MBA Programs That Enroll Students They Really Want

UC-Davis Graduate School of Management

  • LatAmMan

    Would love to see a revealed preference ranking- akin to a stepwise regression it would look at cross admits in isolate and then aggregate to get a ranking of all programs to one another. It’s been done a couple of time for undergrad institutions- I can’t imagine it would be too hard for a site such as this to initiate one.

  • Barbara Coward

    I like BYU’s approach to student recruiting by involving current students. Instead of ABC (always be closing) it’s ABH (always be helping). It makes a difference!

  • Brian

    It is extremely difficult to compare these yield figures heads up across schools. Each school competes for a different segment of the B-school applicant pool, some much more competitive than others. Also, other schools use practices like Early Decision (Columbia) or other methods to increase the yield and lower the acceptance rate. Bottom line, just look at the # of applicants that each school receives and consider the other schools that school is likely competing against. That should give you a better sense of the numbers.

  • Truth

    Yes, Booth’s jump is impressive. Almost the same yield as MIT, and Booth has a much bigger class. Both very prestigious schools.

  • GammaX

    MIT is different school in term of brand. Even Harvard can not compete with MIT reputation wise globally, due to MIT specialty in STEM fields and its fame as the destination of geniuses ..

  • SranfordOrBooth

    The Big News – Booth jumps 5% in yield vs last year, while other yields decrease or flat
    The bigger news – MIT gets 33% more applicants vs last year!!!