Have A GMAT Prep Question? Ask Andrew, Our Latest Resident Expert

Andrew Geller of Atlantic GMAT

Andrew Geller of Atlantic GMAT

How much time should you set aside to study for the Graduate Management Admission Test? What’s the best way to prep for the test so you’ll do well enough to get into a highly selective MBA program? Are there shortcuts to the de facto entry exam into business school?

These are among the questions Andrew Geller will help to answer as Poets&Quant’s new resident expert on the GMAT–along with any and all questions you might have on how to prep for the test. Andrew is uniquely qualified for the job.

He’s a GMAT expert who scored an impressive 770 on the exam. Unlike some of the nerdy GMAT tutors out there, Andrew can actually write. He’s been teaching since 2002 and throughout the past decade has worked for various big and small test prep companies helping people succeed on the GMAT, LSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE. Throughout his career he has successfully taught people from many different backgrounds, countries, and starting scores.

He now leads Atlantic GMAT, a company which he founded to provide a creative and nuanced approach to GMAT preparation especially for students who have struggled to achieve their GMAT goals through big box test prep.

In his spare time, Andrew likes to play music, ride his motorcycle to the beach, play ping pong, and ski. Andrew spent a year teaching English in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese.

If you have a question, fire away in the comments section below! Andrew will do his best to answer your queries.

Meantime, see his GMAT prep recommendations for Khan Academy video help.

  • titan2602

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m planning to do my PhD from the United States and plan to take admission in 2018. I’m currently in my final semester of MBA in Marketing. Unfortunately, I dont have any research papers to my name. What I do have are a project report on my summer internship and a dissertation. Does this absence of a research paper, affect my chances of getting into a top college?

  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks for checking in! What was the breakdown (Quant/Verbal) on the 520? Was this an official GMAT practice test? I wouldn’t worry about the 520. It’s true that 520 to 700+ is a big jump that most people doing normal GMAT preparation won’t make. But it doesn’t sound like you’re most people and should you decide to tackle the GMAT hopefully you’ll set aside the right amount of time, get organized, and use the right materials so you can put yourself in the best position possible to achieve your goals.

    Follow up with more info and I’d be happy to provide more insight.


    PS: For top 25 you don’t necessarily need a 700+. It really depends on the rest of your application.

  • Becky

    Hi Andrew,
    I’ve found this site (especially your material) to be helpful as I am just starting the journey to evaluate 1) if I really and truly want to go to b-school, 2) if I should go the GRE or GMAT track and 3) where I think I would like to go.

    As part of this, I just took my very first GMAT diagnostic practice test today with literally zero preparation prior to taking it. My goal is to be competitive and only look at Top 25 programs, but to be honest I didn’t do nearly as well on the diagnostic as I had hope (520 with no preparation/background on the test). As someone who got a 4.0 in undergrad and who has always be a highly competitive and driven student, should I be concerned about such a low diagnostic score or is it normal to score so low the very first pass and still jump up to the 700 range for scores?

    I would love your thoughts here and would be happy to connect via email as well if that’s easier.