Startup Festival – From Start To Genius

Registration Opens April 4th

Cost: $35 pre-registration and $55 at the door
For further inquiries please contact our event coordinator Ingrid.

What makes this StartUp Festival unique?

Poets&Quants is proud to present our first StartUp Festival in June, sponsored by Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, at the ultramodern NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in the heart of San Francisco. We have prepared a full-day immersion into the Bay Area’s dynamic startup world. Meet with and hear from MBAs who have launched their own businesses in fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, fashion, food and education.

Plan on using your MBA experience to incubate a startup? Currently an MBA student looking for ideas, funding or partners for a new venture? Already have an MBA and want to test the market with an idea you love but haven’t had the chance to make a reality?

Gain valuable lessons and inspirational know-how from young entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. The day will be filled with candid talks, panels, keynotes, interviews, and onsite presentations.

The StartUp Festival provides a down-in-the-trenches approach to launching or working for a startup or early stage company. More than 30 companies and founders will open their doors to you. Learn the basics. Make valuable connections. Build a journey with a cohort of entrepreneurs. Join us on June 12 for the complete startup experience:

  • Panels and Keynotes: Listen to CEOs of successful startups talk about the process of building their own business and how they leveraged their MBA to get there.
  • Birth and Financing of an Idea: Learn how startups have moved from ideation to financing their idea.
  • Growth and Scaling: Visit startups and learn how they have expanded and managed their companies’ growth.
  • Innovation: See how successful startups continue to innovate as they grow out of their early stages and position themselves for market dominance.


Join us as we take you “from start to genius!”


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Mark Achler
Linda Darragh
Jennifer Saxton
Christopher Dean
Chuck Templeton
John Byrne

What is a track?

There are 3 tracks at the StartUp Festival. Each one will take you to the offices of a startup emphasizing the following content: the birth and financing of an idea, growth and scaling, and innovation. Once we open the schedule, you will be able to choose which startups you will visit for the day.

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Learn about Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Kellogg School of Management.

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