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101 Reasons To Go to Business School (Abridged Version)

11. Checking that “graduate degree” box will do wonders for your online dating prospects.

14. It’s shorter than medical school — and there’s no risk of killing someone.

15. It’s shorter than law school — and there are fewer jokes about MBAs than lawyers.

17. It’s a good excuse for an anemic social life.

23. You’ll learn exactly how many drinks are too many drinks at professional networking events — the hard way.

36. You can get another chance at being a summer intern, this time without having to make coffee for anyone.

41. Turns out there aren’t a whole lot of jobs for that B.A. in Slavic Studies.

43. You can use b-school as an excuse to quit your lame job.

52. B-school is like college, part II (only with more homework, bigger consequences, and worse hangovers, since you’re not 21 anymore).

53. You’ll learn a new language — it’s called “jargon.”

58. You don’t really know how to collaborate until you’ve worked with a team of Type A business school students.

69. You’ll become over-qualified for all those jobs you didn’t want to do anyway. Goodbye, deep-fryer. Goodbye forever.

73. You’ll ensure your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents think of you as “marriage material.”

82. You’ll find all kinds fun things to do while you’re procrastinating during finals.

87. You’ll eat plenty of free food (hello, recruiting parties).

92. You’ll have an excuse to buy super-stylish business apparel.

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Andrew Leach ‏@andrew_leach 

Why I love business school teaching – my job isn’t to know everything, it’s to draw the knowledge from the students, complement w my own.

Cameron Quach ‏@camquach 

my dad manages to bring almost everything back to, “this is why you should go to business school