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“It’s not you…it’s me.”

Ever hear that one before? Your beau probably hoped to spare your feelings, but you got the gist. In some way, you failed to measure up. At best, you didn’t share the same values or were headed in opposite directions. At worst, some annoying habit or idiotic act pushed her over the edge.

Applying to business school is no different than romance. You dress yourself up and say all the right things. Over time, the real you comes out. Eventually, your love will decide to commit– or seek out another suitor entirely.

If you get rejected, you can blame your GMAT or pick apart your essays. Sometimes, you lose out because of who you are – or how the other person perceives you to be. That’s the consensus of admissions directors from 13 business schools. Want to learn the pet peeves of the people who’ll be deciding your future? Click on the link below to learn the unexpected reasons why some candidates get rejected.

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