Winners & Losers In U.S. News’ 2012 MBA Ranking


SchoolGain2012 Rank2011 Rank
Case Western (Weatherhead)+285280
DePaul (Kellstadt)+197089
Pittsburgh (Katz)+176885
University of Miami+157085
William & Mary (Mason)+137083
Notre Dame (Mendoza)+122537
Temple (Fox)+115263
Texas Christian (Neeley)+107080
Rice (Jones)+92534
Rochester (Simon)+83745
University of Connecticut+86169
Fordham University+88997
University of Kentucky (Gatton)+894102

Source: 2012 U.S. News’ Ranking of the Best Business Schools


SchoolLoss2012 Rank2011 Rank
Rochester Institute of Technology-319463
Santa Clara University (Leavey)-2610175
Auburn University-258863
University of Buffalo-SUNY-148975
Baruch College (Zicklin)-129785
South Carolina (Moore)-106454
Minnesota (Carlson)-93021
Iowa (Tippie)-94940

Source: 2012 U.S. News’ Ranking of the Best Business Schools

(See following page for schools that disappeared entirely off the list and those that made it after having been unranked in the previous year)

  • ChrisR

    ND and Rice are definitely brand name MBAs – companies do pay a premium for them!  Glad to see them moving up.  Not sure how Fordham University rose 8 spots.  Their placement is among the worst and their class profile by GMAT is not so competitive (609 mean)

  • Ericdh

    You should make clear when referring to Rochester Institute of Technology by “RIT”, as it’s widely known, rather than “Rochester”, lest it confuse people the analysis is about the University of Rochester, which is a research-oriented, more preeminent,  and higher-ranked school.

  • Jordan

    i don’t think its safe to assume they went through alumni, it could have been previous network, family connections or plain old hard work, mck is physically very close to Gtown someone could get a foot in the door the old fashioned way.

  • Matt C

    I was hoping that the Gtown Alumni network in general would help with recruitment to prestigious firms that the MBA program lacks connections, but if you look @ the MBA employment stats McKinsey took multiple MBA grads and BCG/Booz were represented as well so most likely going through alumni since I’m pretty sure they don’t recruit @ Gtown 

  • Myexperience

    also the georgetown network in finance is tremendous. check out georgetown wall street alliance. the alumni are truly involved and recruiting new grads and old grads throughout the recession. georgetown mba doesnt have the brand to get mckinsey and bcg regularly. undergrads, again from gtown college and school of foreign service, however do regularly go to mckinsey/bcg.

  • hoyainsider

    they have a strong undergrad brand for the georgetown college and school of foreign service. the undergrad business school and nursing school students have materially lower admissions stats. i do however think the mba program will be on the rise bc of the intl focus and facilities investments.

  • Anon

    Expect Georgetown to move higher in the next few years. Bschool’s new MBA facilities like the Harari building is huge, gorgeous, techy. City campus + international = attractive to prospective candidates who don’t want to go to school in podunk…ithaca, darden, winston-salem..

  • Ben

    Whoops, wrong, my bad.

  • Ben

    I believe it’s the 2013 rankings, not the 2012…

  • Matt C

    Pretty misleading conclusion (that partnerships with mbafocus lead to the rise and fall of schools).  Publish the # of actual jobs for those schools that were a direct result of your ‘company’ and i’d assume that it is too insignificant to make a diff on the employment stat variable. 

  • Very cool. Congrats to the team at Weatherhead, one of our newest partner schools at MBA Focus ( Love seeing Rice and Notre Dame jump into the top 25 as well. In fact, 9 of the top 13 “biggest winners in the US News 2012 rankings” partnered with us this academic year. And a handful of schools that stopped partnering with us were either on the “biggest losers” list or list of schools disappearing from the rankings.

  • TK

    What is your take on McDonough?  They have a strong undergrad brand, a (relatively) new building, and a good location in DC (despite the lack of Metro).  I was looking at them for my safety school but do you think they are on the rise or fall?  I see from the employment stats that student do land positions w/coveted companies (McKinsey/BCG) but it doesnt seem like these companies have a strong recruiting presence by the lack of a Gtown school page on their corporate website.

  • seeksleek

    Notre Dame is a good school, their Undergrad is quite well known and they have a great faculty. Hope this school keeps rising!