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INCAE is among Latin America’s top business schools. The institution offers a two-year MBA in Costa Rica and an intensive 15-month MBA in Nicaragua. The curriculum pulls heavily from the school’s historical ties to Harvard (former Havard Dean George P. Baker helped to establish the school in the 1960s) by blending case studies with hands-on experience.

In their first year of the 21-month program, MBAs learn broad leadership and management techniques. During their second year, students participate in a Management Consulting Practice; this immersive course allows students to select a company or industry in Latin America, the U.S., or Europe for an intensive consulting project.

MBAs can delve deeper into their preferred study paths through three majors: Finance, Sustainable Development, and Technology. They also have the option of earning of a Bilingual or Spanish MBA.

For students interested in global or specialized experiences, UNCAE also offers a Master’s in Global Real Estate, a Master’s in Strategy and International Management, and an Executive Global MBA.

Latest Up-to-Date MBA Rankings:

Poets&Quants (2013): NR
BusinessWeek (2012): NR
Forbes (2013): NR
Financial Times (2013): 90 (Global)
The Economist (2013): NR

Tuition & Fees: $64,900 (Non-Latin American) $54,600 (Latin American)

Admissions Requirements: 

  • Resume, showing at least two years of relevant experience
  • Three letters of recommendation (in pdf format).
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • A copy of passport or citizen’s identification card
  • Certified copy of college diploma
  • Certified college transcript together with relevant evaluation scale
  • Medical Certificate

Full-Time Enrollment: 148
Female: 43%
Mean Age: 26.5
Work Experience: 4.5 years

Class of 2013: 

Median Base Salary: $41,527
Median Signing Bonus: $9,116
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: N/A
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 18.25%
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Six Months Later: 39.85%

Where The Class of 2013 Went To Work:

Industry Financial Services/Investment Banking: 28%
Consumer Products & Services: 12%
Industrial Products & Services: 6%
Construction: 4%
Non Profit: 4%
Real Estate: 4%
Travel & Transportation: 4%
Computer/Technology/Internet/Dot.com: 3%
Government: 3%
Management Consulting: 3%
Retail: 3%

From INCAE Business School:


During President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Latin America back in 1963, the “Central America Declaration” was written, which stated the importance of strengthening the institutions that will integrate and educate leaders of both private and public sector in the region. The Salvadorian businessman, Francisco de Sola, mentioned the importance of having a Business School in Latin America in order to prepare executives to compete on the global stage.

After both initiatives, President Kennedy wrote a letter to Harvard´s Dean, George Baker, asking for his help in order to design a program that would enhance business in the region. That is how Dean Baker and his team helped to create INCAE.

Harvard Business School’s contribution provided enhanced analytical methods and techniques to take advantage of regional opportunities. Since Harvard’s participation in the region began, they made it clear to INCAE: nobody understands business in Latin America better than the locals.

Today, things are not that different. Real Latin American issues mentioned in our programs provide you with the training to react fast and effectively in dynamic circumstances. After all, the uncertainty that the US and Europe face today is what Latin America has always dealt with in the last 50 years.

Since INCAE´s founding, its presence as a leader in Latin America has been evidenced, not only by the impact of its alumni in the region, but the fact that the global perspective has allowed it to maintain its position as the #1 Business School in Latin America.


Why is it important to study in Latin America?

There are several business schools in the world that compete to give their students the most valuable program in terms of high level education for every dollar they invest. INCAE’s mission goes further.

INCAE Business School is an academic but non-traditional institution. Teaching is one of the tools we use to promote sustainable economic development in our region. The School is focused on generating self-awareness students in order for each one of them to evaluate their own attitudes when facing different scenarios and improving upon them in a more comprehensive manner. The students who come to INCAE, are focused on making an impact on their: communities, enterprises, organizations, and countries, after they graduate.

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“It is more than a Business School. It is a force in society. That is INCAE’s difference.”


The Latin American region has been growing at a fast pace and this is the place to be if you are interested in developing countries and their great business options, based in the great quality of human and natural resources. We combine the business success techniques of developed countries applied to the specifications of emerging economies.

Contact admisiones@incae.edu to find out more! Or you can request more information: http://go.incae.edu/getInformation

Are you ready to live the INCAE Experience?

We have two campuses: Nicaragua and Costa Rica where students come to learn in an true “immersion” setting. Both are very beautiful and surrounded by spectacular nature, along with the necessary distance away from the city, to make it conducive to focusing on studying, and a complete application of the #1 learning method: the case method.

Case method

Since INCAE’s inception, Harvard and its founders wanted not only create a business school, but an institution for the world applied to developing Latin American nations. More than 50 years ago, Harvard professors brought their knowledge in the platform of the case methodology, which is used in some of the best business schools all over the world in order to teach about every functional area of an organization.

The case method is a picture of a real organization in a specific place and time. It shows a problem that has to be solved and this is how our students learn to be not only managers, but leaders that work as a team, taking the best knowledge and personal experience from students from more than 20 nationalities that attend INCAE and the way they do business worldwide.

INCAE is a specialist in Latin American business and every case is specially researched and focused on how businesses operate throughout the Latin American region. Also as part of our global competitiveness, our students learn through cases from all around the world to truly understand how to carry out business models in other important markets.  We lead the region in the elaboration and implementation of real and actual cases for local and multinational companies.

As a part of our commitment of the region’s development, INCAE’s Knowledge Factory has produced 396 cases, 107 technical notes and 25 certified documents certified by ISI (owner of the most influential investigation publications).

Assured International Quality 


INCAE is a world-class leading Business School with 3 global and prestigious accreditations:

1. SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)  first and only school outside Northamerica to have this accreditation, awarded in 1994.

2. AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in 1998 as a part of the pilot plan this accreditation was awarded to INCAE, being one of the first schools outside United States to recieve the title.

3. EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) recieved by INCAE in 2003 by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)


INCAE boasts a world-class faculty in which 96% of its professors have a obtained a Ph.D. degree from some of the most prestigious universities around the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cornell, UPENN, London School of Economics, Purdue, etc., making this a strong world-class teaching experience from our professors, whose nationalities are comprised by more than 11 countries.

Our faculty not only teach to future leaders of the world, but also do consulting in more than 18 countries in the world. There is 1 Professor for every 7 students.

Each professor brings a wide range of experience in the business and management field, giving an extra ingredient to a formula of success for all its graduates.

Life on campus http://go.incae.edu/campusPQ

Our students come from more than 20 nationalities, live full time in the same campus, which will give you a enrichful experience on how to really do business in Latin America and the world.

“I value connections a lot, through this persons I can always get in contact with opportunities”

John Stanham, MBA ‘92, Mesoamérica Investment Partner and Director

69% are international students

43% are women

*Data for our MBA 2015 graduating class


INCAE’s original campus is located in Montefresco, Nicaragua, about 30 minutes from the capital city of Managua. The campus has several amenities for the enjoyment of students during their stay.

The atmosphere and the dynamic that exists in the Nicaragua campus is, in one word: Family. Since it is not a very large community, staff and students interact closely. With most needs covered in terms of infrastructure and services, the campus becomes a kind of neighborhood to its students. Given that students live on campus, relationships often transcend that of mere peers or classmates, to that of an extended family. From the recreation rooms and tennis courts to the study nights at home, a community environment is created.

Costa Rica

Located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica about 14 km from Juan Santamaria International Airport, this campus is not just an academic complex, but it boasts many facilities for the enjoyment of its tenants.

The INCAE experience is lived in many ways. Thanks in part, to the diversity of our MBA and executive programs offered by the institution. For MBA students, INCAE becomes their home for almost two years. The thought of being away from home coupled with the fact of living in shared housing, allows not only a completely immersive learning experience, but also creates strong bonds of friendship among students. From the preparation and case studies before class, living together in the classroom, to lunch hours and extracurricular activities, everything becomes an instrument for forging relationships that often go beyond the simple bond of peers and classmates.

Student Exchange and Doble degree


At INCAE, multinational and multicultural experience is just as important as academic achievement. Therefore, we maintain relationships with more than 30 great  universities and business schools around the globe where students may experience life at another academic institution while they grow personally and professionally and strengthen and broaden their networks. This network includes the University of St. Gallen, Wisconsin School of Business, Duke University, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, NYU Stern, Erasmus University, among others.

Contact admisiones@incae.edu to find out more! Or you can request more information: http://go.incae.edu/getInformation

INCAE versus traditional schools

What differentiate us from the crowd. We are…

  • Global experts on emerging economies.
  • A worldwide authority specialized in sustainability.
  • Experienced in promoting government and private sector cooperation.
  • Cooperation in the areas of leadership, political and business research in Latin America.
  • Two world-class campuses where 100% of students live together for a true 24/7 multicultural exchange
  • A business skills developer by experiential learning through our Management Consulting Practice.

Our top-notch programs

1. MBA http://go.incae.edu/mbaPQ

A full time residential program for 21 months located at our Costa Rica campus. Students average 4.5 years of work experience and 26.5 age rate. Top hiring industries: Bank, Food and Retailing and materials.

2. MBA CAMP http://go.incae.edu/mbacampPQ

An innovative residential program lasting only 14 months located in Managua, Nicaragua. Our students have an average of 4.5 years of work experience and 26.5 age rate. Actual learningl camps provide students an new and effective experiential learning methodology.

3. INCAE@SIM http://go.incae.edu/gremPQ

A high competitive double degree between the MBA of INCAE and the Master in Strategy and International Management from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, awarded as #1 best university worldwide for Master in Management. This program is divided into 9 months full-time residential program in Costa Rica and 8 months in Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

4. GREM http://go.incae.edu/sim_PQ

A high standard double degree in Global Real Estate Management from the University of Winsconsin, USA and the MBA program from INCAE. Divided into 5 months in INCAE and 5 months in Wisconsin.

5. Global Executive MBA http://go.incae.edu/emba_PQ

A high executive refinement program. Part-time and structured for one week per month during 17 months in Nicaragua. The minimum age to apply is 30 years old and requires 5 years of relevant management experience are required.

Admission Process

To be a graduate from the best business school in Latin America, first you need to get in.

Are you ready for INCAE’s Challenge?

Please be aware that you will need the following requirements as a part of the admission process:

Take the following tests: INCAE Admission test PAEP

○     GMAT
○     GRE
○     INCAE Admissions Test PAEP (the nearest INCAE office will get in touch with you to let you know when you should appear to take the test)

You will have to have an interview with an INCAE representative

Also, you will have to provide other documentation via the admissions platform http://go.incae.edu/admissionsPQ

An example (the official list is in the application link above) of the types of information we request is as follows:

  • Resume, showing at least two years of relevant experience
  • Three letters of recommendation (in pdf format) and INCAE format.
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • A copy of passport or citizen’s identification card
  • Certified copy of college diploma
  • Certified college transcript together with relevant evaluation scale

We encourage you to contact admisiones@incae.edu to start a first contact with the representative of your country.

Scholarships and Finance


The first step in joining a master´s program consists of selecting the program that best suits your needs and go through the admission process. Once you have been admitted at INCAE there are several financing options, scholarships, and others available.

Since INCAE receives students from different countries, we advise students to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, as well as scholarship offices in higher education institutions that possess specific information on this matter. A summary of  existing options to finance your study at INCAE could be found at:


You can always contact becas@incae.edu for more information and answer your doubts about the available options.

Contact admisiones@incae.edu to find out more! Or you can request more information: http://go.incae.edu/getInformation

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