Dipak Jain Becomes A Dean Again

Dipak Jain

Dipak Jain

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand yesterday (July 7) named the former dean of two of the world’s best business schools its director.

Dipak C. Jain, who had been dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD, will succeed  Toemsakdi Krishnamra, who founded Sasin and has led the school of management for the past 32 years. Krishnamra will serve as a member of the Sasin Executive Council.

Landing Jain is something of a coup for the school which is currently unranked in any of the most influential rankings of the world’s top business schools. The school’s MBA program is taught by visiting professors from other programs, including Sasin’s founding partners Kellogg and Wharton.  The Sasin MBA program is delivered in English, in Bangkok, Thailand. Courses are scheduled during six five-week modules each year, and 80% to 85% of the MBA students are Thai.

Jain brings extensive international experience as an educator and business school administrator. He has been a visiting professor of marketing at Sasin since 1989. Most recently, he was a chaired professor of marketing at INSEAD where he served as dean of INSEAD from 2011-2013 until an illness led to his resignation. He also served as dean of the Kellogg School from 2001-2009, where he had been a faculty member since 1986.

“I’m honored and privileged to follow in the footsteps of Professor Krishnamra, who has been a mentor to me for 25 years, and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues, the students and the alumni of Sasin,” Jain said in a statement. “With additional programs at our new Phuket campus, we can ensure that Sasin continues to be a pioneer in management education and one of the leading business schools in the ASEAN region.”

“Professor Jain is uniquely qualified to lead Sasin in our fourth decade,” Krishnamra said in a statement announcing the leadership change. “Since he has been teaching here since 1989, there are now thousands of Sasin students and alumni who have taken his courses and who still look back on their time with him as one of their best Sasin experiences. I know that he is a gifted educator and an experienced administrator who will serve Sasin well.”

  • Ajoy Daspurkayastha

    I used to hear about Prof. Deepak Jain at leat 15 years back when I used to fly Calcutta-Tejpur route by Indian Airlines to advise India’s one of the biggest Biscuit company having 200 feet baking oven —- One Military Colonel in Tejpur Airport told me what for Tejpur has attracted world’s attention ? I t is famous for Prof. Dipak Jain’s native place and the place for his elementary education—that is amazing—–one day I wish , I could get an opportunity to meet the very amazing world famous business school professor who already made his distinct mark in Kellog,INSEAD and now glowing in Sasin .
    I imagine DRUK AIR/AIR INDIA from Bangkok and Indian Airlines from Calcutta can carry him over easily to the Brahmaputra city of Tejpur ————— and it may be extra-ordinarily surprising , if one day Pro. Dipak Jain voluntarily give a revolutionary management lecture before the MBA students of the Tejpur University,Assam——because Prof. Dipak Jain loves his native very much,I heard.

  • Karen Dowd

    He is demonstrating something we teach in career management-money and prestige aren’t everything. He is helping a deserving school to build programs and move into a new tier.

  • Rajendra

    Since its good for Dipak that’s why he accepted and this was obvious.It has materialised because both accepted the arrangement.( Dipak could have gone to many other schools, better than Sasin more easily than vice versa. Sasin students would not have got a better Dean than Dipak.) Insead could happen because Kellog ended and in ranking Insead is far ahead of Kellog. Kellog has not come up any sharply after Dipak left. So Students at Kellog are no better now. Now Insead and Kellog both are over for Dipak as a Dean and past cannot be repeated. Lets see how future unfolds. On the basis of log career: before Kellog, during Kellog and during Insead Dipak did build a strong career.

  • Myron

    Wow, this is quite a feather in Sasin’s cap to land such a formidable dean with strong track record to lead the B-School. Wharton, are you watching? Hope Prof Jain will enjoy a productive tenure and Sasin students experience a growth of its programme.

  • Darmel

    I think it is good for Dipak too. Many believe that his peak was at Kellogg..INSEAD wasn’t that impressive..

  • Rajendra

    Very good for Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.Thank you for a timely update- John A. Byrne.