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ESADE Business School consistently ranks among the very best in Europe. The school’s Full-Time MBA is designed to give students the most flexible MBA program options. While all candidates begin the Full-Time MBA at the same time, the program allows students to complete their MBA experience in 12, 15 or 18 months.

Since there is no single way of enriching management knowledge, ESADE employs a balanced methodology that combines theory with practice, rather than solely focusing on the case method. The ESADE MBA’s methodology varies according to each subject’s objectives and the skills, attitudes and behavioral patterns to be fostered. Utilizing a balanced methodology, the school’s broad approach ensures students develop solid management foundations to prepare them for complex decision-making processes.

International students comprise 95% of the Class of 2015. The ESADE MBA leverages this diversity by placing teamwork at the core of program activities.

Latest Up-to-Date MBA Rankings:

Poets&Quants (2013): 6 (International)
BusinessWeek (2012): 6 (International)
Forbes (2013): 18
Financial Times (2014): 22 (Global), 10 (Non-U.S.)
The Economist (2013): 16 (Global), 6 (Non-U.S.)

Tuition & Fees: $81,788 (€59,700)
Mean GMAT: 670
GMAT Range: 600-770
Average GPA:  NA
Acceptance Rate: 46%

Full-Time Students (Class of 2015)
: 152
International: 95% (38 countries represented)
Female: 29%
Minority: NA
Mean Age: 28

Median Base Salary: ($98,136 (€71,598 )
Median Signing Bonus: N/A
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: N/A
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later:92%



ESADE is an international academic institution with over fifty years of history. The main asset of this business school are people: faculty members and professionals who nurture reflection, dialogue, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, pioneering research and a valuable contribution to social debate and transformation.

ESADE’s key mission is to train individuals to become highly-competent professionals fully aware of their social responsibility. We promote education and research through our Law School and Business School with a firm commitment to intellectual rigour, critical analysis and academic excellence.

The vast majority of ESADE’s almost 40,000 alumni are ambassadors of these values in over one hundred countries and hold top-level posts in companies, public administration and the non-profit sector.

ESADE’s global prestige stems from its quality education, its international focus and its holistic approach towards professional and personal skills development.

Throughout the years, ESADE has forged deep-rooted ties with the business, economic and social sectors as a platform for education and innovation, as a benchmark research centre and as a stage for reflection and dialogue. What’s more, ESADE actively seeks out innovative solutions to the challenges of human resource and knowledge management, corporate innovation and globalisation, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, as well as the solution of legal problems related to new business challenges.

What’s ESADE
ESADE is an independent non-profit university institution, founded in 1958 in Barcelona when a group of entrepreneurs and Jesuit Society members joined forces, Since 1995, it has formed part of the Ramon Llull University.ESADE’s academic activity takes place on its Barcelona, Madrid and Buenos Aires campuses. The three main areas it focuses on are education, research and social dialogue.Education
With an approach dedicated to personal development and social responsibility, ESADE boasts its own innovative learning model, a pioneer in Europe, based on the development of professional and management skills and techniques. The two educational areas are:

  • ESADE BUSINESS SCHOOL. Striving towards the leadership of successful, innovative and socially responsible companies, the School offers three study plans: MBA, Executive Education programmes and undergraduate management degrees.
  • ESADE LAW SCHOOL. Committed to university education with a practical, innovative approach and close ties to the legal world. The School offers undergraduate law degrees, Masters (LL.M.) and refresher courses.

What’s more, for over 40 years the ESADE Executive Language Centre has helped students communicate in a global setting and assisted companies with international expansion processes.


The university’s research into key issues such as business management is internationally renowned. A PhD in Management Sciences is offered and ESADE boasts an array of scholars, institutes and research centres focussing on the study of topics such as the global economy and geopolitics, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and governance, knowledge management, corporate social responsibility, law and economics, brand management, etc.

Social dialogue

ESADE is a meeting point for businesspeople, executives, scholars, lawyers, politicians and social players. Approximately 20,000 people attend the 270-plus events organised each year. What’s more, ESADE publishes the greatest number of op-eds of all business schools in Spain.

International networks have always been a cornerstone of the School. ESADE has partnership agreements with over one hundred universities and business schools on all five continents and is currently the European business school with the most extensive student exchange network in Latin America. It is also a founding member of the CEMS, a prestigious global network in the field of university-level education.

The quality of ESADE education is also reflected by more than 38,000 alumni who hold positions of responsibility across the world (in over one hundred countries) in practically all sectors and industries. What’s more, ESADE Alumni is the largest voluntary alumni network in Spain, and the second on a European level.

ESADE was amongst the first business schools to be awarded the three most prestigious sector accreditations: AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. Likewise, ESADE features in the top ten of all international rankings on relations with the corporate world, from the viewpoint of both companies training their executives at ESADE Executive Education and firms recruiting our graduates.


Mission and identity
The Board of Trustees of the Fundació ESADE approved, in November 2010, the Institutional Strategic Plan 2011-2014, as well as the new formulation of ESADE’s Mission and Vision.
The mission of ESADE is to educate and undertake research in the fields of Management and Law, for:The comprehensive training of professionally competent and socially responsible people.

  • Knowledge creation relevant to the improvement of organizations and society.
  • Contribution to the social debate regarding the building of free, prosperous and just societies.

ESADE develops its mission inspired by the humanist and Christian traditions, within a framework of intercultural dialogue.

To be a globally recognised academic institution that inspires and prepares individuals and organisations to develop innovative and socially responsible leadership to build a better future.

Our community

ESADE aims to educate highly-professional individuals aware of their responsibilities as national and global citizens, sensitive to issues of solidarity and social justice and keen to engage in collective projects. To that end, ESADE actively promotes ‘human quality’: the harmony of knowledge, judgement, balance and depth that generates composed, rational, reliable citizens capable of cherishing fundamental values.

Being part of a university institution such as ESADE should involve an attitude of commitment to its mission: a commitment which is expressed in the values governing our daily coexistence and academic activity. People who share these values make up the ESADE community.

Members of ESADE freely form part of its community and, by accepting these basic values, each member should decide on their own way of putting them into practice. In this climate of freedom and mutual respect, ESADE invites its members to nurture actions and behaviour that are consistent with said values.

The Statement is open to any change which the community may undergo in the future.

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Our values

The ESADE community is committed to promoting a set of values consistent with human qualities and academic and professional excellence, values which should serve our local and global society. These values are:

1. Acting with integrity in academic and professional work. This means behaving, even under difficult circumstances, in a manner that reflects the institution’s commitment to fundamental values such as determination and effort in personal performance, honesty, a critical spirit, fairness and a sense of responsibility.

3. Valuing diversity positively and learning from the differences between people, ideas and situations. This means understanding that differences of gender, socioeconomic status, ethnic origin, culture, language, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics and others are valuable opportunities to learn about other people, the world and oneself.

5. Assuming responsibilities and commitments to create a fairer society.

This means understanding not only what reality actually ‘is’, but also what it ‘should be’ according to justice, a fundamental value stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Respecting colleagues, others and oneself, and being sensitive to the specific circumstances of other people. This means recognising the dignity of all individuals and being able to accompany and help others when needed, working towards building a fairer and more humane world.

4. Pursuing, sharing and enriching the common good of the ESADE community. This means being aware that the pursuit of one’s own interests cannot be separated from the good of the community as a whole, and this is reflected in attitudes of respect and responsibility towards the community.

Our commitment

Based on these values, the members of the ESADE community undertake to act with personal integrity, professional excellence and social responsibility.

Personal integrity means that words and actions are consistent with each other, with personal convictions or beliefs and with the values included in this Statement.

Professional excellence means determination in performing our activities, a culture of effort, continuous up-dating of knowledge, a capacity for independence and cooperation, innovative creativity and a spirit of duty and self-improvement.

Social responsibility means accepting and taking into account the consequences of one’s own decisions and their impact on justice in organisations and society, both locally and globally.

Career Service

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions students have to make during their studies, and Career Services is right by their side throughout the decision-making process.

We work closely with the world’s top companies and organise activities year round to bring you the latest recruiting insights and market trends. To provide maximum value during orientation sessions, our Career Services team is organised by sectors, with each group efficiently sharing its expertise and proven experience in its area of specialisation.

Our highly accessible Career Services team provides unparalleled personalised attention throughout the career orientation and job search processes. Our ultimate goal is to give candidates insight into effective job search strategies; successful interviewing; top hiring industries; social and professional networking as a source of career opportunities; how to use the wide range of resources available at ESADE and proactively managing career development in both the short and long term.

92% of our MBA students found a job within three months of graduating (class of 2012).


The ESADE Full-Time MBA continues to evolve to stay at the cutting edge of business education. The 2015 course features a raft of new additions including:

  • The Action Learning Programme (ALP); a practical, elective course organised between students and EC ecosystem companies. The ALP provides a three-month, hands-on opportunity for you to apply your learning to solve a real company challenge.
  • Free Spanish lessons as part of the programme.
  • Online Lead-in for LEAD – The Leadership Assessment and Development Programme (LEAD) is an integral part of the ESADE MBA’s core curriculum. The new, online self-leadership section now takes place before the MBA begins, so you can really hit the ground running when you arrive on campus.
  • Career-Specific Business Labs – ESADE’s Finance, Family Business and EntrepreneurshipLabs will expose you to the critical topics and current developments most relevant to your own chosen career path and help you to apply what you learn about global management to that specific type of business.
  • The modern, spacious premises of ESADE’s Campus Barcelona Sant Cugat allow for a packed calendar of events such as Innovation Speed Dating, a forum to unite entrepreneurs with MBA students, from which several successful ventures have arisen.

The beautifully-located campus is already home to more than sixty start-up companies and SMEs as well as the R+D+i departments from a number of multinationals.

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