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Poets & Quants Top Business Schools

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University


Location: 2001 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60208

Admissions Office: 847-491-3308



Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business offers a top-notch business education setting. Kellogg’s faculty possess a wealth of knowledge in an academic and business setting. Kellogg’s curriculum provides a solid educational foundation and couples it with more than 1,000 experiential learning opportunities.

Kellogg’s program is highlighted by students gaining mastery in  multiple disciplines, a truly customized curriculum, access to 37 exchange programs across 20 countries, and a top-rated career services and placement program. Kellogg boasts more than 120 student-led clubs and sending graduates to more than 500 companies world-wide.

A foundation of nine core courses in fundamental subjects such as accounting; management and organizations; marketing; finance; managerial economics; decision sciences; operations; and management and strategy is placed during the first year. During the second year, students have the opportunity to customize and choose from 18 different majors to focus on. One elective course must be completed in an international setting.

Throughout the educational experience, students can take advantage of Kellogg’s world-renowned Career Management Center. The Center offers one-on-one coaching for students, job search resources and workshops, a job board with more than 5,000 annual listings, as well as extensive alumni connections.

Admission Deadlines for Full-Time MBA Class of 2016 (1Y) and 2017 (2Y, MMM, JDMBA):

  • Round 1: September 24, 2014
  • Round 2: January 7, 2015
  • Round 3: April 1, 2015

Admissions Deadlines for Part Time MBA: 

  • December 12, 2014 for Spring start
  • January 30, 2015 for Summer start (Saturday program)
  • February 27, 2015 for Summer start (Evening program)

Admissions Deadlines for Executive MBA:

  • June 15 for September start
  • October 15 for January start

Latest Up-To-Date MBA Rankings:

Poets&Quants (2014): 6
BusinessWeek (2014): 7
Forbes (2013): 5
U.S. News & World Report (2015): 6
Financial Times (2014): (U.S.)
The Economist (2014): 12 (U.S.)

Ranking Analysis:

Among the top 25 business schools, the biggest news is that Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is beginning to show improvement under Dean Sally Blount who took over the school in July of 2010. Her new leadership team has turned the business school upside down, rethinking every aspect of the MBA program and the entire institution. Kellogg rose two places to finish fifth this year, jumping over MIT Sloan and Columbia on Poets&Quants’ 2012 composite list. That puts Kellogg directly behind Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, and Wharton. Pretty elite company.

The school moved forward on the basis of improvement in two key rankings: U.S. News & World Report and The Financial Times. U.S. News ranked Kellogg fourth in 2012, up from fifth a year earlier. More importantly, perhaps, the school moved up two places among the best U.S. schools in the FT survey, rising to ninth from 11th in 2011. Kellogg showed even greater upward movement on the FT’s full global ranking, rising five spots to 16th in 2011 from 21st a year earlier. The school ranked seventh in Forbes’ 2011 list (Forbes, which ranks school solely on the basis of the return on investment of their MBA, did not publish a list in 2012).

As is often the case with rankings, what one source gives another can often take away. The Economist ranked Kellogg 13th among U.S. schools in 2012, down one place from 12th a year earlier. Kellogg also slipped one notch in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2012 ranking to fifth from fourth in 2010. Behind that overall rank, BusinessWeek, which measures schools on the basis of graduate satisfaction, corporate recruiter sentiment and the publication of academic research by professors, hands out rankings for all three of those metrics. The school maintained its fourth place ranking among recruiters, improved its intellectual capital ranking to 24th from 28th two years earlier, and slipped in graduate satisfaction–possibly because of all the changes going on at the school.

In graduate satisfaction, Kellogg ranked 13th, down from sixth in 2010. Blount, however, has put a former McKinsey partner in charge of the MBA program and that person, Betsy Ziegler, has put a laser-like focus on improving satisfaction and trying to exceed the expectations of MBA students. That effort is bound to payoff the next time BusinessWeek surveys Kellogg students in 2014. As one Class of 2012 MBA summed up the experience on a BusinessWeek survey: “Kellogg teaches you to reach deep inside yourself and do some “discovery” during the business school process. For me, that meant learning subjects that I had little experience in (Finance, Marketing). For many others it means leading teams and learning to manage processes. Kellogg teaches you how to work in a team with diverse and highly talented individuals and how to achieve great results through collaboration.”

B-School Smack Down Reports:
Kellogg vs. Chicago’s Booth School of Business
Kellogg vs. Michigan’s Ross School of Business

Student Perspectives:

My Story: From the Social Network to Kellogg

MBA Program Consideration Set:

Stretch Schools: Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Wharton
Match Schools: ColumbiaDartmouthMIT SloanBerkeley
Safety Schools: DukeVirginia, New York University, Michigan, Yale

2014-2015 Tuition: $124,642
School Recommended Two-Year Budget: $177,614
Average GMAT: 717
GMAT Range (mid-80%): 660-760
Average GPA: 3.54
Acceptance Rate: 22%

Full-Time Enrollment: 1157
International: 36%
Female: 37%
Minority: 26%
Mean Age: 28

Average Base Salary: $118,715
Median Signing Bonus: $20,000
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: 87%
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 95%

Estimate of Total Pay over a 20-Year Career*: $2,544,600

Relevant Features:

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Kellogg Dean Sally Blount’s ‘Brave’ New Strategy
The First 100 Days of a New Kellogg Dean
A Conversation With Legendary Kellogg Dean Don Jacobs
Booth Topples Kellogg in New Executive MBA Ranking
MBA Applications Fall at Kellogg and Booth
Consulting Hires A Record Number of MBAs From Kellogg
B-Schools That Churn Out Consultants
A Harvard MBA Gives Kellogg The McKinsey Treatment

Note: MBA Program Consideration Set: If you believe you’re a close match to this school–based on your GMAT and GPA scores,  your age and work experience, you should look at these other competitive full-time MBA programs as well. We list them by stretch, match and safety. These options are presented on the basis of brand image and ranking status as a general guideline.

* Payscale 2014 estimate for Poets and Quants.

From the Kellogg School of Management:

“Growth is a challenge every leader and organization confronts. At Kellogg, we develop brave leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.”

– Dean Sally Blount ‘92

Kellogg faculty and staff talked with C-suite leaders about their top concerns and biggest challenges facing organizations, and overwhelmingly the answer was “growth.” Growth is a critical indicator of success- it fuels innovation and accelerates breakthroughs.

At Kellogg, we are answering this challenge by developing brave leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets. Here, you will gain the skills, insight and agility to shake up the status quo and embrace new opportunities.

Our innovative portfolio of programs help our students find the ideal balance among professional, educational and personal goals. Wherever you are in your career – and your life – there’s a Kellogg MBA program that will help you grow professionally and personally.

No matter what program you choose, at Kellogg you will gain:


  • Kellogg’s ongoing curriculum innovation prepares students for the current and future business landscape. In three years, we’ve introduced 55 new courses, including:
    • Six new courses focused on growth and scaling
    • 12 new entrepreneurship courses
    • 11 courses in data analytics, creating the most robust data analytics curriculum in the industry
  • Experiential learning opportunities that impact real business and prepare you to drive growth throughout your career.

Meet a group of Kellogg students who are seeking to revolutionize the treatment of breast cancer 


  • Develop, refine and strengthen your leadership style through experiences inside and outside of the classroom, including an in-depth leadership framework that is focused on self-reflection.
  • Find career support through a responsive, powerful global network of more than 58,000 Kellogg alumni.

Learn why four Kellogg students created a mentoring program at a local high school


  • Discover the broadest array of global opportunities inside and outside the classroom, from our pioneering Global Initiatives in Management course to the many extra-curricular offerings.
  • Partner with international companies to impact and drive real business in our Global Lab and International Field Research courses.

Read how Kellogg Executive MBA students from all over the world came together at Northwestern to learn from one another. “The experience has been one of the most influential and pivotal points in my life,” one student said. 

Learn more about each of our programs:

Full-Time: Our Full-Time MBA Program provides four distinct paths to earn a Kellogg MBA. Each offers extensive options for achieving your personal, professional and educational goals.

  • One-Year: Our One-Year MBA Program is the fastest path to a Kellogg MBA. If you’ve completed requisite coursework as an undergraduate or graduate, this program allows you to bypass core classes and immediately dive into advanced studies that are customized to your career goals and set you apart from the competition.
  • Two-Year: This program provides a truly immersive experience with the greatest flexibility to explore a variety of interests and disciplines while developing management and leadership skills. Both inside and outside the classroom, you will learn to lead by practicing in an environment that gives you an opportunity to try new things.
  • MMM: This dual-degree program offers an integrated curriculum and is ideal for business leaders focused on careers in design innovation and technology. You will learn how to strike a balance between big-picture approaches and detail-oriented processes, which will position you for a variety of roles that drive innovation.
  • JD-MBA: This dual-degree program gives you the tools to become successful, whether you aspire to be a business leader with legal expertise, or want to pursue a law career with a solid foundation in management. The Northwestern JD-MBA enables you to follow the career path of your choice and provides you with a skill set that truly differentiates you from others.

Part-Time: Join a Part-Time program that fits to work with your life. You can choose your schedule and take classes on week- nights or Saturdays. If you have completed requisite coursework, you have the option of finishing in one year with our Accelerated Option.

The Kellogg program will help you develop a dynamic skill set to solve the challenges of your workplace today and prepare you to confront the complex problems of the future. You can:

  • Take advantage of the most immersive international learning opportunities that will equip you to lead in the global marketplace.
  • Immerse yourself in Kellogg’s one of a kind leadership program that focuses on personal leadership, self-awareness, and self -reflection.
  • Establish your path for success in the future – learn more about many of the well-known Part-Time alumni.

Executive MBA: Our Executive MBA Program supports the professional goals of senior and mid-career executives who have mastered functional expertise and are looking to advance their careers and build a global mindset. With two U.S. campuses and five international network schools, Kellogg has the largest, most prestigious Executive MBA network in the world.


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