Stanford GSB Dean’s Twitter Mantle Stolen

Garth Saloner

Garth Saloner


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Handle: saloner

Total Tweets: 1,398

Followers: 6,945

Follows: 114

Started Tweeting: June 13, 2009

Well, he may have fallen behind Lyons in number of followers, but Stanford GSB dean Garth Saloner’s no Twitter-slouch. Here, he’s a specialist: it’s all Stanford, all the time, with few exceptions. And how can we take issue with that, when he credits Poets&Quants with “great insight” with regard to an article on changes at the GSB over the past few years? And who couldn’t love the man for breaking his Stanford-focus Twitter protocol to retweet the Dr. Suess quote, “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” Saloner’s first tweet, on June 13th of 2009, was sent the day the school graduated the Class of 2009, the first to go through Stanford’s revised curriculum. Saloner’s tweets are thoughtful, entertaining, and often personal, including Twitpics of himself with students at gatherings. He continues to record on Twitter a daybook of his Stanford-related life, with such tweets as, “Great evening w Steve Ballmer and about a dozen faculty. Wide-ranging: innovation, leadership, faculty research, Clippers . . .”


NYU Stern dean Peter Henry

Peter Henry


NYU Stern School of Business

Handle: @PeterBlairHenry

Total Tweets: 1,280

Followers: 3,033

Follows: 505

Started Tweeting: October 2012

If you like alphabet soup, you’ll love NYU Stern School of Business dean Peter Henry’s Twitter feed. The NYU Stern dean crams as much information as possible into each tweet, so makes liberal use of his own, customized abbreviations. Here’s an example from last month: “.@abexlumberg Yr funding journey is v intersting; @podcaststartup = great learning oppt’y for entrepreneurs. (Listen up @NYUStern #MBAs!).” As befits an economist, Henry tweets frequently on global economics. With more than 3,000 followers after only two years on Twitter, and fairly consistent output, Henry has the potential to make the Stanford vs. Cal Twitter battle a three-way fight (but he better keep an eye on the southern California competition, dean Judy Olian, below). And Henry gets points for having a clever kid, as demonstrated by a Nov. 2 tweet: “‘Practice makes progress, because nobody’s perfect.’ Harrison Henry (my 6 year old son).”


UCLA Anderson School dean Judy Olian

Judy Olian


UCLA Anderson School of Management

Handle: DeanOlian

Total Tweets: 942

Followers: 3,952

Follows: 33

Started Tweeting: April 18, 2009

Like Saloner, UCLA Anderson School dean Judy Olian focuses heavily on her school – UCLA’s marketing and communications people must give her an apple every day. Fortunately, Anderson has so many interesting things going on that her feed remains quite vibrant. She throws in a decent measure of UCLA Bruins sports. And of all the deans, she’s probably the one who retweets the least – if she’s not posting her own original content, she’s pasting in links she’s found herself. More than most other deans active on Twitter, Olian posts her own photos, adding to the impact and UCLA focus of her feed, and contributing a personal touch that counterbalances the PR tone. She tweets frequently on the topic of veterans, and on women’s issues such as workplace bias and female leadership.