INSEAD Tops Financial Times Ranking

The 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking

2016 Rank & School 2015 Rank Change Weighted Salary Pay Change
  1. INSEAD 4 +3 $166,510 96%
  2. Harvard Business School 2 -1 $172,501 94%
  3. London Business School 2 -1 $154,150 100%
  4. Penn (Wharton) 3 -1 $177,877 84%
  5. Stanford GSB 4 -1 $185,939 87%
  6. Columbia Business School 6 —– $169,866 99%
  7. UC-Berkeley (Haas) 10 +3 $169,395 93%
  8. Chicago (Booth) 9 +1 $158,259 107%
  9. MIT (Sloan) 8 -1 $159,909 90%
10. Cambridge (Judge) 13 +3 $156,323 95%
11. Northwestern (Kellogg) 14 +3 $162,923 93%
12. IE Business School 12 —– $159,266 104%
13. IMD 20 +7 $157,266 104%
14. Hong Kong UST 14 ——- $ 117%
15. HEC Paris 16 +1 $134,299 108%
16. IESE 7 -9 $140,185 121%
17. CEIBs 11 -6 $147,716 157%
18. Yale SOM 17 -1 $152,232 108%
19. NYU (Stern) 18 -1 $150,510 97%
20. Michigan (Ross) 24 +4 $144,961 107%
21. Duke (Fuqua) 21 —– $144,455 94%
22. Dartmouth (Tuck) 23 +1 $156,6522 95%
23. Esade 19 -3 $132,119 117%
24. IIM-Ahmedabad 26 +2 $174,274/td> 96%
25. SGA Bocconi 26 +1 $122,955 116%

Source: The Financial Times


    You guys need to understand that there is a world outside of the US. You don’t ask yourselves why Wharton partnered with INSEAD? I am one of those people only interested in INSEAD. Planning on applying to US schools only if INSEAD dings me.
    In terms of jobs INSEAD = HSW in the US in MBB, if you are American interested in going back to work there you just need to do the exchange with Wharton and that’s it. So why bother with a two year program that is twice as expensive?

    Also INSEAD is not for everyone, if you have never stuck your nose outside of the US, INSEAD will ding you. If you only speak one language, INSEAD will ding you.

    And I repeat I will turn down any HBS, Stanford and Wharton to go to INSEAD. As a matter of fact I only applied to INSEAD and I am not the only one in this case.

  • Mehul Mishra

    A really poor statistician if you make conclusions without data

  • PrincetonStats

    As a statistician, let me tell you this. You are really stupid. Thank you.

  • Skdbdjsb

    Of course it is no secret that Harvard, Stanford, MIT are the best overall universities in the US.

    The FT rankings look at MBA programs, and for that Harvard, Stanford and Penn (Wharton) are the established too schools, MIT (Sloan) is close behind.

  • Almost

    Not for undergrad. Berkeley has many good grad schools but for undergrads it is a stepchild to the ivies, Stanford, MIT, Duke,Chicago.

  • clark marian

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  • Mehul Mishra

    There is no college called “IMM Ahemdabad” please correct this to “IIM Ahmedabad”.
    Also i find it funny that you say that the US has “only” 47 colleges in the list. There are 196 countries on the planet . One country (USA) comprises half of this list and you are still complaining that that is too less.
    I think the fact that the other 195 countries have representation on only half this list is not fair. If we were to make this ranking by a global voting process it would be drastically different.

  • JohnAByrne

    Bonuses are not included nor are stock options or grants. Only salary. So total compensation is not reflected in the numbers.