Wharton Pokes Fun At Rival Business Schools

The father is angry and adamant with his two unemployed MBA sons. They just graduated from Harvard Business School and Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business yet seem completely uninterested in landing jobs.

“Look, why don’t I give you access to your trust fun money now and get the hell out of my house,” he tells his two sons.

Of course, it’s all in good fun, part of the annual Wharton Follies show that played three live performances in front of the student body and faculty in late February.

The MBA students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School take satirical aim at Chicago Booth, MIT Sloan, Harvard and Stanford in the 39th annual Wharton Follies. The school’s MBAs gleefully portray MIT Sloanies as nerds, HBS and Stanford MBA candidates as arrogant trust fund babies, and Boothies as students who go to Chicago only to disappear from the world.

Among the new video skits is one based on a Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets” in which Wharton professors read real examples of silly, irreverent and ‘mean’ reviews they received from students. The faculty, in particular, was said to love this video (see below).

There’s also a business school version of Pitbull’s “International Love” that describes the more adolescent aspects of business school life, a treatment of some of the stereotypical behaviors of business school students taken to the extreme, a nostalgic look at aspects of Wharton shown in a reverse, and a series of movie trailers that poke fun at other business schools.

In that latter segment, a Chicago Booth segment opens with a young professional saying, “I just want to apologize to my mom, my dad, and my one other friend. It was my decision and I’m scared, so scared. I got into Booth.”

“Oh, that’s great,” responds the mother. “What kind of booth? Like at Applebee’s?”

“No mom, the business school in Chicago.”

“Oh, you mean Kellogg?”

As the narrator of the skit points out later, in a play on the line that the University of Chicago is the place where fun goes to die, “Millions of tuition dollars have been spent yet no happy Booth students have ever been found.”

  • PocketBally

    Wharton is really inmature both in the real world and with their cheerleaders all over the web. They really need to stop

  • NYCBoy

    I don’t think Stanford people are snobby at all, they just live in their own bubble in Palo Alto which is fine. The problem is that Philly is such a horrible city that W students think they’re at the top of everything and therefore can behave arrogant to other people. Once they step back to the real world, they come across as pathetic

  • mrbrock

    Confirmed. This video is Wharton.


    Steven, my boy…honestly, if you think the errant posts on P&Q determines a school’s culture or outward mindset, then think again. Get off your computer and make some friends who go or have gone to the schools. FANS don’t just pop up…they have legitimate reasons to be fanatically screaming what nobody else will.

  • A Nony Mous

    In this case, not being mentioned is the bigger insult.

  • Steven

    Fair points. For the record I think Wharton is without a doubt one of the best schools. I just don’t think it’s mature to denigrate others to promote oneself. This comes across as insecurity, in the same way competitors poke fun at established firms in advertisements. It doesn’t always resonate well with everyone. Again, no criticism of the school, just the whole recent “us vs them” thing. And IMO, it’s totally unnecessary since Wharton’s reputation is already strong for good reason.

  • Eh

    eh, past years have been much better. I also enjoy the amount of effort that goes into wharton follies though, they take stupid videos seriously

  • Agreed

    Agree, no real egos or snobbishness (snobbery?) here

  • Wharton is snobbish

    I take umbrage at the first video. If anything Stanford is more down to earth, humble and more likeable than Whartonites. Less trust fund kids here too, especially because so many W undergrads and MBAs come from highly privileged backgrounds! Many more snobs there imho.

  • Marketing magnate

    I go to a decent m7, and I think they merely brought up some valid points and helped wharton get proportionate attention. Before that, it seemed like it was getting selectively negative attention. Who knows why? Probably just chance.
    It also showed the importance of subject and field on where to study, while strengthening Kellogg’s strength in marketing, Sloan’s strength in tech, Stanford’s strength in silicon valley, etc.
    Overall, good for objectivity on the site.

  • Funnies

    Don’t think this is from CBS, it is from last year’s Wharton Follies

  • Jon

    Thanks for sharing, John.

    On a side note, this video from CBS Follies remains a favoriate for their over-the-top satire.


  • Blue

    Follies videos are always a hit or miss. These were definitely a hit. Thanks for sharing John.

  • bwanamia

    Much less douchey than I would have expected. Grant comes across as an angry guy. The Indian girl fogs my glasses in an SFW way.

  • John

    You really judge a school based on anonymous posts made on this website? You realize anyone can pretend to be posting from any school… I suspect a lot of these ‘cheerleaders’ are actually fake people trying to make a school look bad on purpose.

  • Steven

    I admit the first video was pretty damn funny. But I have to rant. I never had much of an impression of Wharton before reading poetsanquants for the last year. Based on social media/comments, my impression is that Wharton has a significant amount of immature “cheerleaders”. To be fair, maybe they are a small vocal group. Frankly, they aren’t doing the school or themselves any favors. Maybe I’m just getting old but I expect people who are supposedly executive caliber to be a little more grown up.

  • got em

    my mom, my dad, and my one other friend lol