Top Feeder Companies to Chicago Booth

Top Feeder Organizations 

To Chicago Booth

Estimated % of 

Class of 2013

Estimated Number  

in Class of 2013

Number Found  

in Facebook

1. Deloitte New York, NY2.2%139
1. PriceWaterhouseCoopers New York, NY2.2%139
3. Citigroup New York, NY2.0%118
3. Ernst & Young New York, NY2.0%118
5. Bain & Co. Boston, MA1.7%107
5. Goldman Sachs New York, NY1.7%107
7. Bank of America San Francisco, CA1.5%86
8. KPMG New York, NY1.2%75
8. UBS Zurich, Switzerland1.2%75
8. Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, OH1.2%75
11. JP Morgan New York, NY1.0%64
11. Cornerstone Research San Francisco, CA1.0%64
11. McKinsey & Co. New York, NY1.0%64
11. Boeing Chicago, IL1.0%64
11. Microsoft Redmond, WA1.0%64
16. Capital One McLean, VA0.7%43
16. Credit Suisse Zurich, Switzerland0.7%43
16. Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Germany0.7%43
16. IBM Armonk, NY0.7%43
16. Monitor Group Cambridge, MA0.7%43
16. Morgan Stanley New York, NY0.7%43
22. Nokia Seimens Espoo, Finland0.5%32
22. Societe Generale Paris, France0.5%32
22. Teach for America New York, NY0.5%32
22. Wells Fargo San Francisco, CA0.5%32
22. ZS Consultants Evanston, IL0.5%32

Source: These numbers are calculated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Class of 2013 Facebook page. The work backgrounds of 407 of the 575 enrolled students were confirmed via Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networks The estimate of students with work experience at a specific firm is based on the percentage of the confirmed sample who have worked fo that employer.

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