What Are the M7 Business Schools?


Pay, Placement & Industry Choices Of M7 Graduates

The payoff of an M7 education is indisputable. There are few educational degrees, with the exception of a degree in computer science, that payoff as quickly as an MBA from one of these top schools and–more importantly–builds on its value over the course of a career. The first-year compensation package for M7 grads tends to be above $150,000, once you include a sign-on bonus, other year-end compensation, and possible stock options and perks that schools don’t even bother to tally.

Where M7 grads actually end up varies by school, but all of these institutions have world-class companies and organizations regularly recruiting their MBAs.

The Pay & Placement Rates For M7 MBAs

20-Year Pay$3,233,000$3,011,000$2,989,000$2,796,000$2,723,000$2,558,000$2,544,600
2014 Median Salary$125,000$125,000$125,000$119,400$124,400$120,000$120,000
2014 Median Sign-On Bonus$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000
2014 Median Other Comp$34,700$31,500$27,000$22,390$20,000$26,000——–
2014 Median Total Comp$184,700$181,500$177,000$166,790$169,400$171,000$145,000
2014 Offers at Graduation88%80%88%83%86%90%85%
2014 Offers 3 Months Later93%94%98%97%95%98%94%

Source: Business school employment reports & Payscale

Notes: 20-year income estimates are by Payscale and reflect historical income up to 2013 and not future income; 2014 median total is comp reflects all three key pay components together, though not all graduates receive all three

How Industry Choices In 2014 Compare Across the M7 Schools

Consumer Products/Retail14%7%8%10%8%6%11%
Real Estate1%2%2%2%1%3%—–
Starting A Business5%8%17%7%2%3%7%

Source: 2014 school employment reports

Notes: * Indicates that the school includes sponsored students in its numbers. If Columbia subtracted out the sponsored students in consulting, for example, the percentage going into that industry would fall to 26% from 34%. Some categories are not always exactly the same across the schools.

The M7 Alumni Networks

Total Living Alumni18,14280,91743,14448,96842,36146,67512,122
Active Alumni Clubs92106739171707
Countries With Alumni Clubs3648364039574
Fortune 500 CEO Alums1040137462

Source: P&Q analysis

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