World’s Best B-School Professors: Shiomo Benartzi

Shiomo Benartzi of UCLA’s Anderson School can dance a mean salsa and is a leading authority on retirement planning

Shlomo Benartzi
Anderson School of Management

Claim to Fame: SMarT Retirement Planning


Cornell University, PhD

At Anderson Since: 1996

Before Anderson: USC

Fun Fact: Salsa dancing

If I wasn’t teaching, my dream job would be: Designing houses

Best part of the job: Research

Retirement saving planning can be daunting for some. How to save. How much to save. Where to invest. Professor Shlomo Benartzi at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management says the solution is simple: just get SMarT. Benartzi is a leading authority on behavioral science and its relation to personal finance and defined contribution planning. As it is no secret that Americans in particular tend to have outgoing expenses that exceed their income, Professor Benartzi’s mission is to identify ways to make retirement planning simpler for ordinary people. His most significant research contribution is the development of Save More Tomorrow™ (SMarT), a savvy four-step approach to helping 401(k) and other retirement plan participants save more money over time.

SMarT zeroes in on issues that affect the American psyche and make employees apprehensive about contributing to retirement savings plans. SMarT goals then help them get over those apprehensions and on the road to gainful retirement saving.