A Pre-MBA Boot Camp For New Admits

Sample class topics for each Practice MBA course include:

Academic Preparation – Learn fundamental business principles and master the vocabulary, concepts, and frameworks that form the foundation of management education.

–      Accounting

–      Finance

–      Marketing Management

–      Operations Management

–      Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics

Career Development – Gain deep insight on the MBA recruiting process, conduct rigorous self-assessment, and develop a successful search strategy for internships and full-time opportunities.

–      CareerLeader Self-Assessment & Career Visioning

–      Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment

–      Interview, Cover Letter, and Résumé Writing Skills

–      Consulting Case Interviews & Finance / Financial Services Interviews

–      Managing Social Media As Part of the Job Search

Language & Culture Orientation – Undertake language immersion and understand and adjust to your host country academic, professional, and social environment.

–      Rules of Engagement in Western Classrooms

–      Building Your B-School Network & Networking in a Western Context

–      Language: Advanced English Idioms

–      Confidence & Credibility in Business School

–      Effective Cultural Immersion & Multicultural Teaming

Software & Research Skills – Acquire advanced software skills critical to coursework analysis and the work environment. Master the use of proprietary research databases to access and understand company, industry, and marketplace information.

–      Financial Modeling via MS Excel

–      Statistical Analysis via JMP

–      Corporate Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Leveraged Buyouts Analysis

–      Using Library Research Resources (e.g., Capital IQ, Bloomberg)

People Performance Lab – Practice personal effectiveness skills, from better time management and organization to improved communication, business writing, presentation, and influencing skills

–      Better Time  Management and Organization

–      Applied Positive Psychology

–      Working with Executive Search Firms

–      Emotional Intelligence & Influencing Skills

–      Personal Finance & Private Wealth Management