U.S. News’ ‘Sneak Peak’ Of The Top Ten

One big issue: Will Harvard Business School repeat as No. 1?

When U.S. News releases its new annual MBA ranking next Tuesday, March 14th, every single school that made its Top Ten list last year will remain among the top ten institutions granting full-time MBA degrees.

In a ‘sneak peak‘ of the forthcoming ranking published today (March 7), U.S. News identified the top ten schools in alphabetical order and the list remains unchanged from last year. Of course, actual numerical ranks for each school could have changed but that will remain unknown until the full list is out next week.

The magazine said that the top ten schools will be, in alphabetical order, Columbia Business School, Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, Harvard Business School, MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and Yale’s School of Management.


Last year, HBS topped the list, followed by Stanford, Booth, and Wharton, with both Sloan and Kellogg in a dead tie for fifth place. Haas was seventh, just ahead of both Tuck and SOM, tied for eighth, while Columbia was tenth. Six of the Top Ten schools changed ranks last year. The most improved position was achieved by Yale, which gained five places to finish eighth, from 13th. The biggest decline was felt by Columbia, which lost two spots to drop from eighth to tenth.

The preview of the top ten means that the University of Virginia’s Darden School, which fell out of the Top Ten last year and landed in 11th, failed to make it back in. The University of Michigan’s Ross School and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, both tied at 12th in 2016, also did not make gains that would have put those schools among the Top Ten.

U.S. News says it surveyed 471 accredited master’s programs in business to come up with its new ranking of the top full-time MBA programs. As is customary, U.S. News will bill its new list as a 2018 ranking, even though it comes out in 2017 and is based on 2016 data to increase the shelf life of the list.


  • Just another man

    Rankings are out

    1) Harvard Wharton
    3) Booth
    4) MIT, Northwestern, Stanford
    7) Berkeley
    8) Dartmouth
    9) Columbia, Yale
    11) Michigan,

  • Need to correct you there. GMAT scores only account for 16% of the weight in U.S. News’ methodology–that’s a long way from the 40% to 50% rate you assert.

  • cornelliusquared

    I bet Yale slips off the top 10 this year and gets replaced by Fuqua. SOM games the system and only focuses on GMAT/GPA. They aren’t even a good school and have little to no credibility.

  • globalone

    The whole rankings is stupid
    40 to 50% is for GMAT scores… which certain schools focus on at the cost of leadership skills – Yes sentence correction on the GMAT will determine my career sucecss.. Give me a break!

    I think CBS , Yale and Duke are very under rated for the type of jobs they get and startups they produce…
    Berkeley, Booth and kellogg and even wharton are overrated when u look at the jobs people get from there or the startups from alumni

  • Really?

    Can’t tell if you are trolling but Fuqua most definitely does not send more to MBB than any of those aforementioned programs. In fact looking at the employment report they only sent 7% of students between the three…

  • rick

    I’m guessing it has something to do with Tim Cook having gone to Fuqua.

  • FuquaGmat

    lol, Yale games the rankings by getting more qualified, higher achieving students than Duke.

    Come back and make a valid argument when Duke has a gmat that breaks 699 hahahaha

  • clefablemba

    With all due respect Fuqua isn’t in the USNWR top 10 this year, nor were they last year. So perhaps you should take your comments to a room where they are more applicable i.e. Top Programs that Don’t Require a Good GMAT/GPA

  • FuquaBlueDevils

    I think its absurd that Fuqua isn’t top 10 in USNWR when we were #1 two years ago in other rankings. Its so absurd, our program sends more candidates to MBB than SOM, Tuck or Haas which are all on the USNWR top 10.

    Oh and don’t bring up the tech argument, we send more candidates to Apple than either of the 3 aforementioned schools

  • MBACandidate

    As a potential student currently looking at schools I would disagree with this equivalency between SOM and Fuqua. Tuck, Yale and Haas are fairly similar and I suppose vary depending on the industry you wish to pursue. Fuqua is in no way on the same level as any of those schools – at least not in my eyes or those of my friends looking to pursue an MBA in the coming years.

  • pokemon go

    1. Harvard/Stanford
    3. Booth
    4. Wharton / MIT / Kellogg
    7. Yale
    8. Tuck / Haas
    10. Columbia

  • Sane Guess

    Booth drops to share 3 with Wharton, and nothing else changes.

  • Brasileiro

    Thank you very much, John!

  • Brasileiro

    Thanks a lot!

  • The Best Prediction EVER!

    This is not scientific. It is just a gut feeling.

    Wharton has been beset by problems for more than 15 years now and it has taken a toll to the point that they have sunk themselves below where Booth and Kellogg used to be. Problems that persisted for years like Career Services not having a leader, Admissions messing up (temporarily stemmed by their reliance on GMAT), this weird group interview thing that is not a draw for applicants, the Finance jobs drying up and them being a one-trick pony in Finance (they have since attempted to go Tech-ish). And Trump, lets face it, messed up their brand big time (where half of the US population now think Trump when they hear Wharton). Things are at a point where if one hears that there is a scandal at Wharton, people will just shrug as if its par for the course.

    Kellog stayed where it was, not a lot of innovation unlike in Kotter’s time there but no big mistakes either. Sally Blount seems more like a maintainer in chief not a growth hacker in chief – even though they are using growth as a meme everywhere you go

    Booth continued to leverage its $$ and hired key hires from Stanford, Northwestern and MIT to further bolster their Tech and VC cred. Polsky Center – the number 1 university accelerator, Hyde Park Angels and the successes of Grubhub and Braintree obviously contributing to the case for entrepreneurship. Its specialty in quantitative marketing (where it edges out Kellogg) is hot now that Data Science is a thing. It has more $ to give scholarships so companies love their Booth hires even more now. And the obvious thing: there are no scandals at Booth.

    Stanford has had a string of Scandals too… but unlike Wharton, they were sitting at a higher perch. And they still have a slight but diminishing edge on anything Silicon Valley. Too bad because they were going to permanently dethrone HBS – but the loss of Madhav, Bolton and Robin was fatal to their attempts.

    Hence, my ranking of the top 5.

  • clefablemba

    Cornell above Stern & Michigan? based on what?

  • Tiered Ranking

    Yale games the rankings by focusing mostly on just GMAT and GPA but basically SOM, Duke, Virginia, Stern, Cornell, and Michigan are all the same

  • SOM insecurity is obvious

    He’s an insecure SOM troll and this should be pretty obvious. Don’t believe what he said about being alum of another school.

  • 2017 Rankings

    My Prediction

    1. Harvard
    2. Stanford
    3. Booth / Wharton
    5. Kellogg / MIT
    7. Haas
    8. Tuck
    9. Columbia
    10. Yale
    11. Virginia
    12. Duke
    13. Cornell
    14. Stern / Michigan
    16. UCLA

  • somsquared

    So my opinion has no value because my guess is different than yours? Which part of my prediction are you disputing? The metrics by which USNEWS measures “quality” are all in SOM’s favor – GMAT, GPA, salary, etc etc have all been trending upward at SOM while other schools’ metrics have been relatively flat.

  • Booth has very wisely used its resources to significantly increase scholarship support of applicants it really wants. As a result, it’s often swaying candidates to Chicago and away from Philadelphia. Wharton has badly lagged its rivals in scholarship support. Booth also has been doing better than Wharton in rankings where employers are surveyed, a function of both the quality of its graduates and the professionalism of its career management staff. Booth students and alumni are also wildly enthusiastic about the school. That fervor for the school extends to the elite applicant pool. One piece of evidence is our series on the Class of 2018. Our article on Booth and its incoming class is the most popular of all, read by more than 71,000 people. That’s 2.5 times the number of readers our equivalent Wharton story drew. While this is hardly a scientific metric, it’s a meaningful one that shows there is very strong interest in Booth’s MBA program.

  • People are already guessing here. They always do and you can as well, Rick. What’s your guess?

  • Yale or Duke

    Why doesn’t Duke get any love. When I looked over SOM and Duke I didn’t really see much of a difference to warrant Yale jumping all of those spots.

  • Brasileiro

    Could you tell me why is Chicago so much better on rankings than Wharton? What changed on both schools in the past few years?

  • I suppose we could do but that adds very little value. Unlike ClearAdmit, we have the largest staff of reporters and editors in business education who actually do journalism, with multiple sourcing, analysis and perspective. While I encourage and support our community’s contributions (and you can see on this thread that our readers are already doing a bit of this), I rarely feel the need to run a contest to get people to guess what might or might not happen.

  • RealisticSOM

    Haha yeah, I’ve seen this username around (although by now I suspect multiple trolls have started to use it rather than 1 individual).

    Let’s not drag Cornell into this – they’re a decent school who don’t deserve all the hate they’re getting. And if my defense doesn’t make it obvious, I will be heading to Cornell this fall but will happily concede we’re a top 15 school, not top10. (: not all of us are bitter/ hating on higher ranked schools.

  • Tesla

    the top ten is clear, the traditional M7 plus Tuck, Haas, and Yale. Though as many industry experts, I’d put Duke instead of Yale.

  • Tesla

    Booth will be number 1 this year. big time for Chicago Booth.

  • The Best Prediction EVER!

    My Prediction:

    1. Harvard
    2. Booth (break tie with Stanford)
    3. Stanford
    4. Kellogg (break tie with Wharton)
    5. MIT
    6. Wharton (falls from grace)
    7. Tuck
    8. Yale (this jump will be the headline)
    9. Berkeley
    10. Columbia (continues to slide down)

  • Orange

    Ignore “somsquared”- He has already admitted to being a bitter Cornell alum trying to stir up anti-Yale sentiment (http://poetsandquants.com/2016/08/31/yale-som-strongest-class-12-years/#comment-2876480826). He’s just making Cornell look bad at this point, honestly.

    I think you will find most Yale alums to be much more realistic about the rankings. I could see SOM tied with Tuck / Haas at some point in the future, though it might be a couple of years down the road. Columbia should be higher than they were last year.

  • rick

    I will bet money with anyone that SOM actually drops in the rankings.

  • rick

    Why doesn’t Poets and Quants do a guessing event like ClearAdmit where people could win a prize?

  • RealisticSOM

    Is ‘Bold’ now synonymous with ‘ridiculous’?

  • callingitnow

    Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, Tuck, Sloan, Columbia, Haas, Yale

  • John

    1 HBS GSB
    3 Wharton making it back
    4 Booth
    5 MIT
    6 Kellogg
    7 CBS
    8 Haas
    9 Yale
    10 Tuck

  • somsquared

    My bold prediction:

    1 Stanford
    2 Wharton
    3 Harvard / MIT / Kellogg / Yale
    7 Booth
    8 Tuck / Haas
    10 Columbia