What Are You Worth? MBA Pay By Region

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  • Basic Stats

    I agree. Sample size and an industry or function breakout would make this article meaningful. Otherwise, there is no productive way to interpret this information. Unfortunately, readers will either look at this to reaffirm beliefs that they already hold or find something “insightful” that is in fact misleading. The author points out that sample size, etc. can make stats like these misleading, and yet he went on to present this data without providing sample sizes and breakouts.

  • Joe

    This site largely just summarizes freely available information on employment reports without going much deeper. And we all must be mindful that a few schools greatly manipulate their data by having large portions of their students not report. The farce is then only propagated in all this data from the poor source.

  • Joe

    This article is so pointless. This is the dumbest way to compare schools. Break it down by salary in Industry or Function, or break it down by what percent of each Function that a school places in each region. This is such a convoluted means of presenting data that is largely a function of the frequency of job types in each region.

  • Pay

    Does this article state that pay = prestige? Or that pay = brand recognition?

    Have you considered that there are confounding factors at work, not the least of which would be the sample size for each school? Sample size is the most important thing to consider given that OSU Fisher could only have a handful of international alumni while MIT might have a ton. Consider that since OSU Fisher is comparatively a regional school, so could only Fisher superstars (who might command better pay domestically or abroad) get international jobs?

    There are so many variables not shown here (including how recent this data is, sample size, etc.) that there is hardly any value in these tables. I wouldn’t take too much stock in this aka decide to go to OSU Fisher or Rochester Simon over MIT because of this.

  • Pay

    How do you know?

    Friendly reminder that “pay” does not equal “recognition.”

  • Herald

    I agree. Ohio State University and University of Rochester both are more recognized internationally than MIT. Specially for MBA and management education.

  • Deeper Dive

    You should probably break out London from the international pack — if the rest of the industries are anything like consulting then London is a major outlier.

  • KimUN

    So, based on this table, if someone want to work internationally, he/she would be better going to OSU Fisher or Rochester Simon over MIT Sloan !!! I thought MIT enjoys global brand!! disappointed to realize Ohio state is more prestigious internationally!!

  • offtojog

    This is very helpful information, especially the international data.

  • offtojog

    Is this a joke? I think you’re trolling.

  • John

    Please post the tables as numerical data, not alphabetic – currently when trying to sort from highest to lowest the Northeast table (didn’t check others) arranges the schools’ pay in alphabetic order such as 100 101 900 etc

  • Anonymous

    I think you should go with Stanford.

  • Lucky MBA applicant

    Dang! Harvard is dominating everywhere and only $2k below Stanford in Stanford’a hometown!

    Btw, would anyone choose Yale Som instead of Stanford? I have a tough decision with 50% scholarship at Stanford and nothing from Yale. But I think Yale’s brand is worth it.