Dee Leopold’s Harvard B-School Webinar Slides

Leopold: “This is what the class of 2013 looks like: These are the people who have just finished their first year going into the second year. So this is a little backward. I need to talk through this probably. These are some of the dimensions.

“The average months since college is 48 — that’s self reported. Let me translate that into an average age: it’s around 27. Many of you out there may be laboring under the rumor mill that HBS is looking for very young candidates; I think that may be a misunderstanding because of the 2+2 program. I’m happy to elaborate on that in the next couple of slides. But this is a place for work experience candidates. No one comes to Harvard Business School right from college.

There is no right number of years and months of experience. Some people are ready after two years, and there are some people for whom the optimal time may be ten or twenty years after.”

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