10 Movies Every Business Student Must Watch

8) The Godfather



You can’t afford to miss on this one! A must watch for all business students. The Godfather is a 70mm bible about why relationships and building networks are important, why helping people is good for business and why knowing about competition is non-negotiable.


9) Barbarians at the Gate



Knowing the reality of hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts is an important lesson for passionate business student. So, here comes a real story and a real lesson! As a classic must-watch for business students, this movie will take you through the saga of a battle for power, a hostile takeover and a leveraged buyout.


10) Norma Rae



Why do unions operate as they do? Find an answer in this wonderful depiction of the determination of a single mother who fights to improve the working conditions of her textile mill.

What other films would you include in your must-see list of films for business students?

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