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International Organizations Management


School: University of Geneva

Platform: Coursera

Registration Link:

Start Date: August 10, 2015 (5 Weeks Long)

Workload: 2-3 Hours Per Week

Instructors: Gilbert Probst, Sebastian Buckup, Julian Fleet, Bruce Jenks, Stephan Mergenthaler, Cassandra Quintanilla, Lea Stadtler, and Claudia Gonzalez Romo

Credentials: Dr. Gilbert Probst, the co-director of the executive MBA program at the University of Geneva, is coordinating this course with six visiting professors who act as panelists. The panelists include former members of the United Nations, UNICEF, and the World Economic Fund.

Graded: Students will receive a signed Statement of Accomplishment for successfully passing the quizzes.

Description: Today, non-profits and NGOs are partnering with government, business, and educational organizations to focus on issues like environmental degradation and cybersecurity that have grown too big for only sector to manage. In this course, students will learn how to form collaborations – and develop the managerial tools to organize, launch, and maintain such partnerships. As part of the course, students will gain a historical foundation for such partnerships, along with understanding the inner workings and complex interdependencies inherent to them. They will also be exposed to the marketing and fund-raising arms of such partnerships, to better understand how to establish buy-in for their causes. The course includes several 15-30 minute videos, with quizzes to evaluate student comprehension.

Review: “The course is not a comprehensive overview, but it’s a good introductory sampling of various aspects of that domain. Each week has a different set of presentors, most of whom deliver their material very well, and all of whom are knowledgeable in their fields. Future versions of the course could improve on this, perhaps with extended length, expanded coverage and a more structured course organization. But even as is, I’d recommend the course to anyone with an interest in this or related fields.” For additional reviews, click here.

Additional Background: This course is part of a “Challenges in Global Affairs” specialization, which includes three courses and a capstone project.

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