Why 53 Countries Beat The U.S. On The GMAT

dunce_cap copyThe absolute lowest average scores are those under 400. There are 28 countries where test takers scored less than a 400 on average in the 2012-2013 testing year ended June 30th. The bottom of the barrel? Afghanistan, where 18 tests were taken for an average score of only 307. The country did much better in the past, averaging scores of 382 a year earlier and 439 in the 2009-2010 testing year.

Saudi Arabia, which had the second lowest average score this past year, posted the second lowest average at 311, a ten-point improvement over the 301 average it had in the 2011-2012 testing year. The Saudi result is much more solid because it is based on 2,375 tests taken last year and 2,663 tests taken the year before that.

Lowest Average GMAT Scores By Country

Country                                Average GMAT     Exams Taken
128. Malawi39920
129. Somalia3988
130. Congo39726
131. Rwanda39632
132. Yemen39530
133. Eritrea3897
133. Palestinian Territory389109
135. Cuba3867
136. United Arab Emirates385121
137. Dominica38312
137. Guinea38311
137. Lao3837
140. Angola37024
141. Mozambique3697
142. St. Kitts/Nevis36812
142. Tanzania36858
144. Iraq36063
145. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya35518
146. Mauritania3545
147. Antigua/Barbuda3537
148. Namibia34716
149. Kuwait344593
150. Sierra Leone3419
151. Cambodia33811
152. Liberia31432
153. Republic of Congo3126
154. Saudi Arabia3112,663
155. Afghanistan30718

Source: GMAC 2013 Profile of GMAT Candidates