Dean Says Harsh Review Due To Change



Moore points to Ikenberry’s success in improving Leeds’ rankings (No. 70 in Poets&Quants’ 2015 rankings, up from No. 75 in 2014 and No. 90 in 2010), student satisfaction, and student employment placement rates (94% within three months in 2015), all of which “have significantly increased, far more than we ever saw with Dave’s predecessors,” he says.

He attributes the criticism to “discontent with change” that Ikenberry made when he arrived at Leeds in 2011 — “and whenever there’s change, people aren’t happy. And Dave came in and he was very bold, and in my opinion he made changes that needed to be made,” Moore says. “And that made a lot of people unhappy. But if you look at the results that have been achieved, I think the proof is in the pudding.”

“I have many data points, some of which I can’t talk about, that are very compelling … that had to do with earlier allegations that were found to be baseless … through very formal processes, and those were associated with a lot of the change that occurred when Dave became dean.”

Backing up Moore’s view, some of the anonymous reviews in his 2016 job assessment were positive. “Being a dean is not an easy job,” one professor wrote. “Ikenberry has shown strong leadership and has been moving the Business School in the right direction since his arrival.” Added another: “In terms of laying out a vision for the Business School, and then building a plan and tracking it, I think he is better than any Dean I’ve been associated with.”


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