Lawrence Cole

David Sall used an MBA from the Marshall School to transition from the world of non-profits to marketing at Mattel

A Harvard MBA got seed money from school

An MBA became a path out of a dead end job as a software coder in India

‘While at Tepper, we took advantage of everything that its ecosystem had to offer to build our business’

Adam and Christin Healey are co-founders of Borrowed & Blue, a wedding destination e-commerce website

Adam Tow co-founded Seraph Robotics while at Johnson

After stints at Microsoft and Pwc, Daniel Wolchonok decided he no longer wanted to take orders from above so he has started his own company

“The stars had aligned and I just knew that it was the right time,” says Naruby Schlenker, who earned her MBA from McCombs at UT-Austin

Single with $50,000 in MBA debt, Kellogg grad Jennifer Beall initially went to work during the day and toiled on her own business during the evenings and on weekends

A UCLA MBA & his startup

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