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University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Copyright Clarity


School: University of Rhode Island

Platform: Canvas

Registration Link: Copyright Clarity

Start Date: October 6, 2014 (9 Weeks)

Workload:  Not Specified

Instructors: Renee Hobbs and Kristin Hokanson

Credentials: Hobbs teaches undergraduate courses in mass media, youth media culture, and digital learning at the University of Rhode Island. She also founded the university’s Media Education Lab, which advances interdisciplinary scholarship in media literacy. She has also published five books on copyright law and integrating media into the classroom. Hokanson is a Digital Learning Coach in the Media Education Lab who has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Graded: Not Specified

Description: Although the course is designed for teachers, Copyright Clarity provides a broad, in-depth, and self-paced review of U.S. copyright law. In particular, it looks at common myths related to copyright and fair use; scenarios where permissions and licensing are required; and money-saving alternatives like creative commons. Taught through videos and readings, the course also includes research and peer-assessed assignments.

Review: No reviews.

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