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West Virginia University Sued in MBA Scandal


Favoritism. Fraud. Firings. No, this isn’t another story about Chicago politics (or a recap of Law and Order). Instead, it is the scandal that won’t die, playing out in the foothills of Morgantown, West Virginia.

This week, West Virginia University was sued by Stephen Sears, their former business school dean, and Cyril Logar, their former Associate Dean, for breach of breach of contract and denial of due process. According to Businessweek, the men are accusing the university of failing to restore their reputations, after the school’s investigation found no evidence of academic misconduct on their part.

The suit stems from the university falsely awarding an MBA degree to Heather Bresch, CEO of pharmaceutical giant Mylan, Incorporated. Bresch, who is the daughter of former West Virginia governor (and current U.S. Senator) Joe Manchin, received an MBA despite earning fewer than the required credits. During an investigation, an independent panel found that administrators had retroactively conferred an MBA to Bresch. Sears resigned from his post while Logar continues to teach at the school.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Dillon House is where Harvard Business School makes all of its admission decisions.

Dillon House is where Harvard Business School makes all of its admission decisions.

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Sarah Pickard, 33, with an MBA from Yale School of Management, and Philip Michaelson, 31, with an MBA from Harvard Business School, were married Saturday, May 18. Pickard is a marketing manger at, an online investment management company in New York. Michaelson is a principal product manager for, a shopping website in New York. Source: NYT

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Melody Calvo, 34, and Reeve Holt, 36, who received his MBA from Columbia Business School, were married Saturday, May 18. Holt is a senior manager in the retail business group at Apple, while Calvo is an operations manager in Apple’s onine store division. They both work in Cupertino, California. Source: NYT

Oscar Tang, 74, who has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and Hsin-Mei Hsu, 41, were married Saturday, May 18. Tang is a philanthropist and retired financier, while Hsu is an archaeologist and the host of History Channel Asai’s “Mysteries of China” series. Source: NYT



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