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Blast from the Past:

What MBA Interns Are Being Paid

They’re back!

After spending the year huddled over case studies and splicing data, MBA students are venturing back into the workforce, fanning out across the country to complete their internships.

These are high stakes opportunities for students. Look at internships as a tryout. After spending their first year schmoozing the recruiters, students finally get their chance to leave a lasting impression on prospective employers. For one summer, students will apply what they’ve learn, gain hands-on experience, and build their network. If the internship goes well, students will position themselves for a job after graduation. If not, they’re back to the drawing board, with the added weight of impressing another batch of recruiters.

Last summer, Poets and Quants crunched the numbers to find the pay averaged by MBA interns various business sectors. Even better, we broke down the hiring at various technology, consulting, and consumer brands by school, so readers could see who was hiring where.

Think this information could come in handy for your summer internship? Check out the link below to learn how much you can expect to earn and where you have the best shot to land an internship.

Source: Poets and Quants

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