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imagesHarvard Business School Grads Get $50K for Taking Nonprofit Jobs. For Real?

Indeed it is!

After graduating this spring, 19 Harvard MBAs have enrolled in the Harvard Business School Leadership Fellows Program. This program, which has had 106 participants since 2001, matches MBAs with nonprofit and public sector organizations in need of their skill sets.

Faculty and staff from the Harvard Business School choose participating organizations, which pay a $45,000 salary to students they hire. Harvard, in turn, supplements this pay with a $50,000 one- year grant. This year, Harvard fellows have joined organizations ranging from Oxfam  America to the U.S. Department of Education.

According to Harvard, 90 percent of MBAs are asked to continue in their role after their year-long fellowship is completed. The program is so successful that a third of fellows remain with the organizations that originally hired them.

Source: The Huffington Post

Blast from the Past:


The Rebel of MBA Admissions Consulting

Harsh…or just honest?

The devil himself…or just his advocate?

Demanding, detailed, and devoted: Those words pretty much describe Sandy Kreisberg. He may come off as fussy and ferocious, but his clients will tell you he’s forthright and fair. If you’re applying to Harvard or Stanford, Sandy is the man you want on your side. For $2600, he’ll help you craft an essay that’ll flesh out your best. If you get into an elite program, he is worth every penny!

No, Sandy isn’t for every prospective MBA. As one satisfied client notes, “I didn’t pay Sandy to make me feel good.” Still, Sandy has a knack for understanding what admissions teams are seeking. In 2010, for example, he managed to get 70% of clients who applied to Harvard into their fall class. And his track record with Wharton and Stanford is pretty solid too! Looking for insights on how to get into the program of your choice? Just listen to Sandy in his own words:

  • “At Harvard, the most predictive metric is undergraduate GPA…To Harvard’s credit, the school is willing to blink at the GMAT.”
  • “High performing do-gooders is what Stanford wants and people with connections.”
  • “The difference between Harvard and Stanford…is that Stanford puts much less importance on essays and interviews…The Stanford interview is a marketing program. It makes them feel good.”
  • “The interview at Wharton can screw you. If you don’t execute crisply on why you want to go there, why now, and what your goals are, if you get lost walking them through your resume, that can be damaging.”

Check out John A. Byrne’s profile of this admissions guru, along with his advice on acing the essay and interview:

Source:  PoetsandQuants

One Liners:


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MBA Humor:


Employer: “In this job we need someone who is responsible.”


Applicant: “I’m the one you want. On my last job, every time anything went wrong, they said I was responsible.”

(Source: Digital Dream Door)


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