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Tech Startup

Creating and Developing a Tech Startup

Schools: École Polytechnique and HEC Paris

Platform: Coursera

Registration Link: CLICK HERE

Start Date: June 6, 2016 (6 Weeks Long)

Workload: 3-4 Hours Per Week

Instructors: Roman Beaume and Etienne Krieger

Credentials: Beaume is an entrepreneur and angel investor who was previously the Innovation Management Chair at École Polytechnique and Director of the Sustainable Mobility Institute at Paris Tech. Krieger is an Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris, along with being a serial entrepreneur whose credits include Ingenico, a point of sale payment solution based in Silicon Valley with 32 million terminals in 170 countries.

Graded: Students can choose to explore course videos, discussions, and ungraded assignments for free, but they won’t be able to sit for the final exam or earn a certificate without paying a course fee.

Description: Make no mistake: Technology entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart according the seasoned entrepreneurs who teach this course: “You need to be ready to accept that not all “good” ideas will lead to success, and that only a very small number of projects lead to great success. You must learn to overhaul your relationship with failure, which is a valuable source of experience and should be managed according to the logic of “acceptable loss”: the entrepreneur loves uncertainty, not excessive risk… The development trajectory of a tech business is full of mishaps which require you to be both agile and greatly prepared to build on a strong idea, choose your market, develop your proposal, assemble a team worthy of the task in hand, and finding financing.”

And this course is designed to teach students exactly that. Over the course, students will learn strategies for coming up with sustainable ideas; fleshing out, researching, and testing their concepts; evaluating the competitive landscape; calculating the capital needed to launch and scale a startup; and developing a business model that differentiates the organization while bringing added value to the solution. The course will be taught through videos and cases, with students evaluated through a peer reviewed assessment and a final exam.

Review: No reviews.

Additional Background: The videos will be spoken in French with English subtitles. However, all reading content, quizzes, and assessments will be done in English.

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