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The School of Management on the Simmons College campus in Boston

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Bharat Anand, a Harvard strategy professor, provokes a lively discussion

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Second-year Tuck MBA student and Facebook intern Bradley Webb   - Ethan Baron photo

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At first, they called her crazy but Erin McCafferty says that going to business school with a child and getting pregnant while in an MBA program was a great idea -- and she would do it again!

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Tuck technology boot camp participants speak with Silicon Valley angel investor Steve Eskenazi at Facebook - Ethan Baron photo

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The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos defends his company's culture

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The UC-Berkeley Haas campus

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A slide from Roger Martin's recent presentation at the Academy of Management

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Pictured left to right are Garib Mehdiyev, CTO, Johannes Koeppel, CEO, and Zaky Prabowo, CMO, of
Photo by Thor Swift for the Financial Times

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Business school professor and lean startup evangelist Steve Blank addresses a workshop    - Ethan Baron photo

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