Top Feeder Colleges To Stanford B-School

 Top Feeder Colleges for Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2013

Stanford GSB Top Feeder CollegesEstimated % of Class of 2013Estimated Number in ClassNumber Found in LinkedIn
  1. Stanford University7.4%3020
  2. UPenn6.3%2517
  3. Yale University5.9%2316
  4. Harvard College5.2%2114
  5. University of Virginia3.0%128
  6. Dartmouth College2.6%107
  6. UC-Berkeley2.6%107
  6. Indian Institute of Tech2.6%107
  9. Duke University2.2%96
  9. Univ. of Texas-Austin2.2%96
11. Princeton1.9%75
11. MIT1.9%75
11. Northwestern University1.9%75
11. UCLA1.9%75
15. Cornell1.5%64
16. Brown1.1%43
16. U.S. Military Academy1.1%43
16. UNC-Chapel Hill1.1%43
16. Peking University1.1%43
16. New Economic School1.1%43
21. Brigham Young0.7%32
21. Cambridge University0.7%32
21. Columbia University0.7%32
21. Haverford0.7%32
21. Rice University0.7%32
21. Wellesley0.7%32
21. Williams0.7%32
21. Univ. of New South Wales0.7%32
21. University of Notre Dame0.7%32

Source: These numbers for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’ Class of 2013 are calculated from LinkedIn, Facebook and other online sources, including employer websites. The educational backgrounds of 269 of the 397 enrolled students were confirmed by Poets&Quants using Internet searches. The estimate of students with work experience at a specific firm is based on the percentage of the confirmed sample who have worked for that employer.


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