Harvard Dean In Cameo Role In Spider-Man

A still from the movie Spider-Man Homecoming

It isn’t every day that the dean of a business school shows up in a blockbuster movie. But when Spider-Man: Homecoming opened three days ago, a rather familiar B-school dean showed up in a cameo role: Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria.

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria (Photo by Susan Young. Courtesy of Harvard Business School)

In a brief scene in the summer blockbuster movie about the famous Marvel character, Nohria plays the role of Dean Crimson. He appears in a YouTube video showing Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, how to tie a Windsor knot–a thick, wide and triangular tie knot said to project confidence (see an example in the photo of Nohria left).

As the English Beat rocks to “Save It For Later,” Parker watches the video to pretty himself up for a big dance in the movie.

In its opening weekend, the movie had the third-biggest domestic revenues of the year at $117 million and has already exceeded $250 million worldwide. Not bad for a third reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.

In his feature film debut, Nohria appears as is, without a colorful Marvel costume of any kind. It’s not known how his surprise appearance came about or if it will make Nohria eligible for an Academy Award nomination.

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