university, and a job working for a high tech startup in Berlin. He’s a 25-year-old American who is fluent in several languages and has spent a lot of time abroad in the Middle East, among other places. We call him Mr. Global.

In this video, the third in a new series, Founder Sandy Kreisberg and Poets& Editor John A. Byrne evaluate the merits of Mr. Global’s profile and how he should present herself to get into his dream school.

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  • Jersey Girl

    Ahh this turned out to be way longer than I intended! I’d love your feedback, especially since I haven’t found any comparable profiles on the site so far.

    Thank you!

  • lxwarr30

    I appreciate your response and will focus on the GMAT. I know it’s an unusual mash of items which is why I really wanted an individual response. Sorry for goating you into making it. The H/S/W was mostly for fun since you should dream high 😀

    Thanks again

  • JW


  • Raphael

    Dear Sandy and John, I regret that you still haven’t issued HBS 2+2 or GSB deferred admission video.. Maybe now is the time ?

    I’m a French, 21 yo graduate student about to graduate with a Master’s in International Security and would like to apply for HBS 2+2 program.
    *21yo, French
    * 3.7 GPA equivalent grades (given the charts some credential evaluation firms offer) at French #1 (Europe top 5) school for political science (known by Harvard)
    * Undergraduate exchange program at Johns Hopkins : 3.76 GPA over the 2 semesters (political science & international relations)
    * Master’s in International Security, same GPA equivalent, same school
    * 710 GMAT
    * 1 month research assistant at an international relations research institute
    * 5 months parti-time at a corporate foundation created by French industrial groups, mostly from Aerospace&Defense
    * 6 months full time at Europe’s leading A&D company working in Business Development and Strategy
    * Group manager for a student project : provide the foundaiton I interned at with a study on strategic dependencies for the French industry
    * In charge of everything defense-related for a student-led internaitonal affairs magazine
    * played european handball for 12 years at a regional and national level, team captain several years
    * Speak French, English, Russian
    * Reason for MBA/career goal : get to the business side of the A&D industry
    Thsnk you very much !

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