Handicapping Your MBA Odds – Mr. Entrepreneur

With a background in a successful real estate tech start-up, mobile aps and drone ventures, this 22-year old self-starter wants to know his chances of getting into Stanford or Harvard. In addition to successfully raising capital to fund these projects, he claims to have been published in several major publications and participates in distinguished accelerator programs. The entrepreneur concedes he’s never been a great student and didn’t go to an Ivy League school. (In fact, we don’t know anything about his undergraduate degree.) With all the success he’s experienced at so young an age, does this unusual candidate have a chance at these behemoths of the B school world?

In this video HBSGuru.com founder Sandy Kreisberg and Poets&Quants’ John A. Byrne weigh the pros and cons of Mr. Entrepreneur’s early success in business and how that could factor into an acceptance decision.

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